What's Playing, Volume 12
by Turtle Jones

So we did it again. Another what's playing. This is when you say what you are playing and describe it to us. Sometimes it's ugly and sometimes it's not. Sometimes you are just in a mood and you get something weird but it really doesn't matter. The question was asked and we had to push on and give the answer. It happens.

Here are ours.

What our yours?

Turtle is first.

Janes Addiction - True Nature

By this time in their career, the drugs had clearly destroyed a few of them. It happens. The last album that they put out before they all tried to step away, but always found the same trouble. The songs are sad and empathetic and always ask you why does life suck so much. Something was different with this album. Gone was the sarcasm from the first album. Gone were the stories from the second album. This album was a final goodbye. This is what they had to say one last time before everything broke one last time.

True nature was the first song I put on today when the question was asked.jad.jpg I listened to it about five times before I got a feeling for it. See, Jane's Addiction albums all have something in common that I use here alot on FTTW and TF. All the albums start with him yelling "Here we go!" That feeling that you are getting into something bigger then you wanted but you have to keep going cause you started it. It's a powerful feeling and something that I take with me to this day when I know this might not be the right thing to do but I have to do it.

And you know what?

In the end, when everything is said and done and you are looking at the ashes of what was once a house, you can step back and say one thing.

That fire burned pretty fucking bright. - T


freeodb.jpgOld Dirty Bastard - Baby I Got Your Money

All the pretty girls, in the world. And the ugly girls too. Cause to me your pretty anyways baby. This song. It comes up and I can’t just listen to it once. I end up playing it all day. One time I made the mistake of putting it on a mix CD and played it in the car. All the way to work. All the way home. Hey. Dirty. Baby I got your money. Shaking my ass in the seat. Doing the hand claps. Yea, while I’m driving. Clap clap. Clap clap. Windows down. Hands clapping. Singing back up and lead. Doing that side-to-side thing with my head.

You can call me dirty, and then lift up your skirt. And you want some of this dirty, god made dirt and dirt bust yo ass. Oh god, I love singing that part. I find myself pointing at no one in particular. Point. Clap clap. Shake ass.

Song ends. Start it again. The record is 36. In one day. This one song. Point. Clap clap.

I love ODB in the way one loves an exploding. village-destroying, civilization-killing volcano. Because it makes for such pretty sunsets.

That made sense to me.

Clap clap. -M

So that's the way it works? Get it? Turn on what you have and tell us what is playing for you right now and tell us and then let's keep moving on. Have fun guys and remind of of songs we forgot in the past.


didn't ODB have like 24 children?


I freaking love Jane's Addiction... But I could never bring myself to buy that album.... Ritual was good, but not nearly as good as XXX or Nothing's Shocking....

and Michele, that damn song is going to be in my head all day now... I pity the wife, because it's going to be me, wandering around all day, "Hey Dirty... Baby I got your money"... Shake, clap.... Repeat....


Oh.. I forgot... I'm listening to the boy sing "The Cornbread Song"... I don't know all the words, but the boy loves him some cornbread.....


well if it helps you any, my copy of that album is a burned one that someone gave me so I never really bought it either

but it is really kinda good


I like that album. Not as good as the others, but I still enjoy listening to it.


i just like it cause it's so much darker then the others


My first, three-song podcast. I need a mic.


Michele, I love that song too! It's one of my driving songs! You made me put on "Shake ya' Ass" - Mystikal. They go nicely together.


the dwarves - back seat of my car

ya. who hasn't? meh.

janes is god. period. i just read an article with perry saying that.. well, hell, i'll just quote:

Time will tell, but I believe Jane's Addiction was a seminal group and should be remembered and thought of as one of the greatest groups that ever played rock'n'roll

self absorbed? perhaps... correct? i think so.


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