Movies and Music. Sometimes It's Just Funny
by Turtle Jones

These are some of the new writers! Feel free to insult them or drag them down. But, remember, they are the ones entertaining you during the day. So as part of our kick off week, we asked them all to do answer question.

We ask you to answer this, too.

The best scene of a rock star in a movie. Wanna answer?

Wanna meet some of our wrtiers?

Join in.

Pril's goes first

Lee Ving as Mr. Boddy in "Clue", and Jane Wiedlin in the same movie as the singing telegram girl that gets shot at the door. Anthony Kiedis in "Point Break". I love "The New Guy", there's tons of goofy cameos in it, like Henry Rollins as the prison warden, Zakk Wylde as the wussy cellmate to Eddie Griffin's character, and Gene Simmons as the mall preacher.

Ok now the few words... Just cool to have a movie credit as someone who was spent the movie dead, for Lee Ving (and i think Richard Hell got a similar part in "Desperately Seeking Susan" actually). Good times seeing Jane shot! Same with Anthony Kiedis, but it was just his foot if i remember right. The other ones.. one of those things, you see the movie for the first time and you're all "Hey that's whatsisname!" and it just makes the movie worth watching, even if it DOES kind of suck otherwise.

Damn and i almost forgot, and i watched the movie again the other night.... Sting was the sort of dickhead dad who owned the pub in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". Been a while since i saw the whole thing. I thought he was funny. Sting's always kind of a sweet guy with his desert rose and blue turtles and crap and then here he's this asshole pub owner.

turtle takes the calling next

Lee Ving from FEAR in Flashdance. He had the perfect look and the perfect attitude for this role. He was a strip club promoter trying to turn innocent girls into girls that would kill their dreams by taking off the clothes for a few bucks more. This was beautiful because in all reality, it wasn't really him acting....this is the way he lived. Anything for a few dollars more. Beer and strippers. This man had a job that alot of us wanted but what he was built for. Seein' titties and drinking beer. Getting in fights and seein' tittes. This was Lee Ving.

Producedby meets the devil.

Heh, I will call Sting in Quadrophenia, or Lee Ving from Fear in Streets of Fire, but the hands down best would be Steve Vai in Crossroads.and the film Crossroads with Ralph Machio not the crappy Britney Spears film. the one I'm on about was a blues film, and it was pretty damn good.

Ernie gets all Canadian on us.

I love the scene in Wayne's World where Wayne and Garth get back stage
at the Alice Cooper concert and Alice explains the origin of name
'Milwalkee'... "...It's pronounced "mill-e-wah-que" which is Algonquin
for "the good land."


Sport Rumors comes out punching.

Rockstars who wanna act, you gotta watch out for them, rockstars always wanna act, Jagger, Daltry, Elvis, Henry Rollins, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc, you gotta watch out, it usually doesn't work out to well for either the Rockstar/Actor or the movie they are acting in; but since the question was, who do I think was/is the coolest rockstar to do a turn as an actor I gotta answer; Joe Strummer. Strummer by far, the coolest rockstar - ever, and yes he was a rockstar, The Clash was many things, even rock, so that allows me to classifie him as a rockstar. No one could command the attention of a room like Strummer, I was lucky enough to see "The Clash" (both incarnations) and Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, in both, big and small venues, and no matter what, your eyes never left Strummer. A small man, who was huge in presence, Strummer demanded your attention. In his movies "Walker", "Mystery Train", & "Rude Boy" Strummer became the center of attention of any scene he was in, Steve Buscemi and Ed Harris, both good actors, were overshadowed by Strummer, just as Jones and Simonon were in "The Clash", it's a shame he is gone, we lost a great artist, way to soon.

tiny dead bunny gets weird on us.

David Bowie in Weird Al Yankovic's UHF. Not only did David Bowie play the character of Bob the Clown, but Weird Al's character was supposed to fake punch Bowie's fake red clown nose for the movie, only the two of them did so many takes of the fake punch that Weird Al mistakenly punched Bowie for real. David Bowie started tearing up and that's the take the director used for the movie. The idea of Weird Al bitch
slapping David Bowie dressed as a clown and making him cry is .. well ... it brings a tear or two to my eyes.

Uber runs to the border.

I always loved "The Chase" because Charlie Sheen is a badass and Kristy Swanson is hot and anytime I see her it takes little to no work to imagine her as a vampie-slaying babe in a cheerleader outfit. But the appearance of Henry Rollins as the hard-ass cop and Anthony Kiedis and Flea as bumbling monster truck driving vigilantes make the movie. Rollins' character is a great send-up of that particular type of police officer (come on, we all know at least one) who thinks his badge and desire for justice makes him one of the baddest motherfuckers on the planet, and juxtaposed with the amateur documentary filmmakers, who can't seem to get anything right, it's pure satire. As for Flea and Kiedis, I'll refer you to the equation known as the "Why did Truckzilla cross the road?" formula: monster trucks + kickass rock stars + big puffy trucker hats + vigilante justice = comedy gold

Kali cripples us all

when i was a kid i wanted billy idol to rock so much harder than he actually did. (yes even in gen x fucking sissies) so in that jim morrison movie cleverly disguised as a doors movie when he played the raucous dude with a limp screaming and fucking girls in cars?!?!?! ya. that was cool. the billy idol i always wanted. foul mouthed and
drunk. and cripple. which - by the way - was real cuz he had just gotten in that huge motorcycle wreck...

From The Pop Culturista

Adam Ant as the baddie in World Gone Wild. He chewed scenery with an abandon that made his co-star Bruce Dern stand by in open-mouthed admiration, and William Shatner (who was *not* his co-star, and probably several thousand miles away) shift about uncomfortably. I was only seventeen but I wanted to eat him with a spoon.

From Anastasia/Factoids

Gavin Rossdale as Balthazar in Constantine. He was so very urbane, we were so very envious of Gwen Stefani.

thefinn is up next.

I call The Circle Jerks in Repo Man...

A young Emilio Sheen says in his best 20 year old deadpan, "I can't
believe I used to like these guys," as the band plays an acoustic
version of "When The Shit Hits The Fan".... Priceless...

Cullen pulls out an old tape.

Jello Biafra, Ted Nugent, Mike Nesmith, and many others in Tapeheads.

I'm not sure that any rock star's performance really stands out in this movie, but this is a favorite flick from my youth. Back in the days when Tim Robbins was still funny and John Cusak kept his ideology in his pants. There is plenty to like in this movie. But the best. King Cotton. Chicken. Waffles. Rap. Jello Biafra as an FBI agent.

Michele drinks a shot.

Flea in Big Lebowski

In The Big Lebowski - one of the greatest movies ever made - Flea plays Nihilist #2 (aka Kieffer). He's not a very good nihilist. Kind of whiny. And it's not even his best film work. But I just love the whole nihilist angle of this movie.

Nihilist #2: Iss not fair!

Plus, he looks kinda goofy in that outfit.

The Loud Pedal makes his mark.

Dig deep.

Red Hot Chili Peppers in the absolutely disgraceful 1986 skateboarding film, Thrashin'.

It's so bad it's...bad. It's funny as hell though. If you don't own it, you should. Tony Hawk is in it. Tony Alva is in it. Wow. Both in the same go.

So now you've met our contributors and you know a little about them from their answers. What about you? What's your favorite rock star movie moment?


the mention of Joe Strummer made me remember that the rest of the Clash, at least two of them, but maybe 3, was in a neat little flick called "Ladies and Gentlemen; The Fabulous Stains".


My second mention would be Gene Simmons in Runaway because, I mean, bwahahahahaha!


Or Gene Simmons in Wanted Dead or Alive, deepthroating a grenade and turning into Mister Explod-O-Head as Rutger Hauer eschews his bonus. Classic cinema, also containing a timeless quote from the previously unassuming Benson Robert Guillaume:

"The next time you fuck me, kiss me first!"


how about kevin costner in truth or dare? oh wait that's an actor in a music movie... but still, "neat?" ahahah


That gives me an idea for a whole other topic - actors who think they are musicians.


oooooh -- good one!


I nominate Don Johnson... 'Lookin' for a heaaarrrrt beat!'


Dude are you making fun of 'Runaway,' The classic action drama starring Tom Seleck??

Shameful! ;)


pril, they sure did, what was the the Stains played throughtout the movie?


We really need an edit button...

That should read, What was the song the Stains played.


I'm with Uber on this one. Great movie in it's own way.

I'm going to try and bring up the close second, Young Guns II...Bon Jovi getting blown away.


What about Bon Jovi in that U-Boat movie?


Rock and Roll High School.


Guns and Roses was in a Dirty Harry movie, The Dead Pool, for about 5 seconds. And watching Jim Carey lip sync Welcome To the Jungle is downright hilarious, even if it's not on purpose.


And I can't freaking believe I forgot this: Six String Samurai

The Red Elvises in one of the best Post Apocalyptic-Kung Fu-Western-Wizard of Oz meets Vegas style movies ever....

Highly recommended....


while it was an absolute shite movie, siouxsie & the banshees playing as the bar band in out of bounds almost made the movie worthwhile...and yet another couple of notches in flea's movie bedpost: suburbia and dudes. and lee ving! yet again!


Alice Cooper as himself in Wayne's World. I haven't pronounced Milwaukee the same way since.


lee ving comes up alot in these.......


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