Volume 1, Issue 7
by Jo Carbonell

Previously in Amie

J.W. Carbonell lives in Vermont, in full technicolor.


Ohhh. Color! NOW WHAT!! This strip needs to be longer.


I am loving the color, Jo. Nice work.


imma gonna also say this strip needs to be longer.

great work, you little cliffhanger vixen


Love this strip!!!

Good work JO!


I'd like to let you all know that it was no major thing about switching to color. It was originally done because my grey-toned markers were going dry and since I use very expensive Prismacolor markers, I needed to do something because they grey was dried. So - I used all my other colored markers! The explantion for the switch from B&W to color (and back again) is to show the break in the "Real World" verses the "Fake World" of Fu Tork City. Can you guess which one is which?


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