The Soundtrack of Your Life (Contest!)
by Michele Christopher

cassette.jpgThis was just an idea we came up with a few minutes ago. We at FTTW have been working hard to keep ourselves and the contributors minds together while we format and add in new stories every night (somehow it is always is at two in the morning when we are doing that). But for today, before we go back to rebuilding the site, we thought of something fun to do.

Seven songs for seven days. What song is your Monday song? Tuesday song? etc. Get it? Seven songs for seven days.

See if you can do it, too

Keeping in mind this has been a long week, we have decided to make this easy, and so some of you don't go crazy on us and list like 200 songs, we have limited ourselves to one song a day with a short explanation.
.turtle hits play first

Monday - Iggy Pop - Repo Man

Hell. I have to go to work. Might as well do it high. Stealing cars high on speed. That usually gets me going. I might have a shitty job with no respect, but they have it worse. Speed and beer at five in the morning. All I have to do is take a shower. Maybe shave if I feel like. Hey, I'm German. We don't grow hair. We lose wars.
Tuesday - D.I - OC Life

Fine. I admit it. I'll go with Kali on this one. I hate Orange County. Not LA. Or California in general like she does. Just Orange County. Flat and boring. That's like a strong cup of coffee and an unfiltered Camel cigarette to get your day hyped up. Man, I hate this and I hate that. I can't even eat I am so pissed off that it is only Tuesday. After the grogginess of Monday has worn off, I usually need to hate something. Might as well hate Orange County, aka "Land of Del Taco". I don't believe I could any more awake for the week after realizing I wasted years of my life there.

Wednesday - Rocket From The Crypt - Young Livers

Well you made it halfway thru the week and still haven't been in jail yet. So this week is going pretty good. Maybe this is more of a "let's get some fast food" song. It is just about something you love that you have to keep doing. Five years ago it would have been about different things. But, now it just is about Michele and myself and those bastards at "Wendy's" shorting me on mustard with my 99-cent Value Fries. Those fuckers. I need my mustard.

Thursday - Sleater Kinney - Words and Guitar

Welcome to Thursday. A meaningless day with a meaningless song. Words about "I got it". Co-workers telling you "Hey! It's almost Friday! Cheer up!" Oh, you are so worthless in my eyes. The look of hate in my eyes as I think "Well, we still have another day to go. But you need to think about your life, coworker. Think about it, co-worker, while you are typing out some kind of story or coding, your wife is fucking "Juan" the gardener and drinking your beer. That's one more day where she tells you she has a headache and you wonder where your last Budweiser went." That's how my mind works. I always have to a response when someone is too damn cheery for my liking. But, the songs cool. Just something about the words. Cheap entertainment. Don't get me wrong. I love the song, but on a Thursday, my mind works as well as this track does. "Kickass But Mentally Harmless".

Friday - NIN - The Perfect Drug

Oh, you knew this would come in here. Friday nights at about 9:30 are when I lose Michele. That's when this song comes into my brain. I close down FTTW and just work on submissions from our contributors. Wondering why I am so in love and still in California. How did I meet this girl again? How did all this happen? What the fuck is FTTW and why do people want to come on board? How the fuck did I get so lucky to meet this girl? Seriously, when she goes to bed, all of my urges to work on FTTW stop. But, I just can’t. Four days left. If she is around or not, it still has to get done. But, I'm addicted to her and when she is not around, I shake like a junkie waiting for my next "Bird" fix.

Saturday - X - We're Desperatewrecked.jpg

This is the song when you wake up in the morning and look at you bar tab, food tab, online purchase and ask yourself where you thought this money was going to come from. Sit in bed for a few minutes and remember how it was like to be homeless. Or a professional couch surfer. Well, if I don't pay my rent this month, abandon everything, live at "Bob's" house, this will be OK. Saturday. Aka "Plan To Destroy The World Day".

Either that or "Stop Buying So Much God Damn Porn Online Day".

Sunday - Black Flag - Annihilate The Week

A song that walks you thru what you did last week and what you used to do to get thru the week. But really, it's just reminds me of where i was and what I do now. Everyday with my blood so BAC'ed up, I didn't know where I was. Get some lines out and start calling yourself a different name. Sweaty band sessions. Sweating Malt liquor. Eating pasta seven nights in a row. Waking up on floors with cigar burns on my chest. Sure, I loved not remembering my middle name seven days in a row, but things are different now. And I like them different.

Now the song just reminds me it's Sunday.

Get ready to rewind the tape and start the week again. - T

michele flips the tape:

Monday: Panic! At the Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage
Jesus, it takes longer to write out the title than it does to listen to the song. And really, I have no fucking clue what the lyrics to this song means. But Mondays. Choosing between martyrdom and suicide seems like a plan. Fuck the press coverage. Most Mondays I feel like I’m either going to nail myself to a cross by 9am or sway from a rafter of the Throgs Neck Bridge by noon. This song is at least groovy enough to get me through morning traffic.

Tuesday: Huser Du - I Apologize
This is the day where I spend the whole morning saying I’m sorry for being such a dick the day before. You think I’m kidding when I say how much Mondays suck? When you spend the whole day in a pissy rage, the next day is the “I suck, please don’t hate me” day. The first twenty minutes of my morning are usually me making sure turtle hasn’t blocked my number from his phone or gone into the witness protection program just to get away from me.

coffee45.jpgWednesday: Glassjaw - Her Middle Name Was Boom
Midweek. Glad to have the last two days behind me, just trying to get to the weekend. I’m hyper and wired and drinking way too much coffee and getting only like three hours sleep because I’m trying to exist on California time. I fell asleep with my head on the keyboard the night before and now today I’m jacked up on Dunkin Donuts superfuckingsize coffee with a double shot of espresso and it has the desired effect of waking me up but man, it makes me mean and by 1pm if you so much as look at me sideways I will do a roundhouse kick and smash your face in.

Thursday: Hellacopters - Born Broke
It’s the day after payday and I’m fucking broke already? Shit. God damn food, clothing and shelter. Damn my kids for wanting a hot meal and clothes that fit them. Selfish bastards. Just once I’d like to deposit money in the bank on a Wednesday and not revert back to the negative sign by Thursday afternoon. Turtle may be onto something when he says there’s gotta be a sweatshop around here somewhere that my kids could be slaving in.

Friday: Pro-Pain - Don’t Kill Yourself to Live
Well the god damn week was so draining I don’t think I can enjoy the weekend. It’s not like I go anywhere, anyhow. I’m pretty much anti-social and I’m working real hard on becoming an eccentric millionaire hermit so don’t ask me to go anywhere on Friday night because I’m just going to stay in and play Gauntlet and whine about the week and spend hours fucking around on Fark with turtle until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I try. I do. But I usually abandon him at about 12:30.

Saturday: Misfits - TV Casualty
Finally. The house is clean. Bills are paid. Told the parents thanks, but no thanks for the dinner invitation. What to do. Oh, yea. It’s Saturday. Turn on the tv. Infomercials, football, golf, Saved by the Bell reruns, really bad horror movies starring ferocious insects. 800 channels. Surf them all. Only take breaks to plug in the GameCube or Playstation. Maneuver Crash Bandicoot around for a while, get my ass kicked by my kid at some NHL game. Order pizza, flip the channels some more. OH! Showgirls! Kick ass!

pa_astroglide_35_detail.jpgSunday: The Cure - Friday I’m in Love
Yea, I know it’s a Friday song. But you know, even though I’m not religious, I still like to think of Sunday as a day of reflection. So I reflect You know. Birds singing in the trees and furry woodland creatures gathering around your feet while you happily dance through forest as the flowers gain voices and join in your chorus and well, somehow that Disney-inspired reflection gets sidetracked by thoughts of multiple orgasms and astroglide. Sunday I’m in love. -M

So this is the deal.

You give us your seven songs with the reason behind it. We make a mix CD of the one that is the best and send it to you for free. When I say "best" I'm not talking about the music. Sure, it's all great, but really, I am no judge in what you listen too. Basically this is a contest to see who has the coolest songs and the most entertaining story of why it is those seven songs.

If any other readers like and laugh at your stories, we hope they will vote on them in the comments.

Wanna play?


monday - first i look at the purse - nashville pussy - cuz, well, it's monday and i need to know how much fucking money i have. i mean i have a budget and all that but monday is the morning where i go scrounging through all my weekend pockets to figure out just how many crumpled dollar bills i can find.

tuesday - school - nirvana - shit, it's been on my mind since we had a chat about it here in the comments. monday's not so bad for me, but tuesday is always kinda hopeless. and it always feels like i have to work through lunch. no recess.

wednesday - bop gun (endangered species) - parliament - cuz if you got to get over the hump you might as well be shot with a bop gun. we shall overcome.

thursday - we are the road crew - motorhead - thursday nights are when i get to see all my friends. damn i love thursday night. it's like friday without allt he pressure. hanging with the crew. and if you could see us all together you'd know that we ARE the road crew. all the way to hell and back.

friday - running away - bob marley - dude friday nights are the night to run away. but don't forget you can't run away from yourself. every man thinks that his burden is the heavyest. fuck i don't know i just like how bob goes all crazy at the end of this song. it feels like friday.

saturday - hands - raconteurs - ya ya i know whatever fuck you. i'm getting sappy in my old age and this song just feels like a sunny saturday. a sunny breezy cool saturday. when you're with me there's a light and i can see my way.

sunday - john saw that number - neko case - dude if all gospel were like this i'd go to church more. no shit. this song is a revival and it belongs on sunday. leather harness round his line his meat was locust and honey wild honey lord, wild honey john saw that number way in the middle of the air cryin' holy, holy to the lord. and it sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it?...


Monday: Johnny Cash / Social Distortion: Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash is The Man, but Social D did a fantastic job on the cover of this song as well. I love 'em both.

Tuesday: Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop
Monday is a slow starter, waking up and getting back in the groove. Tuesday it's full speed ahead.

Wednesday: Devo: Mongoloid
Wednesdays suck. Too far from the weekend, either way.

Thursday: Fugazi: Waiting Room
In my opinion, one of their best.

Friday: The Gits: Drinking Song. "Another round for me and my friends." Mia was a ripper. She let it all fly. What a woman. She is missed.

Saturday: Lords of Acid: Mrs. Jones
Think a bondage inspired Mrs. Robinson, well, at least that's what comes to mind for me. Straight laced during the day, hip high boots and whips by night. Saturday should be bondage day.

Sunday: JFA: Skateboard Anarchy
Wake up early, before the kiddies are out of bed and skate one of the fantastic concrete skateparks in the NorthWest. Yeah.


I'm not going for the coolest list, and I doubt this will make sense to anyone who doesnt know me well, but I felt the need to be honest cause T and M asked. So here goes....

Monday: Stormy Weather-Billie Holiday

Tuesday: Thats Life- Frank Sinatra

Wendsday: Feelin Alright- Joe Cocker

Thursday: Nobody Home-Pink Floyd

Friday: Walk The Line-Johnny Cash

Saturday: My Way-Sinatra

Sunday: Aint That a Kick in the Head-Dean Martin.

And thats the soundtrack. Guess ya gotta see it all in context.


ha! how much of our personalities come out in these lists!

gentlemen i dig both those lists!



You ask "punk people" and then Johnny Cash, Neko Case and Dean Martin come out. YES!!! Love it.


i love all these!


Monday: 16 Tons - Merle Travis. Because it's freaking Monday. And Monday's always suck.

Tuesday: Everybody Wants Some - Van Halen. And they all freakin' have to come to me to get it done.

Wednesday:What the Hell Happened to Me? - Adam Sandler. Because hump day always makes me re-evaluate where I'm at in my life.

Thursday: You Can't Bring Me Down - Suicidal Tendencies. Thursday's a real light work day for me, so, generally, you can't bring me down.

Friday: Walk, Don't Run - The Ventures. 'Cause you don't want to hurt yourself and ruin the weekend. Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy life, man.

Saturday: Big Balls - AC/DC. Well ... they're bouncing dammit.

Sunday: Time is Tight - Booker T and the MGs. The weekend's almost over.


Disclaimer! I didnt add a story with the songs, because I think the songs tell the story all by themselves. Hope that doesnt make it harder to follow! D'oh


Monday - The MC5 Kick Out The Jams
And just like that, the weekend is over... No more time with the wife and baby, just time to go, go, go. Slam the coffee, do 70 in the car and haul ass all day long. Start of a new week, bring it on motherfuckers...

Tuesday - Spencer Davis Group I'm A Man
Okay, you got your shots in yesterday. Today, not only am I back for more, this time I brought the funk with me. Round 2... Ding, Ding!

Wednesday - Elvis Costello No Action
Nothing's hitting right, time for Plan B. How can we turn this around and make it work ? I do all my best problem solving on Wednesdays.

Thursday - Autolux Robots In The Garden
Time for the feedback to unfuzz my brain. The louder the external fuzz, the cleaner my head feels.

Friday - The Pogues Waxies Dargle
It's Friday. Off to the pub for a pint or twelve.

Saturday - David Bowie Life On Mars
Jesus, my head's completely done in... Even the house feels like unfamiliar ground... Stuck in an alien world that I used to live in...

Sunday - Neko Case In California
Sunday's all about the reflection. This is a fantastic song for remembering all the people you've left behind as you made your way to get where you are now. Keeps me humble.


because monday fucking sucks. the other half goes back to work, and it's just the longest day of the week, somehow. it's a hopeless sort of day.

david bowie-life on mars?
still halfway out-of-it, and trying to get on track for the rest of the week...

interpol-say hello to the angels
wow! it's already wednesday? right on.

johnny cash & june carter cash-jackson
i've been singing this song to my son since he was tiny...the lyrics make me happy. thursday makes me happy.

the kinks-the village green preservation society
trust me, this is a great song to get ready to, if'n you get to go out on a friday night. if you're like me, and have the fam thing going--it's also a good thing to get you ready for friday night pizza! wooo. (when did i get old again...?)

bob dylan-it's alright ma, i'm only bleeding
maybe you had a little too much last night, or maybe you're just feeling a bit fragile..who knows? either way, this is a good saturday afternoon tune.

the beatles-don't pass me by
sunday means it's time to clean. and for some reason, cleaning house always means listening to the white album. it's just one of those things, man. and let me tell you, this track is the best for humming along with when you're scrubbing the crayons off the bathroom tile.


Monday - Man in a Towel from Elevator Suite's Barefoot and Shitfaced album. I'd rather be wearing a towel while barefoot and shitfaced than in a cubicle.

Tuesday - Rollin' and Tumblin' by Eric Clapton. I'm rollin' and tumblin' in bed trying to find the damned alarm clock so I can throw it across the damned room.

Wednesday - The Horror by RJD2. Yup, when I first learned of Hump Day as a teenager I got all excited until I learned it only meant the third day of the work week.

Thursday - Who Are You by The Who. By the fourth day of work I am semi-comatose and am lucky if I can remember my own name much less anything about my job.

Friday - Reason to Believe by Bruce Sprinsgteen. Friday offers a ray of light at the end of my work-week tunnel.

Saturday - Bad Habit by Offspring. The day all the bad habits come out to play.

Sunday - You Shook Me Baby (All Night Long) by Etta James. Cuz, well, you did.


i love that life on mars? means being out of it for both of us...


These lists are fantastic...


The FTTW mix cd will come out shortly with all these songs on it. Plus our theme songs and will be sent out to anyone who wants all of these.

gmail us for more info if you want one


Monday - Come Monday, Jimmy Buffett. Yeah, it's cliche, but it's a good way to ease into the week.
Tuesday - Slow Turning, John Hiatt.
Wednesday - American Girl, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Gets me over the hump just fine.
Thursday - Wish you Were Here, Pink Floyd.
Friday - Jersey Girl, Tom Waits.
Saturday - Fly Me to The Moon, Tony Bennett.
Sunday - Boom Boom, Howlin' Wolf or The Yardbirds, both work. Sunday's are for the blues...I don't know why.


In no particular order:

Whitesnake: 'Here I go Again'(not the radio edit)
AC/DC 'You Shock Me All Night Long'
Def Leppard: 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'
Iron Maiden: 'Number of the Beast'
Metallica: 'Master of Puppets'
Judas Priest: 'You Got Another Thing Coming'
Growing Old Disgracefully: 'Cry Freedom'


this hurt my brain. Couldn't do it.


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