The Final Poll! Best Punk Rock Album!
by Michele Christopher

This is it. Finally. This monster of a poll has reached its end. We asked, you delivered and now we have at least one album from each decade. Today is the day they face off against each other. Steel cage match. Five enter. One leaves. With this poll, its like there are three semi-famous wrestlers and big name wrestlers in the ring and you start out watching this match knowing full well that in the end, it's gonna be Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy battling it out.

Oh, you know what I mean.

So here we have it. Five albums. Which one is, according to the readers of FTTW, the best punk album ever? Get your mouse warmed up and your clicking finger ready. Pick your winner and come out fighting for it. Because I have a feeling this is gonna be good fight.

Poll will stay open through midnight or so tonight (EST), winner announced tomorrow morning. Speaking of polls, Cullen has started his Metal Poll Week. We'll be putting up our nominations later.

Have at it! And remember, these five albums are here because that's what you chose. The time to complain about the choices is long gone. This is what you've got, so pick and album and get behind it.


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