there are good people and sometimes they are cute
by Turtle Jones

Have you ever had something in your mind that you just couldn't get out? Something that was stuck there but you couldn't describe it? A pain that bugged you so much that you wanted to explain to someone? It hurt so badly that you bang your head against the table trying to think of the right words to explain it?

This is what happened this morning. Michele and I were talking about comic books. I told her the best series I ever read, back in the 80's, and the best picture I ever saw. I still remembered it in my head. I could describe it, but what i was saying wasn't doing it justice. She looked.

Michele found it.

This might not mean shit to you, but it means alot to me that someone will go out of her way to make me smile. For that....Michele rules.

I love you, Michele.


You know I'd do anything to make you smile.

I love you. You rule.


Hey. Don't be ashamed. I totally know what you mean.

Michele: You have yourself a man. don't waste him.

Turtle: Hang on. Tight.


This is the greatest moment in Wolverine history.


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