Best Punk Rock Album 85-89 Winner
by Turtle Jones

Listen to my Story!! It's over. You have voted and you have made a decision. The nominations were yours, the votes cast by you. When this is said and done, we are going to have the five best punk records of all time. Each by decade. Except for the 80's which we had to split. But by now you guys know how this works. We open up nominations and you plug away. We close nomations and open up the polls. Leave it up for a few days to keep moving on to the next decade. The 90's nominations will start tomorrow morning. Now three time periods have been covered. These are the first two. But forget them for now cause we still have alot to get thru.

The 70's - Ramones - s/t

80-84 - Black Flag - Damaged

So who won the second half of the 80's? The battle was fast and furious, but much like World Cup, only one will go to the end battle. So who was it this time? Who did you guys like the best out of that time frame? Who moves on?

7 Seconds -Walk Together Rock Together

Let's get something out of the way quick. For any of you who bitched about Minor Threat not getting this, you can take some small condolences that he produced it. You can hear him in the back..I think. But anyways, a band that lived on positive energy that wouldn't stop their message about how we are all one. All this crap has to stop or we are never coming back. Take it as anything you want, but I always took it as them asking us some simple questions. Why do these bullshit fights happen? Once again, I'm using "bullshit fights" in a very general term. I have no idea what the hell they were thinking when they wrote this and the last I heard Kevin was opening a new True Love Coffee and hosting a punk rock radio show on Friday nights. You can ask him. But most of these songs were really about unity and compassion and that 99 red ballons song that they fucking played at every god damn show for years as the encore. God, I got sick of that song. But, other than that, it's a kickass album with a kickass message. If I got the message right. I might not have. I did alot of drugs back then, ok? - T

7 Seconds - Spread
7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together
7 Seconds Remains to be Seen
7 Seconds Regress No Way

The 90's nominations will open tomorrow morning. Stop in and tell us who you think should be up.

Final results here


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