iPod iShmod by Wilhelm von Hans von Masterson von Stuttgart von Bob
by Wilhelm

It's funny how things change in just a few years.... Cell phones, high speed internet, hybrid vehicles, the death ray in the basement.... My son will never know a world without them as we carelessly toss the past away in favor of something smaller, faster and just as expensive.... Wilhelm VS. the Ipod....

When I was a kid I didn't want the smallest, thinnest, lightest iPod my parents could afford to buy me, I wanted the biggest boom box I could wrap my arm around and carry over my shoulder. In fact, if I couldn't carry my boom box because it was too big, well, that was even better because the bigger the box, the bigger the speakers and the
bigger the speakers, the louder the music.

blaster.jpgAnd speaking of volume, I didn't want the tiny, white, non-ear-fitting ear bud headphones so I could listen to my music by myself, I wanted the boom box with the dual 12′' subwoofers so as many neighbors as possible could hear the music I was listening to. If dogs weren't howling and neighbors weren't yelling then the music wasn't loud enough. I wanted a boom box loud enough to share my music with the world.

And speaking of sharing music, I didn't sit in front of a computer getting fat and pasty while I illegally downloaded dozens of songs at once, I heaved my boom box onto my shoulder, grabbed a six-pack of blank audio cassettes and got some good sun and exercise walking to a friend's house - uphill, both ways - to legally dub a tape or two at -
if I was lucky - 2x speed. That's right, I couldn't download an entire album in two minutes, I could, at best, dub a tape at 2x speed, and I could only use the 2x function if the boom box was plugged into an electrical outlet because 2x really drained the batteries.

And speaking of batteries, I didn't have to pack up and ship my iPod to the OEM - where I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for a battery replacement and most likely have all my music deleted - to replace a dead battery, I went down to the local dime store - that's right, I had dime stores, not dollar stores, when I was a kid - and bought eight D batteries. I'd spend about 10 second popping the old ones out and the new ones in and I'd be good to go.

Darned kids.

Wilhelm von Hans von Masterson von Stuttgart von Bob

Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile


perfectly written , the we era instead of the I age.
not p2p or downloading , sharing
with friends , sitting on a attick or their room ,lsitening , taping, maxwell tapes, aah dang.


I had a JVC that I carried with me everywhere... I remember sitting in my room, waiting for specific songs to come on, just so I could tape them... I remember finally being strong enough to carry the damn thing all the way around the block without having to out it down.... Sitting with friends on the neighbors stoop, listening to rock and roll....

I miss the hell out of that radio....


And I finally found a picture of the beast... Use the tape player as a frame of reference for how big this thing was....


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