Rabbit Season!
by Turtle Jones

So what's your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon? studio_gates.jpgYeah, we all have our favorites and yeah, a lot of them have been cut to shit due to PC crap so the only way you can really get them is if you get them on DVD. So if you watched them anytime between the 70's and now, you got cut up crap that took all the shotguns out. And the mayhem. And the violence. I blame Clinton. Or Ford. Or Carter. Or Reagan. Or my mom overcooking my burrito. I can point fingers. I can do that. Because I'm the Governor.

But, today we ask you what is your favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon. Some of you will find ours a little bit shocking and overdramatic, but realize one thing. These cartoons shaped the writers of FTTW to be who they are today. I'll still sing some of the songs in the old cartoons. Michele does too. So these are our favorites.

What are yours?

turtle goes first.

What's Opera, Doc?

One of the last cartoons by the original gang who started this whole thing up. A swan song. You could tell the Termite Terrace had seen it's day in the sun and the sun long since set. The words coming out of this cartoon were words of sorrow. Everyone had left. The ideas were gone. One last great stand and then we will call it a day. The feeling must have been incredible. One last "let's fuck this up one last time. Like the old days!" And cheers coming from the last of them who still were there there. Completely out of wack with everything they had ever done before this. An opera? With those two? Elmer and Bugs?

What do we have to lose? This is all over. Let's see if this works.

It worked. It was great. Six minutes of pure bliss watching two characters try to beat each other. Like the old days. The old mix was gone. Shooting at Daffy in Rabbit season was gone. Let's do something new. The thoughts were gone about how they could recreate the past. Now it was about the future. How they could take this art form to a new front. Who could they touch.They had nothing to lose anymore. The best artists and writers had long since left to create "Tom and Jerry" and other crap like that. Some left for Disney. Some were just tired. This was the aftermath of a party. And if they had to clean it up, they were gonna get fucked up. And this was it. Death or glory. Let's do it.

Bugs and Elmer. One was there for fun. One was there for glory. Cross dressing and vikings. Spears and wigs. Music that was fun. This music exposed you to something that was new. I was at a show one time in San Francisco where the San Francisco Philharmonic played the background to this cartoon while the words were blasted over the audience. Of all the cartoons, this was the last they played. Hearing the immortal words....

"Kill the wabbit"300px-Whats_Opera_Doc_still.png

In full on surround with an entire 60 piece group going at it was something to behold.

"kill the wabbit"

You know you have all seen this one. No words were spoken until the end. Everything had been sung. But the song was over. A lightning bolt strikes Bugs dead. The Terrace took it's last gasp of air. A dead bunny. Elmer cries. Hates his commands to kill the wabbit and tearfully carries the bunny off, presumably to Valhalla in keeping with the Wagnerian theme.

Bugs raises his head to face the audience and remarks, "Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?"

Just like life.

RIP Termite Terrace.

You made alot of people smile. - T

Michele goes next.

Well, shit. My favorite Bugs Bunny episode? I’m gonna have to pluralize here. Episodes. You can’t choose just one. Impossible.

I grew up watching Bugs and crew. It’s one of those cartoons I never tired of. The older I got, the more I understood the humor. When you’re little, you enjoy it for the slapstick. Years later, you enjoy it for the slapstick and the innuendo and the social commentary. And because you kinda like the way Bugs looks in a dress.

So, favorite episodes

Well, fuck. I don’t know if I can do this. One? Hell, I’m right now running through in my mind all the quotes from episodes that my sister and I throw at each other all the time. That’s how I go through my favorite episodes. But, which one? Wackiki Rabbit (Bon Voyageee, don’t forget to write!)? No....Rackateer Rabbit, with it’s “You might rabbit, you might.” Oh. Wait. Pete Puma. “One lump or two?” “I’ll have tea, coffee gives me a headache.” Ahhh, the monster! Gossamer! “Monsters lead such interesting lives” Or..or.....the one with the mad scientist and the ether.....“Nighty....night......rab.....bit.”

There’s just too many. It’s like asking someone to choose their favorite sex position. You just say “All of them!”

bugsdrag27.jpgBut none with Porky Pig. Because Porky, he doesn’t wear pants. And that’s just wrong. Bugs can wear a dress, that’s ok in my book. But a pig who wears a shirt should really be wearing pants. But that’s a whole other rant for another day.

Right now I gotta choose. . Turtle picked his. I gotta pick mine.

Ok, my favorite Bugs episode is the one in which someone wants to do harm to Bugs, and he uses his wit, intelligence and sarcasm to not only get out of the situation, but he ends up making his nemesis look like a fool. Maybe he wears a dress in it. Maybe not. But you gotta admit, Bugs looks pretty good in a dress.

*in all fairness I would have to go with Rackateer Rabbit. - M

So yes, these were our favorites. There alot in here we had to choose from, but only one really grabbed us.

So now that we are done, which are your favorites?


Well this is practically impossible but I like the one where Bugs wrestles 'The Crusher'.

The Bugs / Daffy / Abomidabable Snowman one was also a riot. I will love him and squeeze him and call him 'George'.

Too hard to pick a fav. They are all just too good.


second favorite


Oh, I forgot about George! I love that one.

There's a whole list here (pops). I know what I'll be reading today.


"It's curtains for you, Mugsy.... Curtains...."

"Aw, thank you Rocky... These are lovely..."

I still use that joke... Probably too often....

My favorite Bugs will always be "Hare Raising Hare" directed by the incomparable Chuck Jones (that man had more influenece on my life... But that's another story....)

Bugs sleeping and waking up in the Mad Scientist's (looks just like Peter Lorre) castle.... Gossamer, dumb gags about a female robot rabbit, and Mel Blanc hamming it up....

Damn I loved those old cartoons.......


so hard to pick! I dont know the names. The one where the mad scientist and bugs are going down the stairs high on ether, with, yes, the lovely gossamer. fave #1. And then the one with Elmer and the dodo and the magic shoes? I think that was elmer. The ones that made him dance. Damn that was just an acid trip even when i was little.

Hey i saw A LOT of the now pulled cartoons growing up in the '70s. They started sanitizing them around '78, give or take.


My favorite Bugs will always be "Hare Raising Hare"

"And don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven... 'cause it hasn't. "

One of my top five episodes.



man i suck. i'll have to see about "borrowing" them from the internet.
i think i was outside building forts.


Kali, you can see a whole bunch of them at youtube.

Here's one for starters. (pops)


The other opera one, the Barber of Seville episode.


The Gremlin one with Buggs on the B27 bomber turning green while the plane was heading nose first into the ground, and Buggs just kept showing up in the window holding back the puke with two fingers while he turned all shades of green and I think he even turned plaid at one point, still one of my favs.


Tjough not really a bugs cartoon but a daffy one... "duck amuck" for it's great ending.

Out of the others there are so many. I just found "gorilla my dreams" and I remember that one being awesome. TheGorilla wife unable to have children finds bugs and makes him hers and then her husband beats him.



The Rabbit of Seville. Brilliant. Astoundingly brilliant. And the shaving scene is brutal.

All of the Duck Season/Rabbit Season pairings with Daffy. Really, can it possibly get better than these?

Bully for Bugs. I have never laughed so hard as when the bull is firing bullets out of his horns.

Long-Haired Hare. "Leopold! Leopold!"


Totally forgot that barbershop one! That one is great. The part where Bugs is massaging Elmer's bald head. I'm laughing just thinking about it.

The ones with Bugs and the 'Super-Genius' Coyote are great too, as are all the Roadrunner / Coyote slap-stick cartoons.

Oh and Yosimite Sam! 'Say yer prayers rrrrrabbit!'


You can watch the Rabbit of Seville here (pops).

Gotta love youtube.


I agree with Michele...What's Opera Doc is the greatest!


How you makum snow balls in summer time?


I agree with Michele.

That was turtle's : )


Love the Rabbit of Seville. And the square dancing one; Michele has a pic of Bugs up there, all dolled up and turning on the hillbillies. Those guys kick the crap out of each other.

I'd have thought there would be more conversation around that sexy walk of his when he's in drag, with that soft tail swaying back and forth from underneath that miniskirt, so seductive, so.... excuse me.


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