the great turtle conspiracy begins...
by Michele Christopher

What are the chances?

As our turtle is getting ready to take over New York, this happens:

The common snapping turtle drew unanimous support in the Senate, but faced a slightly more cold-blooded reception in the Assembly, where it was approved 115-19. So noted: "The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: The common snapping turtle (chelydra serpentina) shall be the official reptile of the state of New York. This act shall take effect immediately."

This has gotta be an omen, right?

Gamera 1.jpg

Planets are aligning, dudes. Everything is falling into place. The turtle is king in New York.


turtles are cool


That is cool. And on an unrelated note, I had I had hamburger helper for dinner.. Stroganoff.


you're kidding me. heh.


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