Best Punk Album of the 70's: The Winner!
by Michele Christopher

The 70's have ended. You have made your feelings known. The poll has ended and the cards are on the ground. We picked up the pieces and looked at what you wanted. If any of you don't know, this is a deathmatch for the greatest punk album of all time. What we are doing is taking your suggestions, putting them on a list, and letting you vote. The votes are split up by decades. This was the 70's. They have been closed.

We really need your input on these as we start the 80's in the morning. Those nominations will be up for a bit. Anything you say will make it up there. When this is all over we will have four albums. We all pit them against each other and let you fight it out to find who is the best while Michele and I eat chili dogs. We are sadistic like that. When the final vote is over, we can all sit back and laugh at who won.

But for now, the 70's winner.

They move on to the next round.

Vote results here

Thanks to everyone who nominated/voted and had fun with us on this.

Beat on the Brat
Blitzkreig Bop
I Don't Wanna Go in the Basement
53rd and 3rd

Check back tomorrow morning for the start of the Best Punk Album of the 80's poll!


Although I was pulling for London Calling , I think the results came out just about right. It's hard to argue against the Ramones.

You guys are saints for doing this and I hope and expect that the '80's version will cause much more animus. I know I'll participate.


It's the end, the end of the 70s, it's the end, the end of the century.



Is Tim trying to start a fight? Because I'm ready for it!!!!

:) If we can't start a fight on Michele's site then the terrorists have won.


I was actually pulling for Pink Flag or the first Clash album or Blood Brothers by the Dictators because it was my nomination. I voted for Pink Flag like 5 times.


Hard to argue against Ramones as the best punk album of the '70s. That's the one that really kicked it all off, anyway.

Good work!



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