100 punk songs, 13-18: reader's choice
by Michele Christopher

So we decided this would be a collaborative effort. If you would like your choices included in the final list, please use the contact info on the side to email 1-3 songs, with a one or two sentence blurb on each, like turtle and I have been doing. Or, you could use the comments. Either way works for us.

And, we will be back later with the bitchin' car of the night.

First up with 14-16, Kali of Kaliporina Sux.

14. spermbirds - my god rides a skateboard
i found punk rock at the half-pipe. i'll never forgive myself for being such a fucking girl and not picking up a board myself, but i used to sit around and fantasize about the skaters. being the skaters, not fucking them (which is mostly what i opted to do - hey, it came more naturally to me than skating!) download


suicidal tendencies - institutionalized
the first time i heard the "what're you tryin' to say, i'm crazy?" speech, i knew i was punk rock. i had found my voice through mike muir. and i rode the angst train all the way to the station.


16. bad brains - house of suffering
man this band kicked everybody's ass. when i heard this song eminating from a stereo i knew it was going to be a good party. i mean anyone can sit through the intro and i against i, but when they let it play through to house of suffering you pretty much knew they were going to play the whole album. download


17-19 belong to Pril

17. Dr. Know - Burn
This song still just socks me in the gut every time i hear it. The weird droning guitar and the machine gun drums, you can't hardly even hear the bass in it he's nailin it down so solid with the drums. And then remembering that this is Eddy singing, who's father had a courtship... i always loved the dorky little horn bit at the end. download

18. Descendents - Parents
Has a really fantastic bass line. I always figured this song said it all about being a teenager, even when i was a teenager. Music to get chased out of the 7-11 parking lot to while swigging your ill-gotten Mickey's Hornets. download

19. Minutemen - Corona
You've heard this, your parents and your kids have probably heard it. It's the theme from Jackass. I never got to see these guys live, but i would have loved to have seen them do this song. It's cowpunk from pedro. Makes you want to stomp and holler. Three dudes who didn't even know you could tune guitars... made some of the most unusual, kickass OG Flannel liquid pollution from the harbor army base livin punk rock. download

- Pril

I'll get the music to go with these up in a bit. 19 down and 81 to go. Hey, I did the math in my head!


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I just want to add that since this list is going to go fast, we want to do 2 or maybe 3 from each band and then stop.

Everyone has their favorite song from this band or that but we don't wast a list with 20 different Minor Threat songs.

So if you really like a band and a song....

Write the paragraph and send it to is as fast as possible if you want to get it in and lets get to 100.

when the real fun begins.

Figuring out the order based on your votes...

have fun with guys...


these are awesome, pril. i'm guessing you're a bass player... heh.


yes i am Kali. It's a disease.


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