Best Punk Album of the 00's: Winner
by Turtle Jones

WE'RE ON A MISSION TO DESTROY!! Ride with us! I swear, we had nothing to do with this vote. Really, I gave this one up to Green Day along time ago. When Michele and I started talking about this I kinda decided "American Idiot" would take it. Who am I to say? It was nominated but placed fourth. Don't ask me. See, this is why I don't play the lotto. I am never right.

But these are the final winners of the vote. As cast by you. Not us. Some of you have been mean clickers going at it and some of you have formed treaties to see one band beat another, but the wheel keeps rolling. We just work here and eat chili dogs. Sometimes we watch Little House. Cause we are punk like that.

The voting will start on Monday for the best punk album of all time. Please don't bother to nominate anything when we get there. If you are new here, first welcome. Second, this has been a process, long process, of taking your nominations for the best punk albums of each decade. The next post on the topic was the voting stage. When the voting was over, the record was put away and we moved on to the next decade. The goal of this was to get all of the your input and pit them all against each other to make a FTTW reader defined "Best Punk Album Ever." Kinda like Amercian Idol, cept we don't get to fuck Paula Abdule. Or even spell her name right.

To keep you guys updated, these are the previous winners. AKA the ones who you will be voting for on Monday. Get ready for Monday. And remember if you don't like these, don't kill the messenger.

The 70's - Ramones - s/t

80-84 - Black Flag - Damaged

7secondswtrt.jpg85-89 - 7 Seconds -Walk Together Rock Together

262494L.jpgThe Dwarves - Blood, Guts, and Pussy

So who won the 00's? The battle was fast and furious, but only one will go to the end battle. So who was it this time? Who did you guys like the best out of that time frame? Who moves on?

Turbonegro - Scandanavian Leather

rev1112.gifWhile this album is certainly not their best, it is still typical Turbo; raunchy, vulgar party music. It’s a little different musically than the albums before it, more produced, really, which takes away some of the edge the other LPs had, but it’s still a pretty cool album. And it has Ride With Us, which is a real kick ass song. Is it the best punk album of the 00's? Well, here at FTTW it is, because you made it that way. The turbo alliance came through and voted this one in. Honestly, I’m pretty happy with the results and I think Turtle is, too.

Little trivia about this album: the name is taken from a gay leather Norwegian biker club from Norway, some dudes who hold a “Mr. Leather” contest each year (I’m really not feeling it the recent Mr. Leather Norway” - site nsfw). So many people came to their website looking for Turbonegro, that they eventually gave the site over to the band. It had to be quite the experience to come to a site looking for a cool band and then seeing a huge photo of a naked guy chained to a motorcycle, being led through a crowd. The more you know....

Come back Monday morning for the final poll in this thing.

Final result of 00's poll here.


Actually that's not even remotely fucking rock and roll, is it? OK, throw in a pound of bacon. And a beer. Schlitz or something horrible like that.


not even remotely rock and roll?

Why don't you list out what is rock and roll for us. And while you are doing that, list out what punk rock is. A 10 point list. And while you are doing that tell us why some clouds look better then others.

Opinions are for shit now.

Bottom line. If you wanted someone to fucking win, you should have fucking voted.


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