Best Punk Albums of the 90's: Nomination Time!
by Michele Christopher

Update: The nominations are now closed. Tonight we will compile the list. Thank you for all participating in this and get ready to vote cause it will be out here fast. Well, maybe not that fast, but, the nominations are closed and we are moving on the vote soon. Thank you for adding your additions and lets find out who you think was the best punk album of the 90's.

Well, here we go. It's the best of the 90's, punk rock style. We finished off the 70's and the 80's and we are ready to put an album from the 90's into the final battle. One more decade to go after this!

Now, before you think "90's? You mean Blink 182 and Green Day? Meh...," dig a little deeper into your album collection. Work that memory. You think punk branched out in the 80's? It went kinda crazy in this decade. There was death punk, punk revival, alternative punk, garage this time punk rock had gone way beyond four chords and a snarl. Bands like New Bomb Turks, Turbonegro, NoMeansNo, Hellacopters, Supersuckers were putting out great stuff....yes they are all considered a form a punk.

This was the 90's. Places like Portland, Seattle, mid-western towns,Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Florida for god's sake, Mexico and Canada were all coming in. Punk wasn't Anarchy in the UK anymore. This was when everyone got tired of everything and decided there must be something to do. I'm so bored. Let's fuck this shit up. Songs about empty pools were a thing of the past. We had moved on. Now it was about empty govenments, lies, decite, empty gas tanks, drinking to much, how my dad sucks, doing so much methampetamine you can't breath, why Texas sucks, and about, gah, love. Who would of thought?

Plus you had all these bands putting albums out in the 90's: the Vandals, NOFX, Descendents,Offspring, Down by Law, Pennywise, Lagwagon, Social Distortion, Poison Idea, AFI, Rancid, Refused.. and the Dwarves! And Fugazi! See where we're going with this? So untwist those panties and stop thinking about how much you've grown to hate Green Day. The 90's weren't as bad as you think.

So it's up to you. Have at it. Start your nominations. 041301.gif
Remember, this more about having fun than being right.

This is not the voting stage. This is the stage you toss anything at us, well except things that are way outside the boundaries of punk, please don't do that. And then we put up another post later where you vote! You all remember how this works.

There were some questions in the comments of the earlier post today if some bands were punk or not. Fuck, we don't know. I certainly considered one or two of them punk. One not. But a question was asked if they are. The real answer? We don't know. By this time in our lives, we listened to anything. Turtle was on the road and only listened to what seemed to be like garage punk and hardcore, Michele was listening to speed metal and thrash punk and hmmm...Stabbing Westward. Don't ask.

So basically the rules are, well, really none. If you think an album was punk, go ahead and nominate it. Fuck, who are we to say. So you will notice that we will put our nominations up first in the post cause I, turtle, forgot about a lot of this great music. All of the nominations in the lower post will be used, but really, we aren't perfect.

If you put nominations in the other comments, post them all again here so we won't miss them. Above all have fun. And after that, we can have some real fun and vote on these. This is when the voting is going to get sticky cause we are gonna have a whole new generation with all new music coming in. But really. Remember, Green Day kinda sucked and so did Blink 182. If you think they inspired anyone, just think of Good Charolette. Gah! But, that's just our opinion.

Wanna play?

Here we go!

This is the nomination for best punk album of the 90's. This is your list.

But as usual. We get to go first.

turtle's pick

New Bomb Turks - Destroy? Oh Boy!

Hands down the greatest record ever put out. This is the number one album on my list for all time. This is it folks. This is the one. It's has a close runner up called Turbonegro, but even that doesn't beat this one. This was a record I heard while drinking beer at a record station one night. No, I didn't work there. Me and the DJ got drunk and went in. We were bored and had a punk rock playlist from the station which we promptly tossed into the trash. He didn't work there much longer after that. Open the mail. NEW CDS! That whats cool about that kinda gig. Free stuff in the mail everyday. But really there was nothing good this week. So we went about doing a fake interview with him asking me questions, and me being the bass player of L7. I dropped my voice as low as it could go and talked about feminine hygiene products for about a half hour before the door was opened and some guy told us to knock it off. Meh. We got some cool phone calls though. Anyways, the record. He put it on later in the night. Turned around and told me that we are listening to this whole thing. From the opening kick...."I had a friend he said he was an artist knew more then the average schmuck". What was this? Welcome to Crypt records! Garage rock. Gritty. Out of control. EVERY SONG ON HERE KICKS ASS. Weird titles. Songs about dragstrip riots, hating your girl friend. Bluesy, fast, loud, out of control, one mic for the whole riser. This was a style. This was garage punk. Sure they could have cleaned it up, but the sound needed to be this way. When you hear the bass rattle the hi-hat cause the bass players amp is right next to the drums, you know this is garage. We spent hours getting that sound out of recordings when we were in the studio. They didn't give a fuck about it. They just left the sound in. Welcome to garage punk. Welcome to more branching off of punk. Hands down the best album ever. This was power. That was raw.

Micheles Pick

Turbonegro - Apocalypse Dudes (1998)

Yea, I've already reviewed this album before. So I'll just keep this short. This album will blow you away. It's punk, it's rock, it's who knows what the hell else. Glam rock. Power rock. Trash punk. Kind of undefinable. I mean, they sing about pizza. PIZZA! And the rest of the album is kind of a homoerotic tribute to anal sex. I think. Maybe not. Maybe that's just me. Rock Against Ass? Rendezvous With Anus? Maybe I'm onto something. This album is all kinds of vulgar and trashy and totally over the top. But it's got grooves. It's got hooks. It makes you want to throw a party where stuff will be broken and people will end up in a coma. Listen, if you can listen to this and sing about the Prince of the Rodeo and throw out lines like "sperminator of the asshole" without feeling the least bit self aware or, then you get it. Turbo makes you do that. Sing about asses and sexy denim and buns of steel and make you still feel like you are totally punk rock. That's an accomplishment.

So these are our picks for the best of the 90's. What are yours? Nomination starts now.

Update: The nominations are now closed. Tonight we will compile the list. Thank you for all participating in this and get ready to vote cause it will be out here fast. Well, maybe not that fast, but, the nominations are closed and we are moving on the vote soon. Thank you for adding your additions and lets find out who you think was the best punk album of the 90's.


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Hellacopters - Supershitty to the Max (1996)
Rocket From the Crypt - Scream, Dracula, Scream (1995)
Steel Pole Bathtub - Miracle of Sound in Motion (1993)
NoMeansNo - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy (1993)
Dwarves - Blood, Guts and Pussy (1990)
Dwarves - Are Young and Good Looking (1993)'

i got mine in first this time!


supersuckers - evil powers of rock and roll (1999)


Ok, I'm getting my nominations in here first.

Well fuck, no I'm not. He's fast for a turtle.

Mr. T Experience - Revenge is Sweet and So Are You

Hellacopters - Supershitty to the Max

Rocket From the Crypt - Scream, Dracula, Scream

Steel Pole Bathtub - Miracle of Sound in Motion

NoMeansNo - Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy

Dwarves - Blood, Guts and Pussy

Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic

Ok, this one will probably get me yelled at or something: AFI, Black Sails in the Sunset. I know they had gotten all eyeliner and gothy by then but it's still good stuff. Just wait til the 2000's when I nominate Art of Drowning. Then you can really yell at me.


swingin' utters - juvenile product of the working class (1996)


I think I was listening to too much metal in the '90s. My entries are weak:

Breeders - Pod (1990)
Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction (1994)
Offspring - Smash (1994)
Bad Religion - The Gray Race (1996)


That was me, btw.


I came in here to say that Dwarves album. good stuff.


This is easy: the Donnas were the best punk group of the 1990s, hands down. "Get Rid of That Girl!" and just about anything else from the first album has you laughing as hard as you're dancing. The Donnas could have been the 90s answer to the Adolescents or D.I. - too bad it didn't happen...


a couple i forgot:

h2o -thicker than water and, of course, f.t.t.w.

vandals - vandals good hitler bad


i guess the donnas are ok if you like manufactured industry bands.

I guess on that level we could also nominate NSYNC

i'm gonna throw in

H20 - FTTW
H20 - s/t
Sick of it all - built to last
CIV - Set you goals


And in the interest of liberal definitions of punk, I'd like to nominate a couple of albums from my favorite punkabilly band:

Reverend Horton Heat - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em - 1991
Reverend Horton Heat - Full Custom Gospel Sound Of ... 1993


oh fuck

god call cullen

nine pound hammer - hayseed timebomb
nashville pussy - let them eat pussy


Fugazi - End Hits
Kid Dynamite - S/T
Jawbreaker- Bivouac (fuck, every Jawbreaker album.)
Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts
MTX - Love Is Dead
Jawbox - major label s/t


sleater kinney - the hot rock

rkl - greatest hits (which has a really cool cover and a comic book!)


Descendents-Everything Sucks (1996)
All-Allroy's Revenge (1991)
Dillinger Four-Midwestern Songs of the Americas (1998)
Face to Face-Don't Turn Away(1992)
Pegboy-Strong Reaction (1991)
Social Distortion-Social Distortion (1990)
Rancid--Let's Go (1994)


I'll toss in;
Lifetime - Hello Bastards
Texas is the Reason - Do You Know Who You Are?
Avail - Satiate (seconding Kali's earlier recommendation)
Jawbreaker - 24 Hr Revenge Therapy (but I agree with Tim - all their stuff is damned good)
Leatherface - Mush


And if AFI is going to be in, Answer That and Stay Fashionable was the only one I ever got much into.
And just for fun, NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean


Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness and Blank, Blackout, Vacant.


Sonic Youth - Goo (90)
Fugazi - In On The Killtaker (93)
Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out (97)
Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart (94)
Slant 6 - Soda Pop-Rip Off (94)
Misfits - Collection II (95)
Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (92)
Descendents - Everything Sucks (96)
Babes In Toyland -Fontanelle (92)


Oh, not sure if they count as punk, but if they do, Brujeria's Matando G├╝eros (93) should be on the list as well.


I forgot one!

Refused - Shape of Punk to Come


All of the 90's? My memory hurts.

Social Distortion: White Light, White Heat, White Trash (96)

Rollins Band - The End of Silence (92)

Lard: Pure Chewing Satisfaction (97)

Johnny Cash: American Recordings (94) - I figured if NWA could be nominated then the Man in Black can be too.


alice donut - mule
avail - satiate
sheer terror - just can't hate enough
mtx- milk milk lemonade
the damned - peel sessions
helmet - meantime
L7 - smell the magic
L7 - hungry for stink
mudhoney - every good boy deserves fudge
and fuck ya brujeria... and nine pound hammer and nashville pussy...
fuck the donnas... they need to be fucked.


I'm all about Brujeria. I'll upload some later. Hmm..I might have some uploaded already.

Everybody likes MTX - Milk Milk Lemonade the best. I'm really partial to Revenge is Sweet. I think that's Dr. Frank's best songwriting.


Shee-it, I'd fuck the Donnas. As long as I didn't have to listen to their music.

And ...
The 5,6,7,8s: Can't Help It (1991)
Shonen Knife: 712 (1991)
The 5,6,7,8s: Bomb the Twist (1995)

Enough Japanese chick punk.


are we tossing in the seatlle sound?


new bomb turks - information superhighway revisted


Big Drill Car--No Worse For the Wear(1994)
Big Drill Car--CD Type Thing (1991)
Avail--4 am Friday (1996)
Avail--Over the James(1998)
All--Mass Nerder (1998)
Goodbye Harry--I Can Smoke (1996)
Goodbye Harry--Food Stamp BBQ (1995)
Samiam--Soar (1991)


Pain - Wonderful Beef (You know, Pain! The band that did the Jabberjaw song.)
Bouncing Souls - Maniacal Laughter
Jets To Brazil - Orange Rhyming Dictionary (Blake Schwarzenbach is the man).


oh ya thanks for reminding me i'd be upset if clutch hadn't made the list
transcontinental yada yada yada... you know the one -- i'm on vacation.


Here are a few gems from an a decade short of originality:

Suspects - Voice of America
The Gits - Frenching the Bully
Integrity - Those Who Fear Tomorrow
Anti-Heros - American Pie


last one then we are gonna close this

the mother of all emo core - nation of uyless - 7 point plan

/hey, i'm not emo but I like the album


cracks in the sidewalk - down


If could go back and unlose my virginity I would so relose my virginity to this album.


commissions polymer?plight?rigidity therapeutic operators.sundry?...


good riddance - ballads from the revolution
lagwagon - duh
vandals - the quickening
big wig - unmerry melodies
propagandhi - how to clean everthing
88 fingers louie - behind bars


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