new york and del taco
by Turtle Jones

I was driving around alone tonight, well I had my dog, but that's just a gimmie, but I watched the lights pass by me and smelled the California air. It was so cool. So fresh. I wondered what New York would be like as I shifted gears and pushed it into fifth. Kept driving and passed all the buildings and thru all the traffic. night-driving.jpgThe sounds of honking as I kept going thru the streets. Back alley here and there. A few more obscenties yelled. A little more dirt on my car. Dust, smog and nicotine had formed a mighty bond on my windshield. I tried to clean it to see, but it really didn't matter. All I could do was look forward. Look into the future. What is coming up next. My hair was blowing and the night wind was sucked into my lungs. Stopped at a store and walked out to get something to eat. Prostitutes and gangsters sat around as I talked to a few of them. Just a basic "fuck you" talk as I pushed by them. This is California. This was good. My mind wandered. "So what will happen in seven days?" I got my cheap ass Del Taco and my mind went again. Light a cigar and pet the dog. Push down the accelerator and wonder how fast I could sell my car. Who would take my dog till I get settled and what the fuck was going to happen. I mean I've been everywhere, but never went to a place that I knew I was going to live for the rest of my life.

I stepped out of the car and shoved back some more cheap food and wondered if this crappy cheap Mexican food that I've been making fun of my whole life would be the last time it touches my tongue. Hell. No more Del Taco. I covered it in hot sauce and let my dog out. Walked up to my apartment while watching two bums fight over something. Fuck, I don't care anymore. Beat the shit out of each other for all I care. All I can do is be happy that the girl is asleep and doesn't need to hear this happening on the phone. To tell me I need to get out of there one more time. Open the door and hit the TV. The dog hit the "Michele Couch" and crashed out. The dog's done. She's asleep. I ate a few more bites and walked out to the dumpster to throw the rest of my food out. The bums were passing a bottle back and forth now. I guess the fight was over? Or maybe just a break? I walked back inside and sat down. Grabbed the remote. Turned on the stereo and thought about my future. I love California. But I love America more. I can change. What's a few funny accents and the Atlantic Ocean gonna do? Change me? Fuck no. I've been this way since I was born and bred into my lifestyle.

You can't break me, New York. If California can't do it, you have a snowballs chance in hell of getting me on my knees.

I will be there.

And I will be there to stay.

Get used to it.

But, they better have good sushi in New York or I'm walking, god dammit.

That's my only rule. - T


I promise there is good sushi here.

And if you ever get homesick for prostitutes or bums, just come visit me at work. Two minutes in the parking lot and you'll see enough of both to make you fee like you are back home.


I know it's not the same, but Taco Hell comes pretty close.

I've got awesome sushi five minutes from my house, and I live in white-assed Connecticut. It's gotta be alright in LI.

And the pizza over here? Light-years beyond any of that crap I had in CA. You'll do okay here.


I keep telling him. Bagels and pizza. He'll forget all about Del Taco soon enough.


i just want to say that Del Taco is an evil, but a good kinda evil. I'm sure I'll find some other crap food in the New York to take it's place


we have baja fresh in b-more now...

no jack in the box though.

but DUNKIN DONUTS dude... not for the doughnuts but the coffee.. oh you'll see...


baja fresh rules. no jack in the box? That's it. I'm not going. It's over

/kidding around like this makes michele go grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and then I get a phone call from an angry girl

6 days


Dunkin Donuts coffee does rule. Even if you only drink iced coffee like turtle.

My daughter got fired from there, but her friends that work there still give me free coffee. And the DD has a Baskin Robbins in it!

I think Taco Bell is the only mexican fast food we have here. But we have chain restaurants like Chili's, which is one step above Del Taco. Maybe two.



There's a ton of cheap Mexican joints in New York that're just as good (and even more Chinese).... You'll make it..... It'll just be take out as opposed to drive through....


Actually, there are a lot of take out Mexican places (as well as Spanish) right by my work. You just have to wear a bullet proof vest if you want to go there during non working hours.


You just have to wear a bullet proof vest if you want to go there during non working hours

hey dude

the Call To Soft Tacos demands that you have to walk thru gunfire, landslides and earthquakes. Forestfires and riots. Just to get that soft goodness of unknowm meat and mounds of hot sauce.

......Or we could just order a pizza and let the delievery driver get shot instead.

Then we don't have to tip him


I see you are already thinking like a New Yorker.

You'll do just fine here, babe.

Besides, I'm not really worried about you dealing with gunfire or fast food.

It's dealing with my family that will be the real stress test.


It's dealing with my family that will be the real stress test.

see dude.

you still aren't getting my attitude on life.

When your parents yell at me, I just go "meh. You are annoying me and The Wheel of Fortune is on"


that was me ^^^^^


We talked about this. They won't be yelling at you. They just yell. We all yell.

It's Long Island.

It's what we do.


well, I guess it's good I'm almost deaf then. You damn well know I'll never tell tham what ear can hear. So I can always look away and act confused if they talking to me.

See dude.

Thinking ahead. It's what I do.

I'm just glad you still don't know what ear it is.

See dude

Thinking ahead.


Gimme six days and I'll know.
It will be pretty simple to find out.

Then you can no longer pretend you didn't hear me. Mwahaha!


I have only been to Manhattan where they have that halal (sp?) food cart stuff. Never tried it but it looks greasy. Do that have that in LI?

Good to know I'm not the only Dunkins addict who hangs around here. Speaking of which... I think I'll need a hazelnut iced this afternoon!


as a socal. transplant, ican say with certainty that the only thing i really miss from home are del taco, the taco trucks in pasadena at 2am, and baker's drive-thru.

fuck taco bell. it's a piss poor substitute.


Bagels and pizza for sure- no one has them like we do! Our subs are the best too. Mmmm dunkin donuts! The family will be fine, its like a party everyday. Not always a good party...:)


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