Skate and destroy.. Fuck the Cops
by Turtle Jones

My better half is sick with the flu and her power keeps going out in her house. Fucking New York. That's what you get when you live on an island, I guess.

So tonight, she is gone.

Just me.

Lucky you.

I finally got off my ass and reorganized all my CD's and put them back in order. Keep in mind I have a few thousand, so when I get depressed or bored or lazy, I just pull out another one and toss the old CD on the ground. No, I do not have any of that shit you fancy compy guys have here. No ipod. Sorry. You can send me money at so I can get one.

I'm just kidding about that.

I just like to make fun of "bloggers" who pull that kinda shit. Cause it makes me laugh. Why don't you ask for free government cheese, too?

But let's get back on topic.

Music is just always playing in the background of my typing and my life. But, since tonight Michele isn't doing too well, I thought I'd take on something of my own. I thought of ideas and got one.

I found a CD I haven't seen in ages and it gave me an idea.

Skate Rock

More specifically, what is your favorite skate rock song of all time?

russ-empty-pool.jpg Sure, I have a metal knee cause I bailed hard too many times, but there are always times I still remember in the backyards of new houses with empty pools. Case of beer, stereo, no fucking pussy boy helmets. No all american boys with their mom's taking pictures of them. No Vision Skate wear. Just sucked up and fucked up boards. Kneepads...ok…we wore those. They were kinda pussy but it hurt like fuck to hit the damn ground with no kneepads. Missing teeth and blood. Cop choppers overhead when they found us or someone called the cops. Hop the fence and leave. Drunken bailing on that damn drain in the middle of the pool. Street curbs after that. Carpet banks when we had a car. Venice canals if it was the daytime. Always a sound track. Pocket full of bearings and a truck key to keep up. A can of spray paint to get your feelings off your mind and some dumbass taking photos. More missing teeth in the crowd then real teeth.

This was skating.

This is when it was shirtless, sunburned, scabbed up idiots trying to get a few more feet higher in the air.

But there had to be one track.

One song that stuck out in your mind.

Every time you hear it, you remember sitting on a bank, canal, ramp or empty pool.

Waiting for your turn while drinking a beer or smoking a bowl. Wondering if your board would make it another day.

Remember back then skating was almost illegal everywhere, so you went all out when you did something. If you were gonna break the law, sure, you would hop the fence in a brand new house with your 3 and half kid household moving in soon. Then you mobbed in and destroy the pool. That's what's you did.

It was just the way it was.

Alot of us were arrested, but fuck man, it was fun.

And you know what?

Next day we would find another pool and forget about the blood and keep going.

Bones heal, teeth can be replaced and chicks dig scars.

Bottom line.

Chicks dig scars.

That was skating.

So what was your song?

This was mine.

What's yours? - T

Faction - Skate and Destroy


also "shes not on the menu" by snfu was one of those songs


yeah. skating. spent more time on my ass than the board, but had a blast trying. Aggression's "Don't be Mistaken". (*biff*)


aggression was my other choice of skate rock

coming in close with JFA


I only got to skate an empty pool once or twice.... Fucking painful, that... Mostly I was strictly a street skater....

I had half a dozen albums I used to listen to religiously when I was skating... "Peace Sells", "Walk Among Us" and "Game Over" were in constant rotation.... "It Takes A Nation of Millions" and "Paid In Full" kicked ass, as well....


public enemy an eric b and rakim?

that's kinda cool, actually

"follow the leader" would be cooler thou


spermbirds my god rides a sk8board or anything by s.t.


my friend chris and i were the only two chicks in our tiny town that skated, and while i sucked at it, she was fucking amazing. she was a better street skater than most of the guys in town, and when she started doing freestyle shit--she rocked at that, too.

mixed tapes heavily featured misfits, ST, and agent orange. goddamn, she loved the adolescents, too, though...


when i was younger and ran the sound system at skate jams, I would fuck people up who I didn't like by cranking out free form jazz instead of punk rock while they skated. The crowd would boo me and it fucked the skater up bad.

i was a dick

but it was funny


"Follow The Leader" tore shit up.... Rakim's best album, hands down....


Back in the mid 80's skateboard era when I came up, Misfits, Gwar, Ramones, of course Suicidal Tendencies. I had a heavy dose of metal in my veins at that point too with Master of Puppets, Iron Maiden and maybe some Megadeth in there. Still doing the skateboard thing, although less so, 20 years later. Got the clicky clacky knees to show. ha!


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