Movie poll winner: wasting my life away for a few dollars a day
by Turtle Jones

This one surprised me. I really didn't think it would win. It's a documentary so I'm not really sure if this counts. The others that were on here were real movies, but I guess a movie is a movie. Personally, I wanted another movie to win, but as it goes here on FTTW, we never get our way with you readers. Grrrrrrrrrrr. But anyways, this is a really cool film. And we review the winners. Poll results here.

So who won?

B0000057C2.01._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgDecline of the Western Civilization

You can't really go wrong with this one. An explaination of what was going on in the early 80's punk rock scene. This was LA and punk rock was starting up again. d04p072.jpgThis was Hollywood. This was just something that someone caught on tape at sometime. It really let you in on the start of the second generation punk rock bands. Sure, it has got some bands in it that you have never really heard of and the fast forward button was made for, but the rest of the bands are really good. It's interesting to watch someone so fucked up on stage, he doesn't know he is cut. Stories about how many drugs Darby Crash can pack into himself. Like a sick "Dateline" where you can witness a man falling down. Then you move on to really early Black Flag where they are being asked about their haircuts and living in a church for a few dollars a month. Then X with home made tattoos and sadness. Little pre-emo for you all. Billy Zoom explaining how he knew he could play good, but never wanted to show it off in some macho KISS like stance from the 70's. He wanted just to stand and smile and forget about you while he played. And at the end of it all, FEAR. No interview with them. That would take away from their "beer drinking time". Just a fucked up guitarist and a fight between Lee Ving and some girl from the audience who kept spitting on him.

Let's have a war. - T


I really thought spinal tap would take it.


don't forget the stepping over the dead guy on the sidewalk for a couple of days. that was like a million punk rock points.


Justice has been served


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