100 best punk songs 94 -100!!
by Turtle Jones

Well we did it! We hit 100! Tomorrow we will post all the songs, just by title and not the stories. Please come in and give us your top 10. Rate them, yell at us and tell us we suck for missing your favorite song.

So get ready for the full list to be posted, cause we hit 100, baby! This might have been a big task but we need to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who got us here. You guys helped alot and added your feelings about a song or two.

Stick around for the voting. It's gonna happen, baby. Cause we didn't come this fucking far to stop now.

This is the end.


94. Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster
Ok. I know Social Distortion is on here a lot. It just was gonna happen. There are people who found them at the beginning and thought they were too punk, and people who found them in the end who thought they were too mellow and sold out. All I remember is seeing them at shows looking like they wanted this to end. This was way back. When you could feel this song. Feel the song and anger and frustration and futileness of being a punk rocker. We were built for this, but it didn't mean we were gonna win. We were all just fucked up kids trying to get through another day while trying to get laid and get high. Hey, something fun to do in your spare time! If you really want to have fun.....try singing the lyrics! Mike Ness has a voice that you can't get to. I just sounded lame singing this song on the phone yesterday to Michele. That's his voice. Gutter and hard. Great song about being beat down before you grew up. -T

[note: he actually sounded pretty good - M]

95. Vandals - Change the World With My Hockey Stick
This song was only available on the soundtrack to some shitty Ben Affleck movie. Really, is there any other kind? I can’t even find the lyrics online and I’m not gonna write them out for you here cause there’s a whole lot of them. But it’s pretty much what the title says. They are gonna rule the world - even cure global warming - with their hockey stick. What can I say? I love hockey. And the thought of ruling the world with a taped up Koho makes me smile. Helps that the song is fast, fun, typical Vandals irreverence. Plus, hockey stick. Changing the world with one. No game misconducts in my kingdom, buddy. Get outta my way. - M

96. Sleater Kinney - Dig Me Out
Who are these guys? What the hell is this? Is this punk? Three ladies from Portland or Seattle or some rainy fucking state. I don't know. But something was different with this song. Something that made us all look at the CD and wonder what was with it. Oh fuck. There's only three of them. Well thats ok. What's different. What's going on? Fuck. Wait. That's not a fucking bass. Is that a bass? No. That isn't. That's a toned down fucking guitar. That's weird. But also. That's really fucking cool. Really cool. This is a great song that opened this band to the entire world. Started an album that didn't stop. A song about just being bothered by someone. Dig me out dig me in. Love and frustration. And getting ready for a show. I think. Fuck. Idunno. It could be about chili dogs for all I care. All I know is this song rocked. - T

97. Generation X - Your Generation
Ok. The only thing I don't like about this song is that it inspired some dumb ass guy with like writing things and like pencils to write a story and tag a generation. We didn't need a tag and we didn't need a name. This was a song that was played on the jukebox for me when I was feeling down. I don't know. I liked the rythm and the guitar. Fuck Billy Idol. He wasn't such of an arrogant dick back then. This is where it started for him. He was just a kid and it shows. And from what you hear on the song, he is just like a kid. Brash, arrogant and scared. A song about forgetting the past older fuckers who wonder about what was happening to a scene while the new generation was moving on with something new. Looking at the past and spitting on it and walking away.

But hell, this was in England. I don't know what the hell was going on there. I was still playing with Legos. -T

98. Black Flag - Depression
A song about depression that plays fast and hard and angry. Because depression isn’t always about hiding your head under the pillow and turning the lights out on the world. Sometimes it’s about trying to shake a monkey off your back. Sometimes it’s about kicking, screaming, fist pounding, wall punching anger and rage. This song is about tearing your skin open just to let it all out and letting people know that if they stand by and watch this happen, they are gonna get caught in the fallout. And you don’t fucking care. It’s about throwing yourself against a wall just to get that thing off your back. Hard. And liking the feel of it when the wall meets your bones. - M

99. MDC - My Family’s A Little Weird
Typical MDC breathless vocals and speed demon music that sounds like it’s coming out of your neighbor’s garage, combined with lyrics that make you think your dysfunctional family might not be so bad. Or maybe it speaks to you, like one of those “yea man, I know exactly what he means” songs. Grandma’s selling drugs, dad’s wearing a dress, there’s dead children and lying whores and....well yea maybe my family has a few of these. So I shouldn’t be too judgmental. Glass houses and all. Not gonna say too much about it. But grandma, god rest her soul, she had to make a living somehow...hey, Dave Dictor is from Long Island. We grow them weird here. That’s all I’m saying. - M

100. nomeansno - The River - turtle's take
We wanted to do a big one last. This is going to be a two parter. One half Michele and one part me. We purposely didn't look at each other's reviews because we wanted each other's take on it. Yeah, it's that good of a fucking song. We both did it because that's what this song deserves. The words. The feelings. Pull you in. This is nomeansno. This is their finest work ever. If you listen to what he is saying, you will prolly have to sit down and cry. I would save you if my life is wasn't already sacrificed to the river. The words have so many meanings and so many interpretations. I hate to say this, but this is beautiful. Help me! Help me! Lend me your hand! Pull me out! Pull me out! If you listen to the grinding beat and the desparation in his voice, you will notice what this song is. Two drummers, one bass, one guitarist who barely plays. With Rob Wright barely hanging on asking you to forgive him for saving himself.

Because it didn't matter. His life was already sacrificed.

To the river. -T

100. nomeansno - The River - Michele's take
One of the most emotional songs I’ve ever heard. Rob Wright’s voice - think Danzig without the theatrics - layered over pounding, relentless drums and a driving rhythm packs enough emotion as is, but when you listen to the lyrics, really, really listen, every note seems stronger, every word amplified, every beat louder. This song reaches inside you and pulls out everything in your heart and soul. Love, anger, sadness, desperation, beauty, fear, it’s all there. Watching someone go under, someone desperate for your help, but you can’t do shit about it because you’ve already gone under yourself. Helplessness, despair, but something so....beautiful about it. Tragically beautiful. “When you’re born you start to drown..” That pretty much sums up the entire song. - M

That was 100! Wow! We did it! Jesus fucking christ we did it! Ok now. Voting. That will come soon. Thank you all for participating and sticking around. Now let's get these fuckers sorted out. Tomorrow the list will be up. And then we will fight for the order. Get ready cause here it comes.....and thanks for all your help.


wow. 100. phew.
now the brawl begins. no worries, i've got a mouthguard. gotta save my purty teefs.


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