welcome to friday night
by Turtle Jones

Not a lot going on around here tonight. My trusty co-writer had a really bad headache and went down. It happens. What can you do. So In lieu of writing a story, I thought I would update all of you on how the reader week was going. Stories are coming in and they have been placed in our system. We have not altered anyone's style or format.

And.. there is more room for other writers. So if you want in, just send us something. All credit will be yours and crossposting is encouraged.

The Captains go down with the ship!

We can't put out a schedule of writers right now because we are still waiting on a lot of you to send yours in. Yes, I am looking at you. Hopefully on Monday, we will have it all and be able to set something out to where anyone who contributed can see when they are up. thefinn will have all control of the site in these few days and hopefully we will get a few more stories in from you to keep up our three a day rountine. This will work. I am confident in you guys and we will get this ship sailing again. The USS FTTW will sail even though we are gone. This will be the 22nd thru the 26nd. This ship will sail with you guys in command. The USS FTTW will never go down.

Remember, we have no format other then to have fun. And search for buried gold!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who was given us stories, a meh to people who want us to promote their TV shows without giving us free stuff, cause we like free stuff, and thank you all for taking an interest in this.

This will be fun.

I hope you guys enjoy taking over USS FTTW as much as we like having sex.

Cause that's what we will be doing.

Having sex.

That just sounds funny to say.

We might see you later tonight but we might not. But, thefinn is up tomorrow and we hope you come back to read his work.

Sink or swim.

Land ho, mateys! - T


Just a note - although our "vacation" technically starts on the 22nd, I will still be around during the day while turtle is flying here. I don't leave to pick him up from the airport til about 8pm, so I'll probably do a lot of posting that day. thefinn will most likely put up a real post (as opposed to my nervous ramblings) that afternoon or night. Then the next day starts the parade of guest authors, right through the 26th.

It's gonna be a fun week, we have a lot of talented writers who signed on to take over while we are busy.

Having sex.


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