What's Playing, Volume 5
by Turtle Jones

It's time for another round of what's playing, which goes something like this:

Michele: what are you listening to right now?
Turtle: Swingin' Utters. You?
Michele: Thankfully, not Air Supply.

And then we write about what's we are listening to at that second. And ask you to tell us what's coming out your speakers right now.

Swingin' Utters - Windspitting Punk

B0000007R7.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgI'll take alot of heat on this, but I never really like this band before they hit Fat. I know Fat ruins bands but really, listening to their old stuff and realizing they lived in San Francisco when they were doing their old style always made kind of laugh. I mean really, do they think they were from England? What's with the accent? What's with the style? So I never really got into them that much. I changed my mind about them with this album. I have no idea why they changed or what happened, but all I knew was a bunch of people who loved them no hated them and a bunch of people who hated them loved them. Kinda weird how life works out. Sometimes you think you will be in one place your whole life then somethings happen and everything changes.

But I fell for the CD the second I heard it. And this was the first song. Telling us that if you sell out, never lose your friends. You can make money and leave us. Turn your back on us. But don't speak like you are us anymore. That poor kid was once your friend. Now he can't get off the street cause he hasn't eaten in three days. He was your friend along time ago. Somethings may change but somethings will allways be the same. But, hell. Tonight was the first time I read the lyrics so I could be all wrong. Great song thou. Great album. I wonder what ever happened to them? -T

Silent Majority - Cross Crowded Rooms

d018811r446.jpgLong Island in the house! This is a brutal song. Depressing, agonizing, sad and disturbing. But so good. You can hear the pain in his voice, feel the slow torture of his existence within the music. That’s emo core. Or screamo. Or whatever they are calling it these days. Raw emotion, loud music. This song is about heartbreak and silence and the vast wasteland of loneliness that comes with the end of things. This song really used to bother me a lot. It’s one of those tunes that can make you feel that heartache, even though it isn’t yours, or make you think that perhaps this is what you have coming cause love sucks. take this finger/ take this thumb/stretch them out to form a gun/point to the left side of my chest/just say bang then it's done. Who hasn’t felt like that at least once? And don’t you get afraid that you are going to feel like that again some day? That’s what songs like this do to me. Or used to. But you know what’s cool? Being in love with someone you trust so completely, in a relationship you trust so completely, that it strips all the emo from your soul and a song like this becomes just...a song. That’s pretty damn awesome.

This song kicks some ass. -M

We were honest. We know we have been asking alot of you lately so we decided to do something easy tonight. Our only question to you tonight is.......

What are you listening to?


Mr. T Experience - More Than Toast

Great song from a band that has been around forever yet still managed to gain less noteriety for incredible pop-punk than even the Queers.


I love MTX. Which reminds me, Dr. Frank is in town for a book signing tomorrow!


I am super jealous of for that. It's not fair that I was 11 when MTX released their last album! NOT FAIR I SAY!


Well don't get too jealous. I was supposed to have coffee with him in the morning, but i haven't heard from him yet.


It's okay because I touched the Weinermobile today. I experienced the Weinermobile. The driver's seat is like a fuckin airplane cockpit, it has switches and buttons everywhere.


Nevermind I was actually 14 when the last MTX album came out. Could've sworn it was 2001.


Jumping at the Woodside - The Benny Goodman Orchestra.

Yeah. I like old school big band.


Superchunk covering I'll Be Your Sister. I remind myself to go but some motorhead every time I hear that song, but it usually ends there.


make that BUY some motorhead.


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