Entertain and Be Entertained
by Michele Christopher

One of the things I love about playing in crummy little bars, and I'm a people watcher so this is just perfect for me, is the crowd out on the floor. I'm there to make them dance. They are there to make me laugh. Fine guy alerts. Drunk chick alerts. Angry venue owner alerts. Someone's getting busted outside alerts. All that. Then the one night when one of the bikers in the local club came in to tell us one of theirs was just killed a block away in a wreck. That's altogether something else. "This next set's for Frankie! Goodbye, my friend!"

club2.jpgOnward, though, the crowd. There's the White People Dancing thing, of course, especially out here in the Whitebread State. You know, some days you're out and about and you see a not-white person, and you go "Holy Shit! I just saw a black dude!" not in a fearful way, but because the damn town is
so white it's almost a shock to see someone who Isn't White.

You're onstage and you just get to see people get hammered. Some women start practicing for the stripper career they'll fortunately never have. Some men dance like wooden marionettes. Some folks line dance to everything, including Metallica and Aretha Franklin. Some folks just cut loose and spazz out on the floor, and those people I always went out of my way to thank, because it was fun to watch.

proof.jpg I've gotten to see people piss their pants and face plant, walk into columns and drop like a ton of bricks. Little blonde chickies take out dudes three times their size. I have been so trashed myself on more than one occasion that all that saved me was that there was a giant speaker to lean on. Our drummer fell into his own set a few times. Going outside and puking between sets, and having more drinks sitting on the stage for us when we came back in. Those drunk lesbians that had to go halfway through the night that stopped at the stage for a kiss from the bass player.

Not very many pictures of our band were taken, but I got plenty of the people who were at our shows. I swear I was just as happy to stand up there and watch the craziness as the crazies were to be drunk and stupid.


dude. i would love it. i'm a total people watcher... some might (and do) call it nosey....


and somewhere around in one of these infernal machines is a series of pictures of a BIG logger dude doing a striptease for a 40-year-old woman in between our sets. It was her birfday.


i honestly did like watching the reaction of the crowd alot. It is really fun to see what you can do to people.

You can tell right then and there if what you are doing sucks.

brutal honesty about your song comes out when there is alcohol involved.


I've been the drunken spazz out dancer.

You're welcome. :)


Pril, find that picture please. I would also like to know more about people pissing themselves and little blonde ninjas.

When you're watching people, have you ever noticed other people watchers? They're easy to find. They're the ones pointing and laughing.


Well, Dan, that pic of the guy with the wet ass is from one of our gigs. Not only was he drunk enough to piss himself, he was drunk enough to not care, apparently.


Logger Striptease?
Only in Oregon!!

Love ya!

My wife and I have a chant about the (white)Founders of Seattle:
Loggers and Miners and Whores, OH MY!


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