guilty as charged
by Michele Christopher

Tonight's music list is a bit different. This is guilty pleasure time. The time when we publicaly admit to liking certain songs that may make you guys question our punk cred, or just question our taste in music at all. But hey, you have songs like these too. The ones you roll up the car window to sing. The ones where you hide the CD when that hot date comes over. We all have them. Some of us are secure enough to admit them.

perry.jpg1. Journey - Separate Ways
How can you not sing this song when it comes on? I can’t be the only one who takes the nearest thing that resembles a microphone and does a Steve Perry grimace while banging my fist against the wall motion. You have seen the video, haven’t you? Some people call this video and song the ultimate in cheese rock. And they are right. But I love it. - M

2. Dramarama - Anything

This song was just neat cause it was a guy so in love he would would do, well anything. Kinda pathetic really, but it always came on when I got carded for beer. "I'll do anything, anything, anything!" But, instead of pleading for a girl's love, I was pleading for a twelve pack of Pabst. - T

3. Bon Jovi - Dead or Alive
This is how you measure a guilty pleasure song: does it make you burst out singing even when your heart and soul are yelling a big Darth Vader “Noooooooooooooooo!”? When this song comes on I am a fucking cowboy. Riding a steel horse. And when he gets to that part, oh yea you know what part, it’s all I can do to keep from pumping my fist in the air. Cause I’ve seen a million faces. And I’ve rocked them all. Maybe Bon Jovi was kinda lying to himself there, but we all sing it like we mean it. - M

4. Len - Steal My Sunshine

You guys all know you had a crush on the voice of the girl in the background. len.jpgThe repeatitive cries of "If you steal my sunshine," turned all your heads. Sometimes you listen to a song and just have to think about the lyrics. What the fuck was slurply goo type..... What the hell was she talking about? - T

5. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me
Sometimes you go years and years singing a favorite song, not even bothering to really listen to the lyrics or think about what you are singing. And one day, you will have a moment of clarity, maybe in your car in the 7-11 parking lot, singing out loud with the window open, when you'll realize just how incredibly stupid a lyric "do you take sugar, one lump or two" is. But that doesn’t stop you from hitting repeat. Again. - M

6. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

Hey, I'll admit it. I am a closet metal fan. I used to have all of their albums around my room. My dad always asked me if I thought the singer looked "funny". I never got that. This song doesn't do a whole hell of alot. It's kinda stupid actually and basically is about homosexual sex, so sometimes I feel a little weird singing it out of the car when I'm driving. But, meh. I'm secure in my masculinty. I'm just pissed that Rob Halford snuck so many glory hole references in his songs all these years and never let us in on the joke. - T

7. Poison - Talk Dirty To Me

I’ve been trying to convince people - and myself - for years that I hate hair metal. It’s become painfully obvious to me recently that is a blatant lie. Still, I’m sitting here wondering if I’m really ready to admit that I have so much fun singing this song that it’s on six different mix CDs I’ve made for my car. CC, pick up that guitar and talk to me!

8. Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills

Wait. I thought these guys were from like some island way on the other side of the earth. Or like Spain. Or at least Mexico. Why are they singing about Indians and early frontier battles? Hell, I need to write a song about eating jellied eels or eating bangers and mash. Hey, if they can write about us, I can write about them. "The teeth were bad in the midnight sun! The eels were old so we had no funnnnnnnn!"maiden.jpg See! I can do it! I'm just kidding. But I always thought this song was funny because the video made it look like they were making some kind of statement or maybe they were just drunk.

9. Nysync - Bye Bye Bye
Shut up. Just. Shut. Up. It’s catch, ok? And I once had a small, lustful crush on Justin Timberlake. After the breakup of the band, though.timber.jpg When he looked more like a man. And before I started figuring out he might not be all that manly. It was a quick crush. Lasted through maybe one set of batteries. That’s it. I swear. And I know all the dance steps this song. Yea, I just said that out loud. Kill me now.

10. Madonna - Tell Me

Hm. Turtle pulls his head into his shell on this one. Yes. I love this song. It is one of the best songs I had heard in awhile. The way the music stops and starts. With the skipping and the stopping of the guitar in the back. I love it and that's all I'm going to say. So there. - T

11. Van Halen - Panama
Ok, so I am a Van Halen fan. Mega VH fan. DLR era only. Don’t even mention those other cocksuckers to me. Anyhow, this song. Well, when you’re listening to it with some family members in the car on the way to a distant relative’s funeral and everyone is all quiet and suddenly you burst out with “I reach down between my legs n' ease the seat back,” it becomes a guilty pleasure. - M

12. Neil Young - Old Man

I don't why this song has always moved me. I basically hate Neil Young, well hate is a pretty strong word, but this song was the one thing I ever liked from him. Just a sad long look at what someone had lost already and what an onlooker knew he was losing now. Plus it makes Michele happy when I sing it too her. Hey dude. You can't go wrong with that. Sad songs turn girls on. Don't ask me why. - T

13.Air Supply - Making Love Out of Nothing at All
Fuck you. They are one of the greatest bands ever. Don’t look at me like that. Stop it. They rule. Come on. This guy sings his fucking heart out for you, man. The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost/And it's looking for a rhythm like you. Jesus, this guy has got it bad. How can you not feel it?

So that's the end of our list for tonight. Mock us accordingly. We know. We deserve it. But in the end, you know you want to steal our sunshine too.


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Iron Maiden still kicks ass.


What, you mean you listen to something else besides non-stop hardcore and punk rock?? I can't believe it.

I can't believe Maiden and DLR era VH is on your 'shame' list!

By the way, I picked up a Turbonegro and Supersuckers CD the other day, two bands I would have never even heard of if not for this site, and that is cool. Maybe that will help ease your pain about admitting to being a closet Nsync fan. Heh heh.

(Oh and dont forget to close those bold text tags after the Madonna song.)


That's cool you like Turbo and supersuckers. they are both great bands.

One day I'll tell you the story about how my friends and I flew all the way to Norway to see turbo for their comeback show.


BWAHAHSHhahahwe#$*&)^$&#^& ...!!!

NSync. hahahehfd(*&&%^%$%&!!11

DefLeppard HSHEHAHEHH##@#$^!

can't. breathe.


oh yeah. you forgot the "uh" in

'pick up that guitar and, uh, TALK to me!'

(ooops did i just say that?)


I'm a sucker for Duran Duran. Except for that wild boys album. That was weak sauce.


I am unashamedly a fan of VH and Iron Maiden.

But Bon Jovi is on my guilty pleasure list.


Step away from the Steve Perry S.L.O.W.L.Y. He makes my teeth bleed. If it weren't for the X recommendation on the page, I'd have to question your taste...and that video is Pure Government Cheese.

I'll throw a couple on the fire:

1) Madonna: "Like A Prayer"
2) Dexy's Midnight Runners: "Come On Eileen"
3) Cheap Trick: "Surrender"


Come On Eileen? And you dare to question MY taste. Pfft. You play that song with pride!

And Cheap Trick should never, ever be considered a guilty pleasure.


"Ok, so I am a Van Halen fan. Mega VH fan. DLR era only." Uh, once DLR left, IT STOPPED BEING VAN HALEN. Thank you.

I love the part in Airheads where the guys are quizzing Harold Ramis to see if he really is an A&R exec, and he chooses VH over DLR, and they kick his ass out.


Uh, once DLR left, IT STOPPED BEING VAN HALEN. Thank you.

Oh, I totally agree. This is a subject that's been know to be a huge soap box with me. Van Hagar sucked and Gary Cherone is just a figment of our imagininations. He never really existed.


I'm a Maiden fan from way back so you'll get no flack about the Maiden and Priest on the list.... But Poison has "always sucked"....


I have to admit I like mostly everything on your list too, so I'm not gonna say anything. I started to like Poison a little more after they stopped wearing lingerie. Every Rose does have it's Thorn after all. Ha.

I look forward to the Norway Turbonegro adventure story. I cant even imagine what kind of mayhem was involved...


norway was insane.

ill put it out later in the week

just get ready to hear about beer, vodka, some fucking pirate named captain sabertooth in our hotel, gis that for real fun, being in the hotel that was next to the biggest zoo in norway, no darkness, sun all the time, valium, airports bar fights and partyting with the band all night long, spending to many kroners, and ordring fish soup instead of beer like 15 times.

oh and it gets better


So glad to learn I'm not the last remaining Dramarama fan on earth.


Carole King. Nuff Said.


Michele: The Dexy is cool. I could have gone nuclear with "Safety Dance".

And ClashCityRocker: Glad I'm not the only one with Tapestry and Black Market Clash in the rotation.


I could have gone nuclear with "Safety Dance".

Heh. I know a certain turtle who digs that song.

Truth be told, I actually saw Men Without Hats play at some club back in the 80s. On purpose.


Butterfly- Crazy Town
Shout at the Devil- Motley Crue
Whats going on- 4 non blondes. I hear this all the time, for some reason, by accident, really.


I'm pretty sure that "Pour some sugar on me" is a song about getting a hand job. Or did everyone already know that?


I really had no idea.

It all makes sense now.



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