100 best punk songs - the up to date list
by Michele Christopher

Hey, turtle is unavailable at the moment and I'm bored. So I've put the work-in-progress list of 100 best punk songs that we have so far in one convenient place, just so you can see at a glance what's there in case you want to send your own songs in to us, or just mock the list or yell at us for what we missed so far or question what we call punk or completely agree with us (I suggest that one) or whatever.

Songs are markes: (T)-turtle (M)-me, (R)-reader entry.

Remember, you can still get in on the list. Just send us your songs along with a short blurb about each. No more than three, please. Contact info in sidebar.

1. SNFU - She's Not On The Menu (T)
2. The Business - Harry May (T)
3. Hellacopters - Fire Fire Fire(T)
4. Rocket From the Crypt - Salt Future (M)
5. Fugazi - Promises (M)
6. Rich Kids on LSD- Scab on My Brain (M)
7. Black Flag - Rats Eyes (T)
8. Fang - Berkeley Heathen Scum (T)
9. Angry Samoans - Lights Out (T)
10. The Clash - Complete Control (M)
11. Exploited - Sex and Violence (M)
12. GBH - Knife Edge (M)
13. Spermbirds - My god rides a skateboard (R)
14. Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (R)
15. Bad Brains - House of suffering (R)
16. Dr. Know - Burn (R)
17. Descendents - Parents (R)
18. Minutemen - Corona (R)
19. MDC - I Remember (T)
20. Husker Du - New Day Rising (M)
21. Radio Birdman - New Race (T)
22. Misfits - Some Kind of Hate (M)
23. DI - Youth In Asia (T)
24. Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation (M)
25. BGK - Youth For Crime (T)
26. 7 Seconds - Remains to Be Seen (M)
27. Minor Threat - Salad Days (M)
28. Sham 69 - Sunday Morning Nightmare (T)
29. Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia (R)
30. The Stooges - Search and Destroy (R)
31. The Clash - London's Burning (R)
32. Ramones - Beat on the Brat (R)
33. Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died (R)
34. Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen (R)
35. Circle Jerks - Live Fast, Die Young (M)
36. NoMeansNo - Big Dick (T)
37. Feederz - Games (R)
38. Negative Approach - Evacuate (R)
39. Clash - White Man in Hammersmith Palais (R)
40. Swingin Utters - Derailer (T)
41. The Explosion -No Revolution (T)
42. Strung Out - Ultimate Devotion (M)
43. TSOL - Code Blue (M)
44. Fang - An Invitation [to a Suicide] (R)
45. Noh Mercy - Caucasian Guilt (R)
46. Christian Death: Dogs (R)
47. Flipper: Life (R)
48. Bad Brains - Banned in DC (R)
49. The Dicks - No Fuckin' War (R)
50. Fear - Gimmie Some Action (T)
51. Butt Trumpett - I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why (T)
52. Down By Law - 1944 (T)
53. The Jam - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight (M)
54. Refused - New Noise (M)
55. Minor Threat - It Follows (M)
56. The Bags - We Will Bury You (R)
57. Dicks - Dicks Hate the Police (R)
58. Buzzcocks - Fast Cars (R)
59. Rancid - Sidekick (M)
60. Operation Ivy - Sound System (M)
61. Dead Milkmen - Bitchin’ Camaro (M)
62. Turbonegro - Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker (T)
63. New Bomb Turks - I Want My Baby...Dead? (T)
64. Subhumans - Susan (T)
65. SOD - March of the SOD (T)
66. Germs - Lexicon Devil (T)
67. The Accused - Grinning Like an Undertaker (T)
68. MC5 - Kick Out the Jams (M)
69. Husker Du - Divide and Conquer (M)
70. Misfits - Bullet (M)

Links to the lists are in the sidebar in case you want the downloads, or want to read the explanation of why each song was chosen. Also, don't forget there's going to be a huge poll thing going on at the end and we're gonna place these fuckers in some kind of order.


Hard to believe that not one Stiff Little Fingers song made the list..."Fly the Flag" or "Tin Soldiers" for instance. Just a thought.


Hard to believe that not one Stiff Little Fingers song made the list..."Fly the Flag" or "Tin Soldiers" for instance. Just a thought.

this isn't michele and turtles list, this is all of our list.

write up a review and send it to us and it will be on. Pick two more songs you thought we forgot and kick out a review.

we can fight about the order at the end with a poll. but we are getting there fast so if you want something included, send it to us with a few sentences on how you feel when you hear the song.

and it will be up


Some great stuff there. Though I don't
see that Accused song fitting in too well.
It's good, but knowhere near as good or
"punk" as their earlier stuff IMO. Damn,
now I need to bust out that vinyl.


Dreams and Desires by the Lords of the New Church bring back a lot of memories.


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