Best Punk Album of the 70's: Voting Phase!
by Michele Christopher

We're ready to roll out the voting on the 70's portion of Best Punk Albums.

If any of you don't know what is going on, a few days ago we asked you your opinion on the best punk albums of the 70's. We took all of the names you gave us. Everything. We formed a list and now it is time for you to vote. Attitudes and bullshit mean nothing to us here unless you give us a name. This stopped being our list the second we typed up the idea. This is the readers list. That means you. You made this. You decide.

The idea we had was to do decade by decade. Asking for your input. Have a vote. Then at the end, put the four winners of each decade against each other to find the best punk album of all time picked by you.

This is the 70's.

When this is over, you can god damn well tell us we suck for the winners or the losers, but in the end, the responsibility of the outcome is solely on you.

Just few a few notes before we begin:

This being a holiday weekend, things are a bit slow around here. Depending on the number of votes we get over the next day or so, we might just leave this thing up until after the holiday. Either way, we will not resume the list making until then. So look for the 80's nominations thing to begin on Wednesday.

So here's the 70's poll. Vote early, vote often, jam the phone lines, stuff the ballot box, form alliances, lie, cheat, steal...basically all the same things you did with the punk songs ballot apply here as well. The only steadfast rule we have here at FTTW is that you always keep in mind this is supposed to be fun. If the album you think should win doesn't, it's not a travesty of justice. It's that someone had more passion for clicking a mouse than you did. In the immortal words of Spongebob (the most punk rock sea creature ever), "It's not about winning, it's about fun!"

Now vote!

Best Punk Album - 70's

Name Your Poison


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and please, don't bitch at us for the list. This was your call. We picked two and left it up to you. All we did was copy and paste your responses.


I think the script may be messing up your site. It's all out of wack. The posts are on top of the links. (For me anyway (Safari 2.0.4))


Everything looks fine to me -- both on Firefox at home and IE here at work.


i'm having a hard time caring about this vote... am i unappreciative of the roots of punk rock?

sorry, maybe i'm just hardcore ;)


Maybe it's the pic of Wolvie that is messing it up. On safari at home I see the entire image but here at work on firefox the site looks fine but I only see part of the Wolvy pic. (Can't see the extended claws - SNIKT -)

I don't know if any of this is helpful but I thought I'd just let you know..


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