sitting in the waiting room
by Michele Christopher

Well, today is the day. In a few hours...well, about seven...turtle boards a plane headed for New York.

There's really nothing left for me to do but pace. And watch the clock. And probably make ten posts later on about how I am pacing. And watching the clock.

Turlte will stop in before he leaves to say a few words because come this afternoon, you probably won't hear from either of us until Sunday evening at the earliest.

While we are gone, thefinn is in control of FTTW. We have a slew of guest writers lined up and their stories are ready to go and thefinn will take care of getting them all out here for you. We will publish the schedule later on today. We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we did. There's some good stuff coming up here this week. Special thanks to thefinn for agreeing to do all the work around here while we are gone to keep the site running. We are lucky to have him as part of FTTW.

So now I just wait. And wait. And pace. And watch the clock. Excitement + nervousness + impatience = potential nervous breakdown. Looks like a picked a great time to stop drinking.

9:30. Can't this thing move any faster?

[Thank you to kali for keeping me from jumping out of my skin this morning]


Hope you didn't pick this week to stop sniffing glue. It's hard enough to quit drinking -- let alone hang up all your vices at once.

Have fun!



I know that when I was waiting on the baby and my wife to get back from California, I smoked two packs of ciagrettes, paced ruts into the living room floor and annoyed the living piss out of most of my friends....

I feel for you and he'll be here soon....


aw shucks, thanks.

i think i'm almost as excited as you... well, ok, not really that would be weird.

but still, i can't wait.


Time should go by quick I hope. I know how bad it sucks waiting and being nervous.

I would suggest going for a long walk or something to keep your mind busy, but that is just what I would do.


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