What's Playing, Volume 3
by Michele Christopher

It's that time again! Saturday's are always kinda slow. It's getting late and basically we were bored. Michele is eating chicken, wishing she could have waited for one more song to admit to being emo and I'm just eating a crappy turkey sandwich while listening to punk rock watching how hot this town is gonna be tomorrow. So see, there's not a lot going on. Since we did the sex thing earlier and it being basically just a post with no reader input, we kinda thought it would be fun to do this again. Turn on your ipod, CD player, whatever you have and honestly tell us what you were last listening to or what's next on shuffle.

We did it. Why can't you.

These were our two.

Iggy Pop - Repo Man

repomansoundtrack.jpgI always get lucky. Maybe it's cause I only listen to cool tunes cause I'm cool. Or maybe it's cause I rock hard. Or maybe it's cause I only have a CD player and most my CDs have been stolen over the years. Well, that's not really true. I still have a ton, but I don't organize them for shit. Yeah, I know, big surprise. So what was I listening to last night? Crap. I hate this feature of the site. Hm. Hey! That's Iggy Pop! Yay! Thank god I don't have to review Neil Diamond! Although that would be pretty cool. But Iggy is pretty cool too. A really confusing song that has only one or two relevant lines to the movie. I don't know if this song was out before the movie or they hired him to do the title track. If you didn't know, Repo Man was a movie from the 80's starring *gasp* Emilio Estevez as Otto and Harry Dean Stanton as Bud. Both Repo men looking for this one car. With something in the back that killed people. I think it was an aliens. But the soundtrack is basically a blueprint of LA. Early punk rock and Mexican music. The music. Not the alien.

This is becoming more of album review. I'm getting off track.

The song really only holds a few clues about what it's about. A poor kid on drugs who is nothing? He just gives up? Becomes what he hates? Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols played guitar. I think. But, the only lyrics you have to remember are "I was a teenage dinosaur, stoned and obsolete I didn't get fucked and i didn't get kissed. I got so fucking pissed. Using my hand for an ashtray. Now i'll tell you who i am i'm the repo-man". That's the only words in this song that could possibly tell you it was in this movie.

And that's at the end of the song. The rest of it is about toadstoals and wizards. So don't ask me the deeper meaning of it. Cool song though. -T

Well, turtle just asked me that dreaded question. No, not that one. This one: What are you listening to right this minute? Yea, it's that time again. Winamp Russian Roulette. And at this moment it is.....

Lagwagon May 16

d33776anfgd.jpgOk, not so bad. Still haven't caught me listening to navel gazing emo yet.
Lagwagon is just one of those bands that usually makes me think happy thoughts. Maybe it's his voice. Maybe it's the way most of their songs don't really follow a standard pattern of verse/chorus/verse. Their songs always have a sense of airiness beneath them. This one in particular. And the one day I thought about the words I was singing (I had been really enjoying the music, the whole feel of the song, more than the lyrics up to that point) and I wondered. Hmmm. May 16th seems like a pretty crap day here. Someone packed up and left. Someone is a little...angry? Disappointed? Resigned? And then I read an interview where they said the song was about a loss of friendship. So yea, I was right in a way. And that kind of sucks because now when I hear the song I don't feel that sunshine-day-everything-is-groovy feeling anymore. I just feel a bit bad. Plus, it reminds me of playing Tony Hawk til 5am for three weeks straight when I had a really bad case of insomnia and I sucked so hard at that game. So yea, this song is all about vicarious disappointment and having sleep deprivation hallucinations while falling off virtual skateboards for me. -M

So we did it.

Why don't you tell us what's playing in your world right now?


Dream Theater - Pull Me Under: This wasn't planned, but I own everything these guys have ever done, so one of their songs pops up about ever 5 or 6 songs on my shuffle. Just so happens it was the first one this time.

I love this song. It put them on the map in musicland since it's the only video of their they ever played. And it's one of their shorter songs (8:14) :)

Oh man, fantastic luck. Next song up: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot. I can't say anything about SRV that hasn't been said before. I'll just let there be awesome.


NOFX - Kill All the White Man. Good times on that one. No real story behind it, though.



this is like the third time Dream Theatre has been mention in posts. I need to do some research and ask Michele to burn me some CD's cause she knows them, you guys all know them and I don't.

I feel like the last kid picked at a dodge ball game.

left out


Turtle, do you check the FTTW g-mail mail?


I'll look right now and I apologize.

it's weird the was this thing works. Sometimes it comes to me, sometimes it goes to Michele, sometimes they go to FTTW. So I apologize if we didn't see yours. I'll look now.


meredith brooks - pollyanna. I didn;t leave winamp open long enough to get a good look at the song title.

I dont know enough about this song to say anything about it. It's not mine.


embarassed to say it was a phish song that i told that fucker i never wanted to hear...

fucking hippies


Man I really need to remember to look for this post on Saturday nights. Anyway...a day late...

what came up for me tonight was
Sink The Bismark by Johnny Horton

Told you I had some strange shit in my Winamp. How can you not like Johnny Horton? So much fun in his songs. Next up was Dire Straits - Telegraph Road. This is where I take Winamp off of shuffle and let it play the next 20 or so Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler songs.


(later) Therapy?- Violence Carried Away. Apparently a live version. aaaah. I love these guys.


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