100 Greatest Punk Songs: Let the Voting Begin!
by Michele Christopher

This is it folks. We hit the end. This was hard but we needed it done. This is a drop down list of your, and our, favorite songs. Vote as many times as you want for whatever song you want. If you want to hear the song, go to the side bar. All the songs are listed. If you want to see a specific review, all the posts are linked in the sidebar as well. Have fun reading and picking cause we had a lot of fun doing this. Sometimes this has been clunky, but we got through. Enjoy the vote cause in a few days we will post the results. Have fun and come out fighting.
Hey, if you want to get the voting cooking, email all your friends and send them over or, if you have a blog, send your readers over. The more voters, the more fun this will be. Feel free to bitch about the songs and/or results while you are here! - And if this is your first time here, scroll down for some posts about sex, drugs, rock and roll, world cup, sex and drugs. And come back soon for our list of most offensive punk songs. -M/T


Here are the winners


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Jesus! We did alot of songs, guys. Thank you for all your help. All of you. Thanks.

Now have fun with the order.


What the fuck is this? Where the fuck is Mission Of Burma's "Academy Fight Song?" Or "That's When I Reach For My Revolver?"

I call bullshit.


I consider MoB to be post punk, but that's just me.


The total absense of The Meatmen seems a greivous oversight.

Mr. Tapeworm, Tooling for Anus, Crippled Children Suck, but my vote is for I've Got a Problem.


Yea, I'm gonna have to agree with you there. But hey, I'm sure they will make several appearances on our forthcoming Most Offensive Punk Song list.


Tooling for Anus

i thought that was in there? hm

then it will in the most offensive. trust me


No Butthole Suffers?

That is a grave oversight.

Human Cannonball
I Saw An X-ray Of A Girl Passing Gas
John E Smoke
Who Was In My Room Last Night

One of these songs should have been in the list.
What a disappointment.


Dude, that ProJecKt2501 dude will make you nuts! You just can't please everyone


These lists are always gonna be aribtrary. Keep in mind this is really a list of our idea of the best punk songs, including a bunch of those of our readers.

The reason there is no Crass is because we both hate Crass. Lists like these were made for arguing. That's half the fun of it.


Sez you, doo doo head!


i'm enjoying the use of the words "grave" and "grevious."

punks all grown up, huh?
the queers... we forgot the queers! where's the diversity -- THIS is a grave....


How can this be? There's only a handful of songs on your list that qualify for the "greatest" label.

  • Only one Sex Pistols song ("God Save the Queen"). Thank God I nominated it.
  • Only one Ramones song?
  • Only three from the Clash?
  • Nothing from the seminal New York scene? No Blondie, Talking Heads, Wire, Patti Smith, New York Dolls? OK, you had Richard Hell in there. Kudos for that. But this list ignores the taproot of American punk.
  • No Gang of Four or Mekons? Or are they post-punk? I consider them punk, just post-Pistols.
  • No X? Come on! That's absurd.
  • No Devo?
  • Only one Dead Kennedys song ("Holiday in Cambodia," which is OK but it's no "California Uber Alles" or "Too Drunk to F___").
  • You've got Iggy and the Stooges and MC5, but no mention of the Velvet Underground? Iggy, MC5 and VU are the Holy Trinity of proto-punk influence.

    Oh well. If I don't like it, guess I'll have to make my own list,. Oh, I already did. :)
  • AC


    Dude, what are you complaining about? All your contributions to the list are the ones with the most votes.


    I came here to vote for the Ramones' Beat on the Brat, I didn't really expect that to be on your list. Bravo.

    I was a dj at Siena College's radio station in 1981-82 and they had that song on a cart. That's how I found the Ramones.


    I'm complaining because you told me to feel free to bitch. :)



    BLONDIE??? nilla, please.


    "Only three from the Clash?"

    Yea dude. That's a lot. We really tried to diversify the list but not making it heavy on one band. Otherwise my half would have read something like Black Flag, GBH, Angry Samoans, Minor Threat, over and over again.


    getting old must be a drag. punk rock and hardcore started after you went home for the night. The 70's are over. You started it but we kept it going. After you let it die.


    Sounds like there might be another list coming on! 100 songs not on the 100 songs list? Whoa nelly!

    That Vandals song reminded me of the band Slapshot which in turn reminded me of the band Gang Green. Were those bands list worthy? I don't know, but it got me thinking and that's cool.


    Funny you should say that, I almost used Slapshot's "I've Had Enough" as my last song, and went with the Vandals instead.

    Maybe we'll throw up a list of songs that almost made our cut.


    the band Gang Green.

    they were sponsered by budweiser

    and thats fucking cool. fuck free strings. free beer dude.

    free beer .

    I haven't thought of them in years.

    little turtle trivia for you


    i got this turtle

    that last post was turtle


    thank you kali


    No Stiff Little Fingers!?!?!?! PPPHHHHBBBLLLTTTT!


    im just pissed i forgot about X


    Yea, X, Meatmen, I can think of a bunch I'm sorry we forgot.


    ya x is the only one i'm sorry for, really...

    well, so far anyway.


    It would have been nice to have X and such, but the folks who're complaining had every ability to get over here and vote for their favs also.


    ya cullen not everybody can be AWESOME though. there's just not enough awesomity to go around.


    We all had the chance to throw in our favorites for weeks now. It's not like this list is written on tablets carried down from Mount Sinai or anything. I think it's pretty good and probably took a lot of work, so I'm only really complaining in jest.


    man i am so happy to know i am not the only one who hates Crass.


    The absence of Wire from this list (NOTHING from Pink Flag, which is the greatest punk album ever, IMHO?) invalidates it completely. "12XU," "Pink Flag," "Reuters," "Mannequin," "Ex Lion Tamer," or even some of the songs from Chairs Missing (at which point they were transforming into the first post-punk band) like "Sand In My Joints" would have made this list legitimate.

    As far as I'm concerned, the only reason someone might omit Wire from this list is because they hadn't heard them. I'm not asking you to put "The 15th" or "Map Ref 43N 91W" on here (those are clearly postpunk), but come on now.


    clearly invalidated.


    This list has been invalidated by Jeff B! Well fuck, man. Now what are we gonna do?


    Might as well cancel that order for the big marble stone you were going to carve the names of the songs into... damn.


    I don't know about you, but I'm considering suicide just for having voted in the thing.


    You're considering it, Em? Hell, I just did!


    I bought a razor blade and started listening to emo.


    jeff b's prob'ly one of those elitist "punks" we used to beat up after the shows for telling us what was and what was not punk. how punk rock.


    I find that to be particularly true of Wire fans, Pril. Which is why I never really cared for them much. In fact, Jeff's "indie cred" posturing totally invalidates his response!

    I hope you know we are just having fun here, Jeff.


    Where's California Uber Alles? Where's One Down Three to Go by the Meatmen? Imagine to leave these off!

    I don't really buy Social Distortion as a punk ban but the definition is really subjective.


    This whole list is subjective, dude. We aren't really aiming to speak for everyone, just for ourselves and those who contributed.

    But alright already, I get it, we fucked up in not putting the Meatmen on the list.


    OMFG!!! No Meatmen?!?!? WTF?

    Sorry, couldn't resist. The well-deserved inclusion of Husker Du more than makes up for any perceived omissions.

    Jesus, Michele, you could stir impassioned controversy with a freaking knitting blog.


    Dude, the crochet crowd would be all over her ass. If you don't know how vicious those fuckers can be, well, you're just lucky.


    Ever get a crochet needle shoved up your ass?

    Just sayin'.


    You guys are a bunch of poseurs....

    I nominate:

    * "I Against I" - Bad Brains
    * "Waiting Room" - Fugazi
    * "Mercy" - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds



    Hmm...two Bad Brains songs, besides the most popular one of theirs that you mention.
    A Fugazi song, besides the most popular one you mention.
    Did you mean Mercy Seat? Yea, Nick Cave is great, but not really punk. Maybe the early Birthday Party stuff, but not this.

    Poseur. Right.


    I can't make you something that you already are.

    Birthday Party should have been on the list too!
    They sure the fuck were punk!

    King Ink
    Big Jesus Trash Can
    Hamlet POW POW POW
    Friend Catcher
    Release the Bats
    Hats on Wrong

    Damn, I got to agree with AC about Patti Smith, Gang of Four, and Devo too.
    Mission Of Burma is good shit also I'd have to go with "Peking Spring" as their best song though.

    Got to agree that there should be more Dead Kennedys "Life Sentence", "Macho Insecurity" " Chickenshit Conformist" "Kill the Poor"



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