Best Punk Rock Album - 90's - Voting Time!
by Michele Christopher

We almost have this done. We explained to you how this is running. The nominations are done. Welcome to the end game. Keep focused on who you think will take out the others.

Lots of obscure stuff on this poll, but we told you we would take almost anything you threw at us, so here it is. This is yours. Yea, we made a couple of nominations but the rest is all you.

Voting will go about 24 hours and whoever wins this thing will join the Ramones, Black Flag and 7 Seconds on the Best of Punk poll. Only the 2000s remain after this one and I think it will be a couple of days before you see that one. We're kinda polled-out here at the moment.

This is gonna be interesting. In all the other decades, it was pretty clear who was going to be in the running. Not so much here. This could be wide open. We'll see. Get your finger ready to do some clicking because it's up to you to make sure your choice gets the votes it deserves.

Ok kids, voting is over. We said 24 hours and we meant it. We will have the results up pretty soon, so check back here in a bit. And thanks for voting!


Good lord we gotta buncha stuff on there. Hard to know who to vote for. There's so much stuff on here I like.


we knew this one would be the hardest, cullen. thats why this one is going to be up for the longest.

clear cut winners were easier early on.

but now you have to really think


something weird! My votes for the Gits album went to the Integrity album.


should be fixed now.


Hmm. Looking at the votes so far, looks like I'll be joining the Turbo alliance


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