you realize, of course, that this means war
top 100 punk songs of f.t.t.w.: the beginning
by Michele Christopher

Thanks to everyone, and I mean everyone who has followed us over here. This is the new and improved blog. Faster Then The World. Same thing same look same feel. As Always, emails for ideas are always asked for. Keep them coming.

Tonight we have decided on a new feature. We ask you to weigh in.

We want to make a top 100 punk songs list for Faster Then The World. Please don't say Emerson Lake and Palmer songs or anything about "fire on the montain" at the Dead show in '78. This is punk and hardcore and maybe indies.

All of us will have a nice big fight about the order when we hit 100 and figure out what ranking they get.

But what we need from you now is suggestions. I, the turtle, have done alot of drugs in my life and my memory is shot, so any suggestions or recommendations aree greatly appreciated. Hey dude, I paid a price for what I did now we need you to help.

We start with six tonight - three each - In no particular order.

This is just the start. You will help us get to the finish. Wanna play?

Turtle's picks:

SNFU - She's Not On The Menu - What can you say about this song? This song moves. When you listen to it you get the feeling that Chi Pig has seen this shit before and will see it again. And even though he has to watch this happening it doesn't mean he's happy about it. His feeling comes out in this song. This was a song about something I take to heart. Treating people like shit just cause you can. And thats all fucked up. Plus it's got a cowbell in it! download

The Business - Harry May - My first exposure to the Business. These were fun songs, but really not. Do you know what I mean? It was always fun to chant the chorus but the verse was about killing people. I was at a bar during World Cup and they kept this song on constantly. This wasn't the first time I heard it but I was surprised how many UK fans, young and old, knew this song like the back of their hand. Great song that will get you ready for World Cup '06. Plus, dude, they talk funny like. "arry arry arry may!" download

Hellacopters -Fire Fire Fire - Frustration and anger and fast cars and fast women and fast beer. I'm not sure about the fast beer part. The garage sound on this song really moves you. "Working all day won't give me a buzz, so I set it for a six pack and a fast car. OH YEAH!" This line is a thing of beauty. Barely able to hear the screams as Dregen rips thru it like a hot knife through butter. Great song about hating where you are at and just wanting to get away. download

And just a note on that, we are gonna have some music related World Cup coverage here soon!

For my first three songs, I just went with my three most played songs on my Last Fm thing for this week. I have this tendency to obsess.

Rocket From the Crypt - Salt Future It’s one of those songs that you can’t just have on, you don’t just listen to it - you have to sing it. And I mean sing. Loud. Like you mean it. Even if you don’t know the words you just make them up as you go along and then sing real loud on the parts you do know and who knows what the fuck a salt future is or why it’s rising, but god damn this is some good drunken barroom singalong music and I’m gonna belt this out like I mean it. download

Fugazi - Promises Another song you just have to sing, but this one you belt out with the windows in the car rolled up instead of down because your voice may crack on a word or two. The pickup right before he starts in with the “Go where you think you want to go” verse, the promises/words exchange at the end, the way the anger beneath the lyrics comes out as frustration in his voice - it all makes for one of those songs I shouldn’t listen to a lot, but I can’t help doing it anyhow. download

Rich Kids on LSD- Scab on My Brain - This song is awesome. It’s fast and loud and obnoxious and, if you do it right, your throat should hurt when you are done singing. And really, having the words SCAB ON MY BRAIN! burst forth from your speakers as your kids’ friends are hanging out in your kitchen is just icing. download

That's just the start. Wanna play?


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top 100 punk songs of f.t.t.w.: the beginning

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gotta have some minor threat. sex pistols? maybe. clash. dead k. meatmen, def. meatmen.


gotta have some minor threat. sex pistols? maybe. clash. dead k. meatmen, def. meatmen.

give us songs

this is to everyone and for anyone who reads this blog. so tell us the songs that meant something to you


gotta have some minor threat. sex pistols? maybe. clash. dead k. meatmen, def. meatmen.

give us songs

this is to everyone and for anyone who reads this blog. so tell us the songs that meant something to you



Um, I can't say I liked any of those songs...

You want punk? How's

1. Amoeba/Adolescents
2. Richard Hung Himself/D.I.
3. Misirlou/Agent Orange
4. I Am the Owl/Dead Kennedys
5. Dead End/Dead Kennedys
6. Wart Hog/Ramones
7. Firey Jack/Toy Dolls
8. Secret Agent Skin/Murphy's Law
9. When the Shit Hits the Fan/Circle Jerks
10. Identity/X Ray Spex
11. No/Rezillos
12. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight/Rezillos
13. Get Rid of that Girl/Donnas
14. Love Comes in Spurts/Richard Hell
15. Sour Grapes/Descendants
16. I'm not a loser
17. Lights Out/Angry Samoans
18. Ballad of Jerry Curlan/Angry Samoans
19. The Legend of Pat Brown/Vandals
20. I Wanna Fuck Myself/G.G. Allin


Glass Streets by TSOL, History Lesson pt 1 by the Minutmen, Magnificent 7 by the Clash, Plug-in Jesus by Dr. Know, Dear John Letter by Aggression (damn that album kicked ass), I always loved Rat's Eyes by the Black Flag with Rollins, and all his spoken word stuff. Make the Music Go Bang by X. Statue of LIberty by the Descendents, yaaaaargh i can't stop but those be some o' my favorites. Oh and Drinkin and Drivin by The Business.


Jealous Again - Black Flag, Dez
No God - Germs
Games - Feederz
Snowman - Anti-Nowhere League
Banned From the Pubs - Peter & the Test Tube Babies
Looking at You - MC5
H-Bomb - Business
Each Dawn I Die - Infa Riot
Complete Control - Clash
All Hell Breaks Loose - Misfits
Reality Whitewash - Crass
New York - Sex Pistols
Alternative - Exploited
Red Tape - Circle Jerks
City Baby’s Revenge - GBH
Nausea - X
Astra Wally - Rose Tattoo
Cast Iron - Superchunk
Victim in Pain - Agnostic Front
Real World - Husker Du
Boredom - Buzzcocks
All Cats Are Grey - Cure

I'll be back!


Rat's Eyes by the Black Flag with Rollins

Yes! I totally forgot about that one

most of both ians and prils will be on the list

we have a 100 songs guys. We will get all these done. We are trying to knock out the easy ones for next time. But your songs are on the waiting list and we will do them.

and thank you again for helping us


and tescos too

dammit i need to f5 faster

i have to run this by michele, but i;\'m thinking you guys each pick three of your favorites. Do up a paragraph of wht you liked about it and where you were at when you felt it hit you.

the emotions and the feel.

email michele and we will do a few guest days with you guys doing it.

make them about the same size as about ours and just fucking go for it.

just do 3 and dont go crazy cause we can have some fun here


that was me who said that by the way

we need to fix that "Anonymous" thing


Oldiest but great oldies:

Too Drunk to Funk by the Dead Kennedyes

Surfer Girls with Machine Guns by the Cramps

Love me I'm a Liberal by Mojo Nixon


Harry May is such a good tune


Hm. Two or three favorites:

Police On My Back, The Clash
All This and More, The Dead Boys
Bullet, The Misfits


Rise Above, Black Flag
Teenagers from Mars, We Are 138, Some Kind of Hate, The Misfits
Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round, The Dead Kennedys
Big Women, GBH
Pretty Vacant, Sex Pistols

... more later


seriously FUCKERS give a girl a fucking chance over here...

spermbirds - my god rides a skateboard
i found punk rock at the half-pipe. i'll never forgive myself for being such a fucking girl and not picking up a board myself, but i used to sit around and fantasize about the skaters. being the skaters, not fucking them (which is mostly what i opted to do - hey it came more naturally than skating)

ST - institutionalized
the first time i heard the "i'm crazy?" speech, i knew i was punk rock. i had found my voice through mike muir. and i rode the angst train all the way to the station.

minor threat - in my eyes
what can i say about this? DC fucking hardcore. short loud and angry.

bad brains - house of suffering
man this band kicked everybody's ass. when i heard this song eminating from a cassette player, i knew it was going to be a good party. i mean anyone can sit through the intro and i against i, but when they let it play through to house of suffering you pretty much knew they were going to play the whole album.

honorable mentions:
7 seconds - walk together, rock together
DK - california uber alles
agnostic front - victim in pain


1) Kill the Poor - Dead Kennedys
2) All I wanted was a Pepsi - ST
3) Anarchy - Sex Pistols


1. 'I Remember' - MDC
2. 'London Calling'- The Clash
3. 'Kiss of Death' - C.O.C.
4. 'Propaganda Control' - Icons of Filth
5. 'The Wait' - Killing Joke
6. 'London Dungeons' - Misfits
7. 'Fearless Vampire Killers' - Bad Brains
8. 'The Oven is My Friend' - Church Police
9. Side one of 'Land Speed Record' by Hüsker Dü (dude, it's one big blur of speed and noise. I call it one song.)
10. 'L Dopa' - Big Black

That's my ten. I could go on (for hours), but I don't want to bogart....


Some of my personal faves, going for attitude and vibe over a single Punk(tm) sound...

Black Flag, "Rise Above"
Subhumans (UK), "Animal"
M.I.A., "I Hate Hippies"
Warsaw, "Warsaw"
Wire, "Mannequin"
Lazy Cowgirls, "Meat Shop"
X-Ray Spex, "Warrior in Woolworths"
Husker Du, "Do You Remember?"
Pere Ubu, "Final Solution"
Radio Birdman, "New Race"
Bad Brains, "Banned in DC"
Dead Kennedys, "I am the Owl"
the Misfits, "All Hell Breaks Loose"
Minor Threat, "Minor Threat"
Faith, "In Control"
Gang Green, "Sold Out"
Articles of Faith, "Buried Alive"
Flipper, "Sacrifice"
Scream, "Came Without Warning"
the Minutemen, "Party with Me Punker"



Entrapment - Naked Raygun
Lights Out - Angry Samoans
Gratitude - Black Train Jack
The Gauntlet - Dropkick Murphys
We're Coming Back - Cock Sparrer
Razors in the Night - Blitz
Youth in Asia - DI
Suspect Device - Stiff Little Fingers
Fuck Armegeddon this is Hell - Bad Religion
You Hate Me and I Hate You - GG Allin

There's ten.

btw, has tons of streaming goodness


Here's my top three from my top 40 punk songs of a couple of years ago. While I'd redo the top 40 list if I were to do it again, these three stay cemented at the top. Descriptions are embedded in the links.

3. People Who Died - Jim Carroll Band

2. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols

1. Clampdown - The Clash



And, lest we forget...

Big Boys, "Fun Fun Fun" and "No"


I'm not going to try to come up with something obscure.

"Looking For A Kiss" - New York Dolls

"London's Burning" - The Clash (I won't count their covers, but I still like "Brand New Cadillac" and "I Fought the Law" better than most punk bands' originals.)

"California Uber Alles" - Dead Kennedys ("Holiday in Cambodia" is a close second.)

"Beat on the Brat" - Ramones (Choosing my favorite Ramones song is like choosing which kid you love best.)

"Pretty Vacant" - Sex Pistols

"Psycho Killer" - Talking Heads (I know, that's pushing it, but still...)

"Zombie Dance" - The Cramps
"See No Evil" - Television
"Gary Gilmore's Eyes" - Adverts


I love Living in the City- Fear
Something to Do- Ramones
Orgasm Addict- Buzzcocks?
Bodies- Sex Pistols


Story of my life, Social D
New Age, Blitz All the Bodies, U.S. Bombs Knowledge, Op Ivy


i am surprised wire 12xu is not on here


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