bon voyage! don't forget to write!
by Michele Christopher

Well, this is my last post until next week.


He's halfway here. Love that flighttracker thing.

Hope you all have a nice week and stick around for our guest writers. Read their stuff, leave them some feedback and just enjoy everything we have set up for you. thefinn will be your host until Sunday evening. We might stop in and post a pic or two (no, not that kind of pic), but mostly we will be away from the computer.

I just want to thank you all for your kind words and well wishes and sex advice. Really, you shouldn't have. But I will take that suggestion about jello, a wooden spoon and latex gloves to heart. Thanks for that. Seriously, you all rock. Thanks for sticking with us while we talked way too much about this vacation.

Have a great week. Catch you on the flip side.

Oh, and Kali? Turtle lost the bet. Not only did they take his lighter, but they pulled him for a search. He owes you. (see comments here for reference)


Ha! I knew he wouldn't make it through.


as on a side note kali, these wern't the lighters that got mr thru before. this was one mini bic, so tecnically I did lose


hi hi hi turtle landed safe and sound hi! yay! i could care less about the stoopid bet i'm just glad your here and safe!


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