Jones Beach Battle
by Michele Christopher

We are FTTW pride ourselves on not blogging. But, today. I had to throw something in.

I tried to take over the ocean and control it with my Turtle powers.

final beach.jpg

I stared at Michele as she begged me not to try it. But, the ocean.

It was talking shit.

It had to go down.


I must admit, I might have taken on too much for myself to handle. I needed to call up on my warrior of water and doom!


Observing what I was up against, I was taken aback. She was a mighty sea that day.


This was not working. The ocean was still beating me.


But the ocean was no match for me. We fought long and hard. Screams and yells and incantations were performed for at least five grueling minutes. With a little anger and violence, the ocean was mine!

I think. - T


Man Turtle, I always pictured you as looking like Jeff Ott but less ugly.


Don't let him fool you, guys.

He may have "tamed" the ocean, but only for like five seconds before the waves pushed back at at us again.

But let's just humor him and let him think he has these mystical powers.

Well, he does have these awesome special powers, but they have nothing to do with taming oceans.


you forgot to yell to the ocean, "say my name, bitch!"


that is a cool tattoo dude. impressive.


You can see more of his ink here (and more pics of this week):


You know how you hear a voice on the radio and then you see the face?
Not exactly how you picture it.
Cool tat Turtle, I don't mean to be mean, but I pictured you to be just a bit younger.
I sure hope you don't take offense, cuz none was meant.


Very cool tattoo, Turtle.



i' m only 34, guys

i'm not that old


I'd like to take this time to stand up for all the 34-year old men out there.... We may not be as spry as we once were, but we've got experience that we didn't have when were 25.... The experience is what counts....

Can I get an amen ?





all those tattoos are ps

cause them tattoos hurt

/man, im angry with tonight


hi turtle hi hi hi!!! i believe you tamed the ocean. and our michele. yay. i love you both sorry i've been away on vaca at my folks house and not online.

i love your hat and the tattoos! can't wait 'til you're here for good so we can all hang out!!


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