metal up your ass!
by Turtle Jones

One of our friends was inspired by our list to do his own list. Reader nominated like ours was. So after you vote for the best punk rock album, head over to Cullen's site and put in some nominations for the BEST METAL SONG. Sure, it's a little different than punk, but hey, different strokes for different folks. In his poll you will be seeing Michele taking a waaayyyy bigger step up then me. Hell, I know like three metal songs, but he helped us out in our poll so we gotta back a brother up. Good luck Cullen.

Go over there and nominate.

This is not our vote or nominations. It is his. So don't bother putting up any here cause, well frankly, i'll just copy them over to him.


Well thanks guys.


you got it dude

have fun with it


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