Monday I'm in love
by Michele Christopher

Bear with us here. The nominations for the 90's part of the Best Punk Rock albums poll will be up in a bit. I'm out of coffee this morning and the brain isn't functioning, plus I'm waiting on Turtle (it is only 4am over there). Plus, it's Monday. Monday mornings never go well.

But I have to do something here before turtle gets up. Yes, it's gonna be one of those posts. Feel free to move on or just look at my words with that face that says "silly kids in love." Whatever. I just need to do this every once in a while. Showing appreciation for someone is cool, but showing it to a couple of hundred people at once - I think that's even cooler. Anyhow. Here goes. Another public declaration of love, devotion and some things you won't understand, from FTTW.

Turtle, thank you for sticking by me when things get a bit shaky. You know what I mean. Thank you. You're always there to hold me up, without question, without reservation. Thanks for standing by me and inspiring me and lifting me up when I need it. Even when I don't need it. For the smiles and laughs. For the thoughtfulness and kindess. Thanks for everything. Especially this weekend. And hey, I saw Velvis and the lady with the cocktail weenies in Tahoe last night. And everyone was smiling. I love you, turtle.

Seriously. You all have no idea of the awesomeness of the Turtle. But I do. And that rules.

Ok, we go back to our regularly scheduled FTTW program now. Well, not quite yet. Soon. Like I said, bear with us. It's Monday.

Hey people, this is NOT the nomination post. Hold on just a bit longer. It's coming.


good morning, michele. ya ya i'm on vacation and i'm up at seven... i should have children...

ok nominations for the 90's...
alice donut - mule
avail - satiate
sheer terror - just can't hate enough
mtx- milk milk lemonade
the damned - peel sessions
tool - undertow
helmet - meantime
L7 - smell the magic
L7 - hungry for stink (ya fuck you they're the first chick band i've nominated and for that, i get two)
mudhoney - every good boy deserves fudge

ok, i'm going running now, i'll think of more


Are we going to class Tool, Helmet, L7 and their like as punk? If so, my list just got a lot bigger.


Hey guys, hold up. This isn't the nomination post. that's coming up next.

And there is no way I'm considering Tool punk. No way. L7, yes. Helmet - perhaps. But not Tool.


Oh, I got that, Michelle. Just after Kali's post, I wanted to clarify what we were considering "punk." Cause there was a lot of grunge that was awfully close to punk. Some borderline metal also (like Helmet).


I shall consult with the Turtle on this. Maybe we will make some clarification in the official post. Or not. You know us.


oh baby

that was so cool

i love you


nomination list is coming out in about 5 minutes. sure its late, but its monday.

anyone who posted records in here make sure you get them on the list up above cause we are not that smart and we don't want to forget anyone.

it wont be out for a few more minutes thou so just hold on.


The Oblivians - Popular Favourites


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