100 best punk songs 37-43
by Michele Christopher

Moving right along, we've got three from a reader and four from us.

First up, Tesco's three:

37. Feederz - Games
"You're beautiful to me as we burn down schools and factories..." How can't you love this? Truly a peice of Punk greatness. Even the sleeve of the album, covered in sandpaper assuring any surrounding album in the pile gets ruined. You don't get more Punk than that. Download

38. Negative Approach - Evacuate
I'm constantly amazed by the greatness that comes out of Detroit, this band is no exception. Massive hardcore, way more powerful than anything else in 1981. This song, damn, this whole album will always be one of my top five.Download

39. Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais
This song, hands down is THE BEST Punk tune ever done, so obviously Michele and Turtle are not doing these in order. ;) This was the tune that made the Clash my all time favorite Punk band... the lyrics, the music, the slight reverb on Strummers voice while he tells it like it was, and still is. Download

And four from us (marked accordingly):

sut.jpg40. Swingin Utters - Derailer
Ok. Some of you guys are gonna hate this for seperate reasons. And I've heard them all before. They went to Fat, they changed their style, and they try too hard to sound like an English band. Well hey, hell that's all true. A band from San Francisco does sound pretty lame singing about the Queen while they were living in SF. Actually it's kinda funny if you think about it. But this song was really about conformity and how bad you get beat when you move off the track.You better learn to get fucked. And you better get used to it. Cause you're a needy person. -T download

exp.jpg41. The Explosion -No Revolution
Really fucking angry shit that cut down to the core of what I was feeling when I first heard it. Something that was gnawing at me. Someting that I thought I was all alone in feeling. But they felt it too. They felt the same. Let's smash it all and start again. We started this shit and we are tired of you guys letting it fall. This song brought back to life a dying man on the street with songs about fun and, well, basically, insulting us for letting this slip through our fingers. It just made me feel happy that I wasn't alone. -T download

strung.jpg42. Strung Out - Ultimate Devotion
Fast-paced, dark and desperate, this is not your parent’s love song. It’s an ode to submissiveness or a plea for domination, depending on your point of view. In some ways it reminds me of that stalker-like, clingy love that you get in high school when you try to break up with a guy and he says he’d kill himself if you did and two days later he comes to school with his skin all red and blistery cause he tried to burn himself to death under the sun lamp in his parents’ bathroom. Or maybe that’s just me. -M download

tsol.jpg43. TSOL - Code Blue
Is it really a song about fucking the dead or is it more like a statement on how much girls suck? Either way it’s got fun lyrics (And I don't even care how she died...But I like it better if she smells of formaldehyde!). And really, even if you’re not into necrophilia or bitching about what a prude your girl is, this song has such a great groove you’ll find yourself moving along to it. And so what if you accidently put it on a party mix and play it real loud while your neighbors are having a family outing in their backyard. Like they never heard the phrase “I wanna fuck the dead” before. I’m pretty sure that’s what that douche bag who mows the lawn listening to disco and wearing a fanny pack thinks every time he looks at his pasty, dishrag of a wife. -M download


Hey, if you're coming here from punknews.org, the song lists are all linked in the sidebar, and yea, we are looking for your input. And just so you know, We aren't asking for any order yet. The deal is we are making a list of reader inputs. When we hit 100, we will put a poll scrip up and let all you guys vote on what you think is the best and list them the next day.

If you want to get included in a future post on this list, telling us your favorite song doesn't really do a hell of a lot for us. We want your feelings when you first heard it, first got drunk and sang it. Look ate the previous entries and use that as a format for what we are looking for. Don't go crazy but read those and get a feel for what we wanna do with this. Put a few minutes of work into why it's such a cool song. email us at fttw10@gmail,com

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Wow... how do you think I missed TSOL Code Blue?? What a great tune.


I just kinda figured Code Blue went without saying. :P


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