demon on wheels
by Michele Christopher

I'm out most of the day at a Very Important Family Function type thing, and turtle is otherwise occupied. I thought for now you might enjoy a few photos I took last summer of a couple of the cars mentioned in the post below.

Speaking of that post, that list has been updated and will continue to grow. And what we failed to mention is that we will be pulling cars off that list to do a full "car of the night" post about. So keep your ideas coming, this is going to be a really fun series. I mean, Vin Diesel's GTO in XXX is smokin' and all, but we're gonna give a car like the Mach 5 some equal time, too. We're all about having fun here at FTTW. And we're kinda into cartoons and superheros.

adventure's waiting holy batmobile, batman! burn through the witches dig through the ditches i slam in the back of demon on wheels yabba dabba batmobile doo

[click each for bigger - takes you to flickr]

We'll be back later this afternoon with more punk rock (some cool stories some of you sent in about going to shows) and fast cars (or slow cars, depending on which one we choose to do today. We've been thinking about giving the good old station wagon a spotlight).


"otherwise occupied' is just a cool way to say "I was nappin"


oh - ya - i was thinking something else much dirtier...


sometimes, she picks on me cause i sleep on Sundays. And when I say sleep, I mean sleep past 5 in the morning.

hey dude, I'm from California


Dude. I do not pick on you. I said "otherwise occupied" to make it sound like you were doing something real important. Or dirty.

And what's wrong with living on NY time?


not ONE thing.


well, they all talk funny


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