I Got You, Babe
by Michele Christopher

We orginally started this out saying we were going to write about our own worst attributes. The thing we liked the least about ourselves. But, meh. That’s depressing. Then we were going to write about our best attribute. But all I could come up with was that I have nice tits. That’s depressing. So we got on the phone to brainstorm and turtle said, what if we switch it around. Talk about each other’s best attributes. Well, hell. I could do that all night. Probably well into tomorrow. And because we have a lot of new readers on board lately (readers who may not have witnessed the utter emo-ness of the random posts we used to leave for each other on this site) it may give all of you a better of idea of what your hosts are made of. So here we go.

Michele gives you a glimpse of the turtle:

This is easy. Ask my friends. My sisters. I’m always going on about what a great guy Turtle is. But there are things about him that maybe all you - knowing a lot about his past from reading his stories here - can appreciate more than others.

Where he’s been is no secret. Read anything from his Underground stories. Read the Late Night Typing. You will get a glimpse of a past that isn’t very pretty.

I know other people like him. People who have been alcoholics or drug addicts. But they are people who let their past determine their present and future. People who use the rocks life threw at them as a crutch. People who blame everything that happened to them on anyone but themselves and refuse to pick themselves up off the ground and move forward.

Not Turtle. He moved on. He overcame. He stopped everything he was doing and cut ties with the people he was doing it with, even though that meant losing good friends and cutting himself off from the only career he ever knew. He moved away, got clean and stayed that way. He went back to school and got a degree. Became a productive member of society. A career. A home. A life.

But he didn’t just forget his past. He learned from it. And he took all those lessons he learned and put them to good use. He counseled kids that were like him; young punks killing themselves with drugs and alcohol. He literally opened his door to them. There would be people crashing at his house at all hours on any day. His door was really always open. And they would come and seek the advice of someone who had been there and someone who was willing to listen to them or counsel them or just sit with them while they went through a bad time.

People respond to him. The way he talks, his mannerisms, the way he is so bluntly honest about everything, never sugar coating, but always speaking in way that makes you feel comfortable and secure, even when he’s telling you that you fucked up bad.

This is what he does. He helps people. He never hesitates to stop what he is doing to give advice to someone who asks, to help someone who puts out his hand, to take the time to listen to someone who is struggling to be heard. He puts himself out there day after day and sometimes the situations get ugly and he knows this will happen but it doesn’t stop him from giving of himself whenever its asked.

This is The Turtle. The most unselfish person I have ever known. A huge heart and an amazing soul. He will give you his last penny, the shirt off his back and all those other proverbial things. And he will never ask for anything in return. If you are his friend, he will stand up for you no matter what. He will always have your back. If a hail of bullets came your way, he would step in front of them so you could live. He will make you laugh when all you feel like is crying. He will make you smile when you think the world is ending. He will take your hand and lead you down roads you thought were closed off to you. He is incredibly honest and straightfoward. He is a guy who knows what he wants and will persevere until he gets it. Never gives up. Ever. Maybe in his past life he gave up, but this is not that life. This is the turtle that evolved from what he used to be and learned that you never, ever give up because there are always bigger and better things ahead. You just have to get there. Not only does he know how to get there, he’s willing to take anyone along who wants to come.

That’s the turtle.

Plus, he has great legs! -M

turtle explains Michele to herself. Slowly.

This question is easy. For some who don't know, Michele was panicky person who would easily fly off the handle at everything and everything. She would cry a lot about the smallest things.

Fuck if I knew why.

Like cry anytime a coin would drop. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it happened always. Panicked and crying. About what? Dude. You need to calm down.

So what's her best attribute?

Her mind.

She has this ability to take things from people and incorporate them into her life. Trivial things seemed not to matter so much anymore to her. She learned to breathe when things seemed to go so wrong in her life. She learned that if you only take things one step at a time, things would get done. But, if you overwhelmed yourself, there would be nothing but a set of tears on a table. Nothing. Her mind learned to walk her thru these things. And if any of you don't know, FTTW was a big project we took on.

She has the ability, even thru the tears, to keep going. Something that she learned. It was amazing to watch this. No matter how bad or good it gets, there can always be a flipside to it and no matter what, you have to keep going. She got that. Finally. But she got it. You have to keep going. Her ability to adapt was killed by a lot of things in her past, but now it was back. And it was back hard. Her mind was on fire again. Something changed. And she could fucking handle it. And she fucking did. And she fucking did well. That is Michele.

Michele can take any situation and make it better or worse depending on the situation. She can adapt and mold things. She will take her kids anywhere, do anything for them and keep up a steady pace of work, being a mom, and staying sane.

She can do that.

People ask us why the site keeps changing. Why more writers? Why the new format? (which isn't done yet, just wait....) Why the new shirts? clicktoentereverybodyover.jpgThat's cause there is a girl in Long Island who has thought this out. Step by step. She has learned that you can get what you want by only looking at the next step and placing your foot on it before you look at the next one.

This is a girl who has a mind on fire again.

Look at all you guys. A lot of you writers and artists have told us that you want in on FTTW because it inspired you. Made you want to actually become part of something bigger. That wasn't me. That was Michele's mind working. She adapted. She became whole again.

Wanna know why I call her the bird?

Because she rose from the ashes like a phoenix on fire.

The new Michele was reborn and she kept flying.

You can't stop a phoenix with an idea.

If you do, all you will get is burned and left in the dust.

Plus she has great tits! - T

So that's what we came up with. The best attributes of your SO. Sure, there are many, but really, since we were in that kinda mode tonight, we wanted to think about the best part of the person you love was. Be it yourself, your dogs, your mailman, we don't care.

What is it?


It should be said that all those good things I learned, I learned from a turtle.


You guys are getting all mushy and stuff.

My husband and his ability to be a good stay at home dad and how good he is with kids. All kids. Oh and he plays bass really well.


Just remember that I love you....

Sure, I could say that she's got the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. Too cheap. I could wax philosophical for days about her tattoos and lip ring. Too easy. Hell, I could even say she has fantastic tits.... But that's obvious.

There's two main reasons I love my wife. She is, without a doubt, the smartest person I've ever met. Mind like a steel trap. Who played what instrument, on what track,on which album ? She knows. Which English King was beheaded after an English Civil War ? Yep. Beatles or Rolling Stones ? Yes, and she'll tell you why. Where did I put that damn pen ? Where's my DS ? How come I can't find any socks ? Behind your ear, on the coffee table and because you're looking in the underwear drawer.

So pretty and so damn smart. And better still, she's the best mother I've ever met. That's not a knock on Michele, it's obvious to anyone that she adores her kids. But to watch my wife and the boy laugh and play, giggle and roll around on the floor... Shit, my old Grinch heart grew three sizes that day. She lights up every time he calls her "momma", even if it's the fiftieth time in a row. She can kiss boo boo's and make them better. She can make a tear stained face smile with just a hug and a "You're okay, big boy." She knows when it's time to "run" and she knows when it's time for him to cuddle up and get sleepy. And that boy is damn lucky to have her.

Sorry Kitten, I got all mushy in public.


You guys are getting all mushy and stuff.

tomorrow we are doing "Why she pisses you off and you want to ram a hammer into her litte toe" night, if that helps you any


You guys are getting all mushy and stuff.

tomorrow we are doing "Why she pisses you off and you want to ram a hammer into her litte toe" night, if that helps you any

Kewl. I'll bring da popcorn!

/I'd add more but since I'm SO-less, that's the best I can do for now


my boy dog wakes up in a good mood every morning! every stinking morning with the licky face and waggy tail. it's the best.

my girl dog can sleep all day with me in bed. she's as lazy as i wanna be. this morning she got up with me to shower and by the time i got out she was snuggled back under the covers. it's the best.


My wife always puts me first and I always put her first. We know when the other one needs a laugh or needs a new pair of shoes.

It's much better than putting yourself first and arguing all the time with the other selfish person in the relationship. Plus, we could all use the comfort of knowing that there's always someone looking out for us.

And she's cute and she's tough and she knows how to punch and she knows how to take a punch. Geez I love that gal.


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