New Feature: What's Playing Now?
by Michele Christopher

So Michele and I were sitting around this morning wondering what the hell to do pre USA World Cup. She has something to do today and I need to nap. Yeah. I don't move that much on the weekends. Starting to get the turtle name? And she flies. She has a cat that screams all day, for christ sake. So she has to. I just have a sleeping dog. My dog barely moves. So it kinda works out. But anyways, we wondered about something to do today. It can't be that long. We don't have that much time. In a few hours you lose us to World Cup,stuck on the TV, and depending on who wins, you might lose turtle all night. But thats just what happens. So what to do?

Turn on your stereo. All of you. Right now. Or your WinAmp, iTunes or your CD player. What are you listening to? Honestly. Don't get all badass and pull out something like out of control that you know you haven't heard in ten years.

Michele asked me honestly to tell her. Type up a review of the song. What was playing right now. At this second. Tell me how I felt about it. I asked the same. Add your own in cause this will become a weekly (or more) feature if you guys like it. Us just jumping out and asking you to tell us about the song you are listening to right now. Turn the music up cause here we go. Ready?

Michele's song

Pantera - "Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills"

Man, this idea is gonna kick me in the head one of these days. I’ve got over 10,000 songs on shuffle in my Winamp because, for the sake of pure honesty, I loaded up every folder, not just the one titled “daily listens.” So I’ve got everything from Air Supply and Anti-Flag to Zao and Zeke in here. So it's not always gonna be punk rock. Yea, that’s right. I said Air Supply. Wanna make something of it, then step up, because “All Out of Love” is a badass song and I will defend it to my death.

So what did I end up with today? Pan-fucking-tera. After three straight days of practically listening to nothing but Fang’s “The Money Will Roll Right In” on repeat, this is like a kick in the nuts. Well, if I had nuts.

I fucked your girlfriend last night. A song about banging a chick while her boyfriend snores and drools in a drug/drink induced sleep. A mean, mean, mean fucking song on so many levels. Phil talking his way through this as if he just woke up from a heroin coma, and then the screaming and the slow, drawn out cadence of the music, makes you feel like you’re trudging through muddy nightmare of drugs and death and drunken sex and a depravity so low that you end up thinking, god damn, I hate this fucking song. I hate Phil Anselmo and I hate this song. Why couldn’t my Winamp have landed on “I’m Broken” instead? Or hell, I would have taken “All Out of Love” at this point. This song fucks me up. Listen at your own discretion.

*pours out a 40 for dimebag*

Turtle's song

Pixies - "Caribou"

The start to an album that really is kinda cool. I can't tell what album it is on because it was stolen many years ago and I'll I have is a burn. But, as we said whatever was playing we would review. It's too bad that after reading the lyrics, I still have no clue what she's talking about. Meh. It happens.

Kim Deal's voice was what brought me into the Pixies and later to the Breeders. She always sounded to desparete. So kind of, well, like sad. It was like she realized this was the end and this was it. Seems like in all the songs, unless she was singing with Frank Whateverthefuckhewantstocallhimselfthisweek, she always seemed sad on this album. The only song she really sounded happy on was a love song on another album. About sex in the shade? Ok. I'll admit. I had a crush on her. But, we said we had to do this honestly. So there is. I had a crush on her voice. Frank was always too pissed. His voice was like he was just angry about ...nothing? But it was different with her. She seemed to slow it down and add a human tone to the band. It was really kinda sad. Like she new everything wasn't right in her life. Everything was starting to suck.

But she was going.

If she was still going.

Why couldn't you?

So what's playing for you right now?

Pantera - Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills
Pixies - Caribou


Just hit the play button and iTunes chose AC/DC - Night Prowler. A cool, slow, hard-edged blues type tune. The album it's on is Highway to Hell. My favorite AC/DC record. Bon Scott. Damn what a waste. I like Brian Johnson but I prefer the Bon AC/DC to the Brian AC/DC. There ya go!


First thing to pop up in WinAmp was The Beat's "Best Friend". This is part of a playlist i made to put together a bunch of stuff with horn sections for the ass horns in the band i'm in.

Not aggro or anything. Happy and funny and while good for listening to while cleaning the house, it's easy to get distracted and start boogying around with the vaccuum. Did i just say that? Yeah. I always liked the sort of descending guitar lines in this.


First thing Winamp chose was Booker T and the MGs' Green Onions -- #3 on my list of all-time best instrumental rock song.


I was out at the pool listening to my mp3 player when the sprinkles turned to real rain and forced me in. What was I listening to out there? The latest album by the Bottle Rockets, a roots-rock band from my neck of the woods. The album is called Zoysia and, as far as this year's southern rock goes, it ranks right up there with Drive By Truckers' A Blessing aned a Curse. I can't decide yet.

Anyway, the tunes on Zoysia are well written and many of them have to do with the politics of identity and belonging. Best cuts along those lines are "Middle Man," "Align Yourself" and the title track. Click the link above to sample the tracks. Don't cost nothin.



Polish by Fugazi. The one song they never played live. It's my favorite on Steady Diet of Nothing. Pretty obviously about how some people rely on TV for their insight into everything and how it's a one way medium that takes no input from the people watching it.


Like Michele, I have thousands of songs on my playlist from Air Supply to Anthrax, though I'd bet I have more Country music than she does. That makes this exercise a real crap shoot.

My WinAmp shuffle came up with Say Hello To Heaven - Temple Of The Dog.

I love this song, I love that album, and I love the concept of the two groups (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) coming together to pay tribute to a fallen friend. This is a song that sees the upper end of the volume control every single time I hear it played. And yes, I belt it out with my "not yet ready for American Idol" voice just as loud.


Bill, I love that song!


Sidewalk by Superchunk... in iTunes random shuffle


kiss me deadly, gen x - thanks to tesco... i don't even really like those fucking pussies. ;)


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