Turtle invades New York day!
by Turtle Jones

Turtle flies!

I have about three hours before I am one my way to the arport to get ready to wait. Pacing inside and out of the terminal just to smoke cause there is nother else to do, then being searced again, then get bored, eat some crappy foor, watch the clock, smoke again, get searced again, take a big crap from all the shithy food I ate, then wait for boringticks of the clock,finally, get on thee plain

Sleep for six hours.

Walkup to Michele and New York and spend the week together.

I'm pretty sure this site will go off without a switch with thefinn taking over with a ton of new guess writers and thier addition , so the site will continue, but this my last post for a week.

Wish us luck while we have sex all week.

Turtle and Michele


aww. cute.

here's hoping you can sleep on the plane.


Good luck with all the sex, guys.


Do you have your copy of the karma sutra ready to go?

Don't break anything.


did you start early on the self-medicating?! haha just messing with ya. Have a good flight, have a good time, get sore, all that.


godspeed, and welcome!


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