Just cause I can
by Turtle Jones

ok. So I'm missing her. Michele's compy is down and I get bored fast.

So I did this to tell her.

I love you, Michele

Yeah, I get sappy everyonce in awhile.


i found this when last night and forgot about it. kinda cool

don't know about the eye thing. knowing my luck it's something about kidnapping children or driving without seat beats.


where is she? i miss her too.

my theory on the pic is that it was a symbol of the end of the recession.. you know, the american dollar rising like a phoenix from the flames?...? uh, ok maybe not.


her connection is down

so we not be seeing her that much today


Connection is back up however briefly.

Thank you, turtle. You really shouldn't do things like this when I'm PMSing.

I love you.

I'm pretty damn lucky.

And I'm kidnapping children and not putting them in seatbelts!!


michele lives in new york and since they are having major weather issues, she is out again.

there might not be a post from her tonight. I might be going solo.

which sucks for me cause it's no fun doing anything without her.


Hmm. Love-struck punk ... there's a song there.


hey dude

shes cute!


Hey, I didn't say it was a bad thing!


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