What's Playing, Volume 4
by Michele Christopher

Well, it's time again. Time to be honest. Both of us have been feeling off today, and you can prolly tell in the songs we have playing. I'm not saying it's Alice Cooper or anything like that. Although that wouldn't be so bad. But, we are on a slow kick tonight, at least I am. Sometimes you need to slow down a little. Deathpunk and grunge. That's what we have tonight. This thing usually go something like "You want to do a song tonight?" "Ok, right now. What are you listening to?" For the first time Michele got really lucky with this. Finally.

Here is tonight's edition of What Are You Listening To Right Now, or whatever we named it earlier.

For those of you who don't know, this is when we pick the song that is playing at the moment the other other asks the question. Sometimes you really get some weird stuff, but most of the time, it's all pretty cool. But, we just describe how feel about the song. We also ask you do the same. If you have the guts. Pretty simple.

Turbonegro - Age of Pamparius

I will never forget the first time I heard this. For the first two minutes or so I’m thinking - what the hell is this? Some prog rock shit? I thought this was supposed to be punk rock? Waiting for the song to build up, he’s whispering something about denim and apocalypse dudes..and then....finally. It kicks in. 02-L.jpgYea, this is what I was expecting. This kicks ass. This is awesome. This is........what the fuck did he just say? No. Couldn’t be. Did he say something about pizza? This song is about pizza? Thinking I’m getting old and my hearing is gone, I grab the lyrics. Yea. Pizza. This song is about pizza. Ok, it’s about a pizza place. Pamparius Pizza. In Norway. They wrote a song about their favorite pizza place. That’s kinda cool. It’s a kick ass song, really.

You got nothing to lose at Pamparius
gonna wear them happy shoes tonight
You got nothing to lose at Pamparius
Gonna bake a motherfucking pizza tonight

Dude, I’m pretty damn happy when I can belt out a line like “Gonna bake a motherfucking pizza tonight.”

Anyone else's stomach suddenly start growling with hunger? -M

Tad - Jack

Or is it Jack Pepsi? I know they had a cease and desist for the album cover, but I'm not sure if they had to change the name of the song. This was on a small single along time ago. The cover of this single brought out the Pepsi lawyers and I think the name is "Jack" now but I'm not sure.

Anyways, a song that hits me.jack_pepsi.jpg I'm not saying I did any of this stuff, but I can relate to just getting so blasted out of booze and drugs that you do these stupid things. Steal a car and go drive on a frozen lake. Doing 360's on the ice while slamming back whiskey and Pepsi. Smiling at each other. This was life. This was fun....Oh shit! What was that sound?!?! We're going thru the ice!!!! The way he tells it, it's not like he is singing. It's like a story. Like the things I tell you. Except without ice. I don't like ice.

The best part of this song is when Jack leans over to him and just tells him, "OK, man. You need to settle down if we are gonna make it thru this." I have no idea why that line hits me so hard. Maybe cause I have said it so many times to my friends. Not the ice part thou. I'm stupid, but not that stupid.

I don't like ice.

And now I want pizza. - T


update: I got a pizza


Before I put the song on here, I have to say that I have to say that I've got about 45 gigs of music, most of it mine, some of it my wife's, some of it my kids. I recently got about 10 gigs worth of tunes from a pal that I haven't even gone through in depth, and it appears that this is off that collection:

The song is Heaven's a Lie by Lacuna Coil. I had never heard them until this song started playing, but after a quick search, they are an Italian band. They sound a little bit like Evanescence without all that singer's emo posturing.

Not bad I guess, but nothing I'd have picked out myself.

Next up is She's Only 18 by the Peppers off their new disc. Crap. It's going to be a bad day.


They're not that bad. I usually don't care for female fronted metal-ish bands, but she's got a pretty decent voice.


cullen i disown you for having the peppers new disc. (tho i appreciate your honesty)

i got 'pay to cum.' and on my work computer! who got lucky this time?


If it makes you feel any better, kali, I didn't buy it. Torrents are lovely.


Ok I may hear some shit for this, but here it is: Dave Matthews - Crash Into Me (acoustic).

Normally Dave's tunes are reserved for hot summer weekend days and a cooler full of Corona's but hey, shuffle does what it wants to!


eww yeah, talk about puking in your mouth a little...


Yeah. I hear ya. I guess you could list Dave under my 'guilty pleasures'. I normally can't stand him, unless it's 90 degrees outside and I am at least 5 Corona's in..


well, at least you guys are honest

personally, I like "crash into me" or was it the other song they did....


Chesterfield Kings from Jawbreaker. Love that song. Don't know that it'll ever get old. Next up is Arsehole by Snuff. I can't help but sing along to this one - sitting in my cubicle, belting out "I'm an asshole! I'm a fuckin wanker!". What better way to spend a Saturday?


Josh, I LOVE that Snuff song!


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