Movie Madness Moves on: Who's laughing now?
by Turtle Jones

Welcome to the second to last installment of the Movie Theme Nights. It's been a long week and we have really had alot of great suggestions from you guys. See, one thing with FTTW is that if you send us any idea with your reasoning behind it, we will probably look at it a lot more. Put some effort into writing two or three sentences telling us why you think we should do it and why it is so cool, we will prolly will do it. That's just the way it works around here.

Anyways. We have this one and one more after that. We probably already have the last idea, which is the be all and end all of movie ideas, but that is not tonight. Tonight was something fun. Something that you laughed at while your mother asked you why you watched this thrash. Supposed to be scared? Hell no. This is to fun. That's right.

Horror Comedies

Michele is up first.

Army of Darkness

Evil Dead and ED2 were awesome. Great horror flicks. Some comedic relief thrown in. But AOD took that comedic relief and let it loose. It was like Three Stooges Meet the Zombies. Except there was one Stooge. And deadites.

aod.jpg That lone Stooge was Ash. One of the greatest movie characters of all time. Faced with danger or death, Ash could handle it. He was ready. If he couldn’t use his The 12-gauge double-barreled Remington chainsaw, then he’d use a one liner. His boomstick or his smarmy humor. Either one would get him out of a jam.

I was watching this movie with my parents once. It was on IFC or something, in the afternoon. Dad was switching channels around and I made him stop when I saw Ash. We caught it right at the beginning. At first my parents were like, get this off, Shark Week is on! I said give it a chance. Just watch it with me. For a little bit they just watched me as I recited every line. Every line. I know this whole damn movie by heart. About fifteen minutes in I glanced at my parents and saw them smiling. Kick ass. The were getting it. This is a movie that makes you smile. Even with the blood and army of deadites and Ash trying desperately to say the words right and get the fuck out of there, it still made you smile. And laugh. What kind of crazy horror movie is this? Well, they hadn’t seen either Evil Dead movie so they didn’t know. They had no idea what Bruce Campbell could do. No idea of the power of Ash’s sarcasm.

He was just this goofy guy who worked at S-Mart. He’d been through a lot already, but even after all that, he was still this guy with an ego that didn’t really fit him. He was kind of a fuck up. A bit careless. But somehow he manages to do what he has to. Just talks his way through everything. You have to laugh at him, even when everything around him is kind of getting freaky, he just has to make a certain face, have a certain expression and you laugh. You can’t wait to hear what he’s gonna say next because you know damn well that the next day when you’re hanging out with your friends you will be throwing Ash’s lines at them. And they’ll say what the hell was that from? You tell them. This horror movie. No, this comedy. Well what the hell is it? It’s like the peanut butter and chocolate of movies. It works. It works because Bruce Campbell makes it work. Ash rules.

Groovy. - M

turtle goes next.

Evil Dead 2

Like you didn't know this was going to happen. Who hasn't sat on a couch and watched this asking themselves why they are laughing so hard. Gallons of blood, hands running away, that one acting guy who was in some other movies (I kick ass on remembering names. Just ask Michele. Oh yeah. I'm a catch.), some dead grandma in the cellar and bondage scenes with little people in bukkake scenes. Ok, I might be wrong about that last part. Cause little people bukkake is just wrong. Albeit funny, but just wrong. Seeing little people getting covered in the sweet man mustard of five different men is kind of wrong. In fact, I think it's illegal in California.

Man, I'm horny right now.

Whoa. I went of track there.

Anyways, this movie had a lot of things that really made it one of the best horror movies ever. It built tension while the LSD you were on was building up. You could have two people who never saw the damn thing before watching it while they were balls out tripping and look over at them and laugh in that manacial way the deer's head did when Bruce was down and out. Missing hands and dead relatives.ed2.jpg Hillbillies and crazy trees. Like "Deliverance" on acid, this movie gave you everything. And yes, yes dear readers, someone got fucked by a tree in this movie. See dude. Just like "Deliverance" but not so gay. At least the trees were straight. They didn't play the "Squeal" game. They went for the hot women. Not some fat fisherman. Jeez, the trees could find that if they went to a local gay bar.

They knew the scene.

It was like some sort of disco of trees who just wanted to get laid out in front dancing around as a strange hand keep running around flipping you off. Bruce thought this was a nightmare. His worst dream. Everything he knew was gone. It was his hell to live thru.

I watch that movie now and just wonder to myself.....

....Bruce thought this was hell?

I just called it Tuesday.

Pussy. - T

So that is the second to last installment of movie week. So everyone who has been asking about cars and shows and underground and how to make outr manhood grow bigger in our gmails, let it be know. This is the second to last day. A new day will dawn.

But, untill then. What are the horror movies that crack you up? The ones to damn goofy to be taken seriously?


You picked the two best ones. My favorite part in ED2 is when the camera guy's pinky finger actually comes out over the camera, that's wonderful.



Where was that?

i missed that


Braindead and Bad Taste by Peter Jackson are THE best horror comedies ever.( I think Braindead was released as Dead Alive in the States).If you liked the evil dead movies then you will love these.


Nice one guys, thanks.
Nothing beats the progression of the Evil Dead trilogy. First one has a few laughs, second one is kinda funny, third one is well you know.
Mick's right about DeadAlive in North America. That whole scene with the old lady eating her own ear in a bowl of custard....
I'm throwing up Return Of The Living Dead... second one made me laugh a lot too.
Can't forget Innocent Blood with Don Rickles either.


Mick, Brain Dead is one of my favorite movies ever. It also is the goriest movie i have ever seen.

I kick ass for the lord!


i liked re-animator


Bubba Ho-Tep


excellent choices. now, what about "shaun of the dead"?


Oh. Damn. We need to do a round 2 of this topic some day. Shaun of the Dead deserves it.


Speaking of campy horror movies, I saw this one a while back that I loved and I can't remember the name of it. It was about a guy who grows a third arm out of his back and he works in a circus or something?


It was bound to happen: Evil Dead: The Musical

The Big Hair & I have 3rd row seats, which, surprisingly, are more than double the price of the first 2 rows.

Maybe because the first two rows are called "The Splatter Zone"


I think that third arm movie starred Judd Nelson. I'll have to look that up.


Yep. Judd Nelson. It was called The Dark Backward(pops)

I'm so sorry I knew that.


Haha, that was an Adam Rifkin movie. Rollins was in the Chase written by that guy!


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