Movie Week Gets High: Dave's Not Here
by Turtle Jones

So we have a new addition to FTTW. Stay tuned for that tomorrow. Yes, we like to keep you guys wondering. That's what we do. Cause we hate you. Well, not really. But, look for his first story tomorrow.

But that really means nothing right now. Let's keep trudging thru this thing we call Movie Week. I have to apologize up front and tell you all I was wrong. 242F.jpg

So anyways. With my apology to you, let's move this on. We have one more day to go after this. These are just for the night posts. Just something easy we do to play around with while we are making cool boats made out of lighters and super glue to blow the fuck out of the bathtub or something to do when others are taking their kids to the Warped Tour. Which they should've walked to. But, that's just my opinion.

I like to watch things burn. She doesn't like her kids to walk. What can you do?

Anyways. Following that theme, we are going with another reader request.

Greatest Drug Movies

You know them and you love them. You know that when you watch this kind of movie, you want to be there. Well, maybe not in some of them, but you get what I mean.


turtle goes first tonight:

Coin toss night for the turtle. I had two. Comedy or violence. Hm. Since I'm on this theme of blowing the USS Turtle up in my bathtub in a few hours (I will post pics) might as well go out with violence. And what better way to do that then to go out with the greatest drug movie ever.

*update. I've been told by a very sexy Italian not to do it in the bathtub. So the USS Turtle will be burning down the river. She never lets me have any fun.*


How much blow can you do? Jesus H Christ!! scarface-sitting.jpg This was a man who was just pissed and had a moral that couldn't be beat. Don't touch his family. Don't touch his friends. He could take anything on alone but if you hurt his own, then you would feel Tony. The movie really has an appeal to me because of his loyalties to everyone who was around him and his hatred, sheer animal hatred if you took advantage of them. Or him. He was someone, believe it or not, I admired alot. He tried everything he could to make everything right but he always kept getting deeper into the mess that was called his life. Nothing was ever good enough for him to feel accepted. Sure, he was a criminal, but he had the broads, guns and dope. See dude. That's cool. Plus, he got to kill a bunch of people.

Sure, in the end his head was blown out. Sure, he killed his best friend. Sure, his sister died in his arms.

But hey.

That gun he had in the end.

That was cool.

Don't piss off a man who has his sister's blood on his hand, a nose full off dope and a grenade launcher.

Well, I think a good rule of thumb is don't piss off anyone with a grenade launcher, but why split hairs here? - T


I tossed that coin, too. I got comedy. And then I had to decide between Friday, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Up in Smoke. I had no three sided coin so I polled whoever was lit up on my gchat thingie. We had a winner.

Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke

1978. I’m pretty sure at the time the movie place was called the Jerry Lewis theater. I guess he owned a chain of them. I have this real aversion to Jerry Lewis and I hated going to that theater. What can I say. The guy gives me the creeps. But the theater had a back door that was easy to get open without setting off any alarms. So I compromised my integrity and snuck into the theater about fifteen times to see Up in Smoke.

A movie about pot that wasn’t telling you not to smoke it. Hey, we all saw Reefer Madness. And some other films they showed us in high school about the dangers of the wacky weed. upinsmoke.jpgAnd some after school specials where people jumped out of windows because they were on the dope. But this movie telling us to get high. I swear, it was. So we did. This was when I was hmm...the person who procured the illicit materials for others in exchange for a specified amount of currency. Yea, that. So we were fully stocked every night. Sitting in the Jerry Lewis theater laughing at Cheech and Chong and smoking joint after joint like this was an interactive movie. Ushers? They might have kicked other people out. But we were smart enough to share. Puff puff pass.

Oh, the movie. Well you all know what it’s about. Two stoners. A van made of pot. A dog who ate the pot. Battle of the Bands. Pedro eating acid by mistake. MELLOW OUT! A whole bunch of stuff all revolving around pot and getting high and hey, when you’re 16 years old and your life kind of revolves around pot and getting high that shit speaks to you. Plus, it was just funny. I mean, even my parents laughed at his movie. And I know they weren’t high. Maybe. You never know. It was the 70's. Everyone was getting high.

And I don’t care how old or how straight you are, "I wonder what Great Dane tastes like, man" is funny no matter what.

Oh, and go ahead and light your bathtub afire, Beavis. I'll be ready with my "I told you so." -M

So that is our take. We have one more night to go in our series and we will be back on track by Monday. Drug movies are broad and undefined. Held together because the basis of it is, well, drugs. So you can basically go anywhere with this as long as the movie left you with a little feeling in the back of your head that "Man, they got high."

We told you ours.

What are yours?

*update: I just glued on 4 more lighters to the boat. They look like little oars. All Viking style and shit. - T


Natural Born Killers, because it shows you how fucked up people get from drugs.

Get ready for the Fear And Loathing avalanche!


^ That was me. I wonder what happened there.


got your back there Tim


Up In Smoke and Nice Dreams will always make me shit myself, but I have to admit that when Friday first came out, I watched it about six times in two months.... and that biweekly practice kept going for a while. I can somewhat shamefully yet somewhat proudly admit that if you quote a line from that movie, I can still quote the next one.


puff puff pass.....

i love that movie!


You're lucky you're my boy, Michele.


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