i got your most wanted right here
by Michele Christopher

oh dear reader. this morning you are in for a treat. and in the process i am going to make myself melancholy and wistful. so i hope you appreciate it. i do not look young in "wistful."

this is a story about southie. a boy i met in helLA. ok the story is not about him, per se, but about us. ok and not so much about us as about our sex. well, because that's what you came for, no?

i'll start here. some people are the tie-er up-ers and some are the tie me down-ers. meaning in every relationship (read:fuck) there is someone who takes charge and some one who lets them. some people dummy this down to "dominant" and "submissive" but i prefer the even more generalized "male" and "female."

i mean christ, what self respecting guy allows himself to be dominated by a chick? oh, you? mclint214.JPG well then let's go back to dominant and submissive then, shall we?

i, for one, with all my bluster, prefer to be dominated in bed. that does NOT mean i'm just gonna give it to you, however. the struggle is where it's at. in bed with me? you just gotta "take it."

no one (and i mean NO ONE) knew this better than southie. southie is from quincy, massachusettes. (pronounced "quinzy" -- seriously, that's the way they say that shit.) it's in south boston. and it's the home of whitey bulger. what i mean to say is that this kid is one tough irish american fuck. the kind that goes to the gym every fucking morning without fail. and he's not gay. so that's saying something.

man this kid knew what he was doing. let me tell you. and somehow he knew what i was about before we ever got our clothes off. he had to. because when we did finally get to his bed (and by finally i mean on the second date) he threw me on it like a rag doll. he held me down with one hand while he went to town with the other. and i struggled, damn did i struggle.

see with a real strong guy you can struggle a lot. and god DAMN that's fun. i hit and scream and bit and pushed and he gave in not one inch. and geez did he know how to choke. just enough so that it is scary but not enough to put me out. and in the right spot too... cuz, really who wants a crushed windpipe?

did i mention he was uncut? i had no idea what i was missing. (err... what you men were missing.)

and the best part (wow there were a lot of best parts) was that never and i mean NEVER did he want to change roles. he was the john wayne and i was the helpless maiden. always. wow i miss that. fuck. see what you're doing to me reader? now ima hafta email him and we didn't leave things all that great...

in fact at some point we decided that the only thing we were good at was fucking. so that's what we did. damnit, i wish that were enough.

wow. southie. i had almost forgotten.

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so imma kinda getting that you like to be tied down?


now that's a surprise.....


I think not everyone can be clearly defined as a dominant or submissive. There are people who can be both.

Sometimes you want to be tied down and taken advantage of. And sometimes you want to hold him down and be in complete control and not let up until he is begging for mercy.

A guy who can take be totally dominant most of the time but really take on the submissive role when you want him to is a good find.

Just saying.


i can dig that michele. i'm just a brat and i hate being the one doing the work is all.

wait that might be a lie. cuz i like it on top. ah who knows...

oh yeah i almost forgot! i did email him the story and he had this to say:

1 correction. quincy is on the south side of southie, not in southie. it is a city bordering on the south side. although it may be difficult to actually tell the difference to outsiders, if you're from boston they're gonna think you're full of shit. they make it a big deal over there.

fun memories though. just to let you know though, i have become a sensitive man in bed...

just kidding


damn html. that's all his quote.. from italics to the end.


Wow...I have so many questions after reading that. I'll start with: what's the right way to choke someone?


ahahahahah! well, that's a fabulous question which i may have to answer in another post!


what's the right way to choke someone?

i think it's trial by error.

If you don't end up like that guy from INXS, you have done it right.


A noose sensation!


I had four jokes when I started reading the comments... They're all crap next to Cullen's...

Cullen wins!!!


Thursdays are the new Saturdays.


hey! it's the mental instability webringleader!!!

hi jim!


It's so good to know that there are/were other couples out there that just get all hold you down and growl.


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