My Stuff Bag
by Michele Christopher

cullen1.jpgThis is my stuff bag. Sure, I got it free when I joined the Book of the Month club, but it doesn't really matter what king of freakin' bag it is. Just that the bag works for you. I don't care how nice that guitar case or gig bag is. If you play outside your home, you have a guitar stuff bag. Something you use to throw your cables and other gear into.

I have two guitar cases and two gig bags and one of those gig bags never sees any use. I have my stuff bag.

cullen2.jpgMy wife joined a Book of the Month Club ages and ages ago and I claimed the bag. Before that, I tried to find ways to stuff all this crud into my case and fumbled with whatever I couldn't fit into my bag. In my first band, I was a vocalist and was in high school. The guitarist hadn't yet learned the value of a stuff bag. He constantly was leaving crap at other people's homes.

This came up years later, when in another band, our guitarist was this highly organized type. He had color-coded cords, a big tackle box like thing to keep all his picks and cords separated and one of those flexible file folder things that kept his string sizes separate.

In my outside pocket I keep things like tabs, notes, lyrics, lessons, writing utensils, and, normally, picks.

1. This is the coolest guitar stand. It folds down to this itty bitty size and expands out to a very stable stand. It's cheap too.

2. Cables. 16', I think. I need to get a couple of more to throw in there. You can never have too many cables.

3. Strings and picks. Musicians Friend guitar strings. I just got these actually. They were so cheap I couldn't pass them up. I usually keep the picks in my outside pocket (and after taking this picture, moved them).

4. My very cheap, but very decent, tuner and a cheap cable I use specifically for connecting the tuner to the amp.

5. My Sure mic. I keep it in the bag so I can play vocalist also.

6. This is a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. I almost always have two 1/8" to 1/4" converters in there also. It will now drive me mad until I find them and get them back in my bag. You have no idea how hand these little adapters are. I am actually also missing some male-to-male 1/8" cords, a male-to-male RCA cable, and female-to-female versions of those same cords. Over time I have ransacked my stuff bag for my computer and home electronics needs.

7. Tools. Screwdrivers. Absolutely essential. Allen wrenches - again, completely essential. I'm not sure why I have the files in there, but I'm sure there was a good reason at the time. I am missing a wrench and a standard screwdriver. I also have a multi-tool I normally keep in here, but it's in my car right now.

How about you guys?

What do you keep in your bag. Do you have a special bag or just any old thing? This one friend of mine from a couple of years ago used a military backpack. That was pretty cool.


I have a stuff bag too and it happens to have that identical tuner! Also contains picks, cables, capo, notebook, and some wierd spring that came from somewhere but I dont remember where so I leave it in the stuff bag. Essential.


ya. i call it a purse.


weird. that was me.


Damn, you are organized.

Do you give lessons?

Not guitar lessons. Organizational skills.


my personal bag was filled with cables, medical tape, tuner, strings and adaptors.

so it was pretty small

but that was just for me.

/sometimes its nice being a bass player

we had a guy one time who had a box that was foam covered on the inside filled with four gold painted mics.

don't ask me why they were gold



damn you got alot of stuff


I'm not organized. And if I have a big bag, guaranteed, it'll be full and 90% of it, I won't use.
I started carrying a much smaller bag last year, just the essentials (laptop, DS, pencils, Aleve and a very small notebook). I still miss carrying ALL of my crap with me, but my back doesn't...


I have a backpack for work full of stuff I "need" everyday. Actually, the only thing in it I use all day, every day, is my thermos of coffee. My day planner, school books and various other stuff only gets opened very rarely.

But my guitar stuff is essential. I may only use something like twice a year, but I'll super pissed if it's not in there.


the guitar stand is interesting. All of us had one but we thru them in the drum bag. They were metal and never broke down to that size.

see, this is one of the times that Michele's kid needs to be on here.

Wait. No, he doesn't need to be.


I'll speak for him.

He does have a bag but he's kind of a slob and his stuff - strings, wires, a screwdriver, tuner, printed out tabs - is everywhere.


It's an Axman stand, but I don't think Muscian's Friend carries them anymore. I couldn't find it on Google, but I didn't look very hard.

I bought it specifically because it folded down so small and would fit in my stuff bag.

Michelle, does your son gig or practice at other people's homes? When you start having to move and use stuff often, you learn the benefit of having things stored neatly. I don't organize like I've seen some folks do, but I definitely appreciate knowing where to go to get something I need.

It's like a toolbox. If you keep your screwdriver in the same place, you'll always be able to get laid. Or screwed. Or something like that.


I've been trying to have a "special" bag for years. I work in an advertising agency and I can't tell you how many "samples" I've ordered and tried out.

In my bag is usually my laptop, mouse, charger and my wallet, along with a bunch of little crap that gets thrown in and forgotten. It's not very organized.


I've been trying to have a "special" bag for years. I work in an advertising agency and I can't tell you how many "samples" I've ordered and tried out.

you mean free shit, right?


Yeah, free. Sums it up. But I like to call them "samples".


Free stuff is awesome. Back when I was a photojournalist (as opposed to sitting behind a freakin' desk all day editing their stuff) my camera bag used to be full of keychains, tie tacks, buttons, and other crap.


Yeah, not as much as you have, but I do have stuff in special equipment bag. Plus a knife, some cable ties, and duct tape.

Extra instrument and speaker wires.

Oh, and the ibuprofin too.


i have two cords. i keep them in my purse thing.


I am a marsupial without the useful pouch. I NEED one.

I am a guy who always feels like he's forgotten something when he leaves the house. Usually, this is true.

Strange thing though. Even though I feel a great need to pack every damn thing I own when I go somewhere, I usually have a more interesting time improvising for the thing I've forgotten. It took me a long time to learn that.

So...improvise. Travel light.

but...pockets. Men have pockets. Phone. Folding knife. Wallet. Small ring of keys. I can mostly get through life with that.


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