Love punk rock style
by Turtle Jones

Another reader suggestion day! As we have always said, if you have any ideas, send them to us. We will probably do them. penguins.jpgIf you want to see your name up in lights as some others have been, type something about it and you might become a FTTW writer. Lucky you. That was sarcasm. No really, impress us. I know we started out asking for a few lines about your ideas, but someone took it all the way and now he is a permanent writer here. So you never know what you are going to get when you submit something to us.

But really, this was a great idea and it couldn't come at a better time. I know that both of us will do one song and the rest will be, um, idunno what she is doing. But there will be one song I know we will both hit. I apologize for our format change today, but I have to do something today that will take up a lot of time so you won't see me again till the end of the night. Hopefully, Michele can pick up the slack, but if not? Meh. It happens.

Today's suggestion comes form Dan. A regular poster on FTTW. Thank you very much for your idea. We appreciate the hell out of the fact that you guys care enough to keep sending in ideas. So thank you for reading this site and sending us ideas.

So what was Dans suggestion?

Best Punk Rock Love Songs

Michele rolls in first

NoMeansNo - Real Love

This is the ultimate love song. Intense. Deep. It’s dark and light, confused and sure, hopeful and pessimistic. It’s everything real love is. It takes you on this ride through the emotions of real, hard love. Stops and starts, slows and speeds up. It takes hold of you and grabs onto your heart and you feel it, you feel his passion and intensity and it’s like he is the voice of love. Speaking everything you’ve felt. Vocalizing every fear, every feeling you could never put words to. A ghost passing through you. A crow on a telephone pole. A great wind. This song is so personal, so intimate you feel almost voyeuristic listening to it but you know. If you’ve felt it, you know what he’s talking about. How real love is scary almost to the point of not wanting it because to feel something so big, so deep and wide is like stepping into a void. And you don’t know. Yea, love is like a sunny day, but there’s always that crow watching you from beyond. It’s always there. The what if. The fear. Not just in giving real love, but in taking it. How it consumes you.

It's like thunder, like lightning
The way you love me
The way you love me
The way you love me
It's frightening

This is a love song that doesn’t hold back. It’s the most honest love song I’ve ever heard.

Mr. T Experience - You’re The Only One For Me

Dr. Frank has a way of putting the right spin on love songs. Let’s face, love isn’t always great. It doesn’t always work out. And when you’re used to having everything fall apart at some point, you start going into relationships thinking, well, let’s enjoy the ride until the inevitable heartbreak. It’s just how it goes for you. turtle_bird_m.jpgSo you find someone that you really love. You adore them. Worship them. Die a little when you aren’t with them. You’ve let yourself do it again. But this time it’s different. Because at least if you’re going to have your heart broken in the end, it will be at the hands of someone cool.

i know there are so many others out there
who might like a chance to get a crack at it too
but if my hearts gonna get broken anyway
i’d rather have it get broken by you

It’s about knowing how this kind of thing goes and just giving in and accepting it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

The Damned - Love Song

Is this a love song or is it bagging on love songs? It’s every cliche you can think of thrown together with a chorus that makes you think Scabies’ girlfriend was like “Why haven’t you ever written a love song for me?” and Scabies said - ok, fine. Here’s your damn love song. Like it was thrown together in ten seconds for shits and giggles.

But you know what? It’s kind of cute. It’s catchy as hell and fun to sing and you think there had to be at least a little honest sentiment behind it. Just for you, here’s a love song. Like, I love you, I really do, but do I have to get up on stage and sing about it? Well, he did. So that must mean something. So it’s a love song that’s not a love song, but is. Follow?

Didn’t think so. - M

turtle is next

My first all time pick would be "Flirtin With Disaster" by Molly Hatchet. The song calls me for some reason....wait...punk rock. Right? Dammit. I never get my way here anymore.

Actually, I just like saying flirtin' in that southern kinda way. It makes me giggle.

Let's do this.

NoMeansNo - Real Love

I know damn well Michele is doing this one, too. This is a really kind of a sad song. There are lines in this that pull you down and ask you if you really want to fall in love again. Walking over a grave and looking down wondering if this was the end when you are only 21. Or 22. I forget. Then climbing in a bottle and forget when the sun came up for another eight years. Just one after another of meaningless feelings and sleeping in other peoples beds who thought that this would be the man they lived with forever. While you slowly died a little more each day. Just feeling that what you once had died on a bike that one night and it would never be the same. Then finding it one day. Smacking you in the face and dragging you into the feelings again. You tried to hide, but it found you. It doesn't care about anything. Nothing. Not a state or an emotion or a pulling back. It doesn't care. It just happens. And when finally hits, you wonder why you had been doing for your entire life before she came along.

The Damned - New Rose

OK. Forget that shit. Let's move on to the joys of finding someone. nuovo_u.gifThat first feeling of when you hear she is back. That knock on the door. While everyone is groaning that she is here again, you can't stop the feeling of adrenaline rising up into. She is back. Sure, she might be over every night and sure your roomates are sick of her, but she brings pizza! A fast fun song about being in love with someone. I don't think the song has anything really to do with pizza.

I'm just hungry.

Decendents - I'm The One

Now we are getting really down there. This has a personal feeling for me. When you see someone getting fucked over everynight not changing their lifestyle, but continuing on in self destructiveness. You want to fall in love with them, but you can't. Some dickhead boyfriend who you had never seen and a girl who cries on your shoulder everynight after they fight all night. You just look at her and have to wonder if you are wasting your time. Is she really worth it if she can't she that you are the one that could help her and love her? But, she goes back to him the same night and it starts again the next day. Sure, people get used and sure, maybe it is an enabler song, but I really liked it. There are words in there that I used before. Frustration that a girl can't move on and see your love because she wants to get yelled at some more. Maybe this is a sad song. - T

Well, that's our takes on love punk rock style for the day. Some songs are funny. Others when you look at them are just kinda way too deep. I know there are a ton of these out there but we felt it would be better to do just a few instead of a list. You guys can tell us what we missed.

So what did we miss?


there were alot of others in here, but we are trying to kill the list thing and change this site around if you havent noticed.


man, i'm the one is just one of those fucked up, feelin' shitty and used songs for me. and yet, more than mildly romantic. what the hell is that about?

i'll stand my ground, and maybe you'll hear what i've been sayin'...

rad, and sad.


"Silly Girl" is a good love song. Sham 69's "Poor Cow". heheh.


LOL, more of a kinky love gone wrong song... Spinal Remains by The Misfits


this isn't really sex. this isn't really life.

this isn't really anything i think i like,

and i will not sit on broken glass,

not for you or anyone.

i will not cut my f***ing ass.

And man does Danzig sound pissed singing it.


Our Love Will Last Forever and Ever - MTX
Actually most of Revenge Is Sweet would be a good nomination for this.

Totally by Screeching Weasel
Marriage by Descendents
Jinx Removing by Jawbreaker

The king of all of them though is Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen. Super amazing song.

Bonus choice being All This and More by the Dead Boys. Kinda mysoginistic but it's got a heart in there.


I would go for Silly Girl as well. I always liked Food, Sex and Ewe by NOFX. A guy on the road, doing what he has to and waiting to get back. Biding his time but his mind always returns to the same thing.


I totally missed Barbed Wire Love by Stiff Little Fingers. Great words, a doo wop breakdown, and the line "it was love at bomb sight." Awesome.


Good call on Real Love. That song still gives me shivers when I hear it.


Can't believe it took me this long to think of this: This Love by Pantera.


Which, of course, isn't punk rock, but definitely punk attitude.


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