What's Playing, Volume 10
by Michele Christopher

It's that time once again!

It’s time for the 10th version of What’s Playing. That’s when we sit here and think, hey let’s do a quick post. And one of us says, ok, what should we do? And the other says, hey what are you listening to? And no cheating. What have you got?

Well turtle was in his car when I asked, so he got whatever was on the radio, which could have really sucked for him. I was at the tail end of a song. Like, the last note. And I almost tried to get away with it and say I was listening to the next song, which was a kick ass Weezer song but, being the scrupulously honest and moral person I am, I fessed up to what was really playing. That’s how we roll here. We listen to a lot of awesome music, but sometimes we get caught with our pants down. Well, I did. So to speak. I was actually wearing pants when the song was playing.

So here’s what we had going on. Check it out and then tell us what you’ve got playing.

turtle is up first.

Fatboy Slim - Praise You

fatboy.jpgJust to clarify for you guys, I was getting on my shoes when this was asked.

Today was a challenge. The question was asked and I had no answer. I have no podcast or Ipod or anything like that. I just never got into that stuff. When you work in IT, most of the time you hate compys so you don't bother with any at your home. It's just one of those weird things. When I am online, it is just to fuck around with Michele when she is at work. When she goes to bed, I turn off the compy. That's just the way it works for me. So, since I have no CD on and the background music was something from some Ironman thing on NBC, what to do?

Well, I had to pay rent today, get food and mail something. I need to draw something out. I might need dog food. Looks like I am getting in the car. Hey dude! Let's do the most challenging! Just start the car and keep her on the phone. Give her the lyrics and let her google what it is. See dude. We here at FTTW take the big risks. We stopped fucking around about the time your mama last changed your diapers. Hardcore, babe. Hardcore. Phone in hand. Michele picks up. Ask her if she is ready. She says hit it.

Fatboy Slim comes on!

I can hear her disappointment as I sing the words to her and get all funky like while I'm driving down the street. Gonna praise you like I should. Sure, this album is good for about three listens till you give it away to some stupid little girl on a beach drinking your beer and hiding her empty cans in the "most pristine place in the world," but for those three times you listen, it is a good album. The CD may be gone back to some weird place in the East Coast with the little girl and sure, the buried beer cans prolly were picked up by a "professional recycler." But the memory of this song is still in my head.

Plus the video made me laugh.

It's been a long time, baby. -T

Michele is up next!

Night Ranger - Sister Christian.

578563.jpgImagine me sticking my middle finger out at you. That’s a pre emptive strike for all you that are thinking about mocking me. Go ahead. Mock. I fucking love this song. Love it. It’s cheesy, it’s bad, it’s everything that was wrong with 80's metal. But. it’s Sister Christian.

Look. There are extenuating circumstances here. Memories.

A party in the park, a lot of mescaline and me on air guitar, standing on a picnic table. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

Some club. Tequila. Hair metal night. Tequila. Lots of hair spray and tight jeans. Tequila. Standing on a huge speaker cabinet. Tequila. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

A bachelorette party. Me with a giant penis on my head and coconut shells over my tits. Drunk as all get out. Swearing that guitar was real. Singing. Motorin........

I think you got the point.

Excuse me while I listen again.

But you’re motorin’..........yea.............motorin’.............

Man, it’s not quite the same without the drugs or alcohol. Or the penis on my head. But I still kick ass at air guitar. And I still love this song.

So fuck you. - M

So pee pee wearing girls and funky time turtles are what we had going tonight. Told you. Sometimes the truth isn't pretty.

We told you our songs.

So what are yours?


Me with a giant penis on my head and coconut shells over my tits. Drunk as all get out.

You still can't make me like this song.

Good try, though.


What's playing *right* now - Sass Jordan, "Pissin' Down."

Sass can *sing*. I'm obsessed with her lately. I think it;s because I watch Rock Star: Supernova, and Dilana is very much in the Sass Jordan vein...and we're a Dilana household. :)

As for Sister Christian - It's TOTALLY one of life's guilty pleasures. I love Night Ranger when no one else is around. :) "(You Can Still)Rock In America" is awesome.

You know who else I love when the windows are rolled up and I'm alone in the car?

Triumph. Totally cheesy Canadametal. It's just so...upliftingly positively Canadian. :)


I feel compelled to clarify my Sass Jordan comment: her 1994 album "Rats" is a perfect example of a hard-rocking chick. Bluesy, hard rock, her voice was on fire.

Her 1994 and 1997 records are pablum. Just not at all good enough. Kind of Dawson's Creek-y.

Her debut record, 1992's "Racine" is sort of in the middle of the two. In short - get "Rats" and ignore the rest.


Rob, I will always association this song with you.

And penis hats.


one day I'm gonna get Accept "balls to the wall" on when we do this

short angry gay german guys would be funny to write about.

not only short, but angry and gay germans!


say that fast and it gets kinda funny...


Winamp pulled up Puddle of Mud's She Hate's Me. Kinda appropriate, spent most of today with the ex-wife at a BBQ for my son who just returned from Japan. It's ok...I hate her too.


Just downloaded "Birds Fly: Whisper to a Scream" by Icicle Works. It was 1984, I was an Airman Basic down at Lackland AFB and I was VERY sober for the first time in years. But those air drums were still very real. Besides, we could march to it and the TI let us use it as cadence...after we explained to him what Ja Children were.


Also been listening to Dilana Smith's Album, "Wonderfool" a lot. She's the chick on Rockstar who's already won, they're just going through the motions to satisfy the contract. IMHO anyway.


I loved that song, Timmer. I had the import 7" that had a cool cover. Played it out over a couple of months that year.

Good times.


i pulled up after delivering some avon orders. Got in. Checked email. Looked here. Last thing i was listening to was Sir Mixalot's "My Hooptie". One of my favorite rap songs. Makes me crank up the knob, slide down in the seat real low and bump along at 20 mph on the highway.


benedictions harmed!sextuplet?electronic disturbed weasel!cuffs


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