100 best punk songs, 88-93
by Michele Christopher

We are winding up the list of the 100 greastest punk songs. This was a lot of work and we had a lot of fun. We want to thank all of you for helping out in this, well, seemingly impossible mission. We have eight left. Eight more. Til we throw it out to you and step back and watch you go at it like mad pirhana on some poor cow who just a wanted drink of water. The voting will be up later in the week when we finish this. But for now, the next six. Have fun thinking about which ones we forgot and get ready to bitch at us in the end cause this train is almost at the station. I feel so Petticoat Junction......anyways, the next six! Here we go!

88. The Damned - "Love Song"
Two Damned songs in one post? Hey, we don’t really consult each other before we come up with our songs for the day, so this is what you get. We’re lucky we at least chose two different songs.

"Love Song" is every romantic cliche you can think of chopped up, stuffed in a blender with a dose of ridicule and handful of cynicism, and blended at 90 mph. You can practically hear Vanian’s tongue rolling around in his cheek as he sings “just for you, here's a love song.” Like a lot of relationships, "Love Song" is fast and sloppy and hectic and over before you know it. -M

89. Angry Samoans - "Todd Killings"
How can you not love this band? They were able to pack the most offensive lyrics and balls-out fun into songs that rarely lasted more than a minute. So why this 38 second song? Well, "Lights Out" was already done and I have a thing for the name Todd. You figure that out. And really, it’s got a neat little groove going on and singing Killing Time! Todd Killings! is kinda fun and, despite their name, this band was more fun than angry. And hmm..I don’t think they were very Samoan. Though there was a time when I used to call the wrestling duo Wild Samoans the Angry Samoans and that would piss my friends off to no end. Wild, not angry, you idiot! Whatever. I always thought they should all swap names. Because these guys were more wild than angry. Killing Time! Todd Killings! Hey, that’s kinda wild, no? -M

90. Fang - "Money Will Roll Right In"
If you pay any attention to my playlist over there on the sidebar, you probably figure out that I’m a bit obsessed with this song. Here’s the thing about Fang: they aren’t that great musically. Sammytown’s voice is, well, mediocre at best. But something about them hooks me in. In this particular song, Sammy isn’t using the cookie monster voice heard later in on Landshark/Where the Wild Things Are (see "Berkeley Heathen Scum", on the list here), but an almost apathetic, going-through-the-motions voice that once in a while (I’ll be rich as shit) lifts up into something like vague anger. Somehow it works. This tune has a great, rolling guitar riff, biting, cynical lyrics and talks about fucking Brooke Shields. You really can’t go wrong. And they sure left an impression with this one as both Metallica and Nirvana covered it. (I just realized there are three Fang songs on this list. Make of that what you will) -M

91. The Damned - "New Rose"
Hey wait...another Damned song in the same post? Really? Ok. Well, we can do that. New rose. Falling in love. Falling hard. Not understanding anything that's going on but really not caring cause she is on your arm. She left him for you and that's all that matters. Hey guys, falling in love is like that. Sometimes you need to give into the confusion and anxiousness and just say fuck it. It's happening to me and I just have to hold on to her arm and everything will be alright. And it's my new rose. And you got it good. And you always knew that.You always would. You can't stop to mess around. There is a brand new rose in town. -T

jfa.jpg92. J.F.A - "Mad Garden"
Ok enough with the love shit. Let's get down to the ugliness that is....pro wrestling! Not only pro wrestling but pro wrestling in the 60's! Wait wait wait! Not only pro wrestling in the 60's, but also, wait for it, pro wrestling in the 60's at Madison Square Garden! Oh fuck..I think I just came..that was too much for me too think about. Oh well. That's what socks are for. Anyways, this is a tribute to the past and to the great fallen buildings that once held our mighty masters and masked men. Sure it takes some time to get his voice. But you have to understand, sometimes you don't get your way. - T

93. Dr. Know - "Deprogram"
Everyone has their favorite song on the album. Everyone has a memory from this band. And everyone can agree to disagree on the best song on here. But this is my review and my favorite. Deprogram. Paranoid drug obsession while being chased by government agents. Oh fuck yeah. This has nowhere to go but down. From the first riff you can hear this guy has a little bit of paranioa even singing these lyrics. He's got agents on his back, man. He shouldn't even be here singing this, man. Three piece suits, man. They're everywhere, man. And they are out for him.. He is doing you a favor by telling you this tale. Kinda like the X-Files with a drug habit. This song rocks.

*Bonus: Nirvana doing Fang's Money Will Roll Right In
** JFA song courtesy of Punk Vault


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in 99 i was driving cross country in a 1972 pop-up vw (shuttup, fag, you wish you had one) toward fame and fortune in LA.

we had to get there a little sooner than we had expected because we ran out of money (nothing to do with the $250 tattoo in new mexico.)

the night we got there we ran across a JFA/dr. know show on hollywood blvd. just saw some rockers standing outside a show and asked who was playing. dez was there trying really hard just to stand up.

in 1999.

we ran into this dude named christ (ok, well christopher, but you know the type) that my ex (current at the time) was in OPP* with. he let us stay the night at his pad.

i thought it was a sign of great things to come.

it wasn't.

*orleans parish prison (jail in new orleans)


both damned links go to love song


Todd Killings has got to be one of the best tunes ever. Not just Punk.


The JFA song Mad Garden has nothing to do with the place of the same name in N.Y.C. Back in the early eighties here in Phoenix there was a place that had shows called Madison Square Gardens. There was really corny pro wrestling some nights, but on weekends there would be shows. The stage was a boxing ring with chain link fence all the way around. It was a great place to see shows


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