What's Playing, Volume 9
by Turtle Jones

Anyways, it's that time again. This is the time of the day where we expose our weaknesses. We let you in to things that sometimes will not be pretty. We have alot of music and some of it you might consider, well lame. But, all we ask from you, dear readers, is that you tell us what you are listening to. Right now. Tell us.

Cause we would do it for you.

Do it for Johnny man. Johnny.

Another story will come out in a few hours. Or it might not. I've been away all day and Michele has been on another site being all serious and shit. Gah. I hate that. When Michele makes sense to me, it's no fun. Common sense equals no fun. I like it when people tell me it's OK to eat ice cream in a kiddie pool with my dog attacking the bottom of cone rather then being serious. You all have seen it in me. Being serious. I have to do it sometimes, but this week has been serious week. Well kind of.

But that is neither here nor there. Today is about the songs.

Michele goes first.

Radiohead, Fake Plastic Trees

Some songs make me cry. This is one of them.

fpt.jpgThe thing about this song is, I never really gave much thought to why it makes me cry. It just does. And we're not talking some sniffling and few tears here. This song makes me bawl. Heaving sobs of despair and angst. It depresses me and makes me sad and fills me with this sense of hopelesness. I never tried to dig too deep into why it did. Too much to think about it. Though I always kind of knew what the trigger was because are some parts that make me more weepy than others.

But I know.

I listen to the end:

But I can't help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run

And it wears me out, it wears me out
It wears me out, it wears me out

And if I could be who you wanted
If I could be who you wanted
All the time, all the time

It's the abject sadness and wistfulness in Thom Yorke's voice, it's the way the music sweeps up and then drops suddenly, the soul crushing way he Yorke meekly pulls the last "all the time" out of his throat.

And yea, it's the words. I know why it makes me cry. I'd just rather not think about it.

It's like a sharp stick poking at my brain and my heart.

Truth is, I haven't listened to this song in about four months. It just came up on the Launchcast tonight.

It's lost most of its punch.

Go figure. - M

turtle is next.

Red Hot Mama by Funkadelic

Sure. I cheated on this one. I can admit it. I hadn't heard this song in along time. So I just hit repeat and let it play. I couldn't lose on this one. Maybe it was unfair but, hey, this is a quick post before tonight's post. Just a quick and easy thing to rip out like a bad gas attack after some of mama's home made chili. Fast and hard. funky.jpgClean and lean. Read the post and check your pants cause here comes another.

The band was George Clinton, Billy Bass Nelson and Eddie Hazel and in 1967, adding Tawl Ross and Tiki Fulwood. Well, that was the root. As the decadence of the 70's marched in, they were recruited by many groups to play with them. The moved on from that. They didn't need the Black Panthers. Life was too good. Touring all Europe. To finally end up back home in disaray. Broken and beat. But, it was a fun ride. They ended shortly after that and morphed into Parliement but I don't even want to talk about that. This music, Funkadelic was pure rock and roll. For what it did, it did it well. It's up to you, mien readers, to decide what they did.

But this song was at the pinnacle of their song writing. Everyone was there. Background singers telling us this is a hot girl. You need to leave the town you are in. Come to a new place. But always remember with high hopes come high risks. But, get out of that town and just move on. Try it. You might like it.

Cause some change will feel alright. -T

So that's it. Another day with another choice of our music selections. We know sometimes they aren't pretty, but sometimes they are kinda of cool. Roll the dice kinda thing.

A quote from Michele that I will ask you all right now.

"Whatcha listening to?"

And that is directed at you.

So what is it?


A Man's Gotta Do - The Adicts

Eat your heart out Errol Flynn


I rolled I Know Him So Well from the Chess soundtrack. I love that CD. I've got the Broadway version, but I like the original London cast better. My favorite track is actually Nobody's Side followed closely by Anthem, Where I Want To Be, and Pity The Child. I absolutely HATE the Murray Head version of One Night In Bangkok.

Never make a promise or plan
Take a little love where you can
Nobody's on nobody's side
Never stay too long in your bed
Never lose your heart, use your head
Nobody's on nobody's side

Never take a stranger's advice
Never let a friend fool you twice
Nobody's on nobody's side
Everybody's playing the game
But nobody's rules are the same
Nobody's on nobody's side



Look At Me (I'm A Winner)! - The Aquabats

Most fun song by most fun band.


no love for the Funkadelic?


you guys break my heart


the new vehicle has a tape deck in it! I dug up Death Angel's "Act III". It's still awesome.


I'm listening to "Clothes in Spinning Dryer," by Maytag.
Best. Beat. Ever.


dude, gotta have that funk.


love the 'delic. love love love the funk.


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