movie week continues: no shirt no shoes no dice
by Turtle Jones

So this was another hard one to pick out. We had to do it cause this is movie theme week. If you have any suggestions for the last two topics we will be doing this week, feel free to post them. I think we have taken care of most of them, but we might have missed some. A few were passed on to Michele and a few were too blurred to get a feeling on. Best Music Movie and Best Musical is kinda hard to split up. We still have two more days and we really want your input. If you notice, there will be a lot of posts by Michele alone when I am not around and vice versa. We will cover all the bases.

But, what is up for today?

Best 80's Movie

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Aloha, Mr. Hand.

Let’s get this out of the way. Phoebe Cates taking off her bathing suit. Judge Reinhold wanking it. We all know the scene. I know it’s your favorite. Yea, I’m talking to you. You, with the turtle shell. And the rest of you. But let’s move on to the real star of this show.

jeffs1.jpgJeff Spicoli. He’s what made me love this movie. Well, Mr. Hand was pretty cool, too. But honestly, the rest of the characters? A bunch of whiny, petulant kids. Meh. Ok, the movie was fun as a whole. But Spicoli? He was this movie. Wouldn’t have been half as funny without him.

There’s a lot going on in this film, but I always get impatient for the Spicoli parts. Yea, yea, there’s the whole romance/sex thing and the fast food thing and the abortion thing and (man, I hated Damone) coming of age and all that other angsty teenage stuff that took place in nearly every single movie that came out in the 80's. And the Phoebe Cates scene. I know, I know.

That all worked, really it did. It’s a good movie with a lot of subtext going on beneath the laughs. But really. I was 20 years old when this came out. Slacker, stoner, looking for nothing but a good time. I didn’t care if Stacy and Linda found happiness. I didn’t care if Brad got fired. But I cared about Spicoli. Because he made me laugh. And he was cool. Even when faced with rejection. No shirt. No shoes. No dice.

Really, didn’t you ever want to be that guy? The one that doesn’t give a fuck about anything. The one that just takes life in stride. Laid back. Marches to his own beat. Maybe he lives in an alternate reality most of the time. Just doesn’t care what people think of him. That was Spicoli. Every line he had in this movie was quotable. And he delivered it all perfectly, in that cool California way. All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine. That’s a pretty cool way of life. Not necessarily the buzz (those days are long gone), but the whole philosophy behind it. He’s pretty simple. Easily pleased. Plus, I like the way he talks.

Guess I just have a thing for the laid back California type. - M

What's your last name?
What's your first name?
What's your middle name?

You know what it is.

16 Candles

Let's get this straight first. I don't give a flying fuck about how Molly Ringwald wanted Jake. All I cared about was the destruction of a wedding and the stupidity of high school. Sure, when I saw this movie, I could pretty much identify with a lot of the characters, but really, let's focus on what this movie really was about.

The Donger!gedde watanabe.jpg

A man of slow wit and big dreams. Someone who knew he was being held down but only needed a pair of tits and some liquor and he was like Tojo the Japanese Emperor coming to stick Pearl Harbor. He was awaking a sleeping tiger with a keg of beer and a pair of tits. He knew it, but meh, it was only grandpa who would mind, so who cares.

What a great role. This fine actor showed what chaos can do to someone who doesn't know what is going on. How someone could embrace America and hold it close. The Donger saw the decedance of America and embraced it. He not only embraced it, he got to nail a huge chick, help destroy a house, get totally fucked up on cheap beer, insult old people, dive out of trees, mess up our language, grab Jake's balls, and smash a car.

The Donger was the American Dream.

Confused, forgetful and always wondering where he was in the morning.

Donger's here for five hours, and he's got somebody. I live here my whole life, and I'm like a disease.

God Bless the USA.

God bless the Donger. -T

So what are your favorite 80's movies? I mean, I know there were a lot, but once again we nailed ours down to funny movies and tried to keep them to not being the easy ones. Sure, we could go with movies that kicked ass, but this is a very broad range we are working here. In truth? If you ask us five minutes from now, they will be different.

So those are ours.

What are yours?


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lost boys
real genius


He mows the lawn and does the dishes, you betcha!!

I think I have to go with Ferris Bueller's Day Off for mine.


whatsa happening hot stuff?


Better Off Dead
One Crazy Summer
one serious one - Say Anything


1980: Airplane!
1981: Stripes
1982: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1983: Monty Python's Meaning of Life
1984: Ghost Busters
1985: Back to the Future
1986: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1987: The Princess Bride
1988: A Fish Called Wanda
1989: UHF


Good idea, Solonor. And great choices, especially UHF.




another fine role by the Donger!


ok ok here goes
1980 9 to 5 ahahahaha, american gigilo
81 stripes
82 officer and a gentleman ( careifheshovesgerbilswherethe sundontshine), 48 hours
83 the outsiders, valley girl, strange brew, scarface, rumblefish, bad boys, bmx bandits
84 suburbia (close second footloose -- ya i'm fucking diverse motherfuckers), red dawn (duH,) breakin, beatstreet, KARATE KID!!!
85 breakfast club (the door's way too heavy, sir,) vision quest
86 youngblood
87 3 o'clock high, some kind of wonderful (fucking hardcore girl crush on mary stewart masterbate)
88 bloodsport
89 heathers

lookslike 83 and 84 were good fucking years movie and punkwise...i'm sure glad i was there!!!


Oh, 80s movies. God love 'em.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Say Anything.
The Breakfast Club.
Pretty in Pink.
A Christmas Story. (1983)
A Fish Called Wanda.


Movies I remember watching too many times slumped on my friend's beige plaid couch:

Vacation, Repo Man, Gregory's Girl, Blade Runner, The Terminator, The Road Warrior, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


seems there is no love for The Donger on here today


Big effin' Trouble in Little China, people!


'nuff said


Meh. Beat Street is the beat on the street.



It's not only Breakin' 2

it's also Electric Boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo, dude.

Boogaloo that's electrified

I have a hard on just from typing those words


I see your point. But it's no Krush Groove.


Which reminds me of another 80's classic.



krush groove was just cool cause it had all the early def jam guys in it


Hey, I think the guy who's about to windmill on the cover of Breakin' 2 stole my belt. And pants.


I think the guy who's about to windmill on the cover of Breakin' 2

You know what the move is called.

Just saying.


ahahah disorderlies ahahah..

i'd kill for those purple pants right now. i shit you not.

see? you guys wouldn't hang out with me in real life. i'm pretty embarrassing....


Guys, have we forgotten the mother of all '80s comedies?


i'd kill for those purple pants right now.

the ones in breakin 2?

I have those. And they have buttons down the side so you can tear them off.

Fast Action Access Nikes



and he is wearing black converse

oh christ, I suck


Dude. Favor.

Please don't pack those pants for your trip here.



You know what I loved most about Spicoli? He wasn't just a stoner or slacker... he actually knew shit.

"We left this England place because it was bogus. So if we don't get some cool rules, and pronto, we'll just be bogus too."

You can't get that out of a textbook.

Seriously... from the perspective of a high school nerd (me), he showed that you could actually know stuff and still be "cool."


Oh, and 16 candles? I liked that movie.


I also associate it with a lot of bad memories when I was a kid. The Long Duk Dong character was a constant reminder of how other kids saw me - despite the fact that I look almost nothing like him. He was the personification of every bad asian stereotype, and everybody looked at him as the freak everybody liked to laugh at and make fun of.

Yes, I liked the movie. Yes, I've quoted the lines to make people laugh (because us asians, we all sound alike). But on some level, his character reminds me that, to this day, there are still people who see me as that geek, that nerd, that freak that people love to laugh at.

Not with. At.


it was just a character in the movie. if you really think he was laughed at look at anthony micheal halls character. look at his friends. We were all geeks back then. the movie was all about the confusion in being a teen. there was nothing vicious about that movie and really in the end, he got laid, he had the most fun.

We are not personally attacking you or anyone and we understand why you don't like it.

But remember, you weren't alone being made fun of.


"You know what the move is called.

Just saying."

Windmilling kept me fed on the street for five years. You're all just jealous of my moves cuz y'all can't step to this.

Best Fast Times Line Ever: "Hey, I know that dude."





He wishes.

Sorry, that was just a little too easy. (much like the line that should follow this comment)


Turtle... let me first say that I was not offended by you or anything that you said. Yes, it's a funny movie. And really, I don't mind that you laugh at the movie or at Long Duk Dong himself.

It's just that... well, let's just say that some people laugh a liiiitle too hard at LDD, if you know what I mean. That's what bothers me. And sadly, sometimes, that's what this movie reminds me of. Sorry - I didn't mean to be a downer, and I didn't mean to imply that I was offended by anything you or anybody else has said about the movie. I was just offering my own personal perspective.

Perhaps I just need to order a cheese pizza, so I could learn about Cuba and have some food.


Mikey, it's all cool. We've been friends a long time. I know where you are coming from on this.

And hey, all you need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and you're fine.


And i refuse to follow up Cullen's comment. Too many ways to go there. None of which you all want to read.


Get Crazy from 1983 fits in with fave 80s movie and also the previous music movie. This one is features Lee Ving, Daniel Stern, Lou Reed, Ed Begley, Jr., Malcolm McDowell, Bill Henderson and Franklyn Ajaye. Somewhere in there are Philo Cramer and Derf Scratch. Sort of a madcap comedy set around a new years eve, one last hurrah concert for the Saturn Theater which is set to closed to be replaced by a high-rise development


Cullen, you rock socks....

Between Big Trouble and Escape From New York, there was nothing John Capenter and Kurt Russell couldn't do.....


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