Interviews With Regular People
by Michele Christopher

There have been some interviews here, so I wanted to throw my own in. I interview regular people, my friends.

Natalie is the other half of a project we put together that was borne purely out of frustration with many of the musicians where we live. She’s a fantastic singer, and can hold her own on bass and drums. She can probably waste me on the guitar. You can go listen to an album she recorded with a band in SoCal here -

freebird.JPG1. Do you daydream about being interviewed for your favorite music-related magazine? Like, run the interview through your head...

Never really thought about it much because I don't read too many magazines. Maybe Entertainment Tonight or something like that, but, it really would matter how the interview went.....I'd be making more money than the interviewer and I could say whatever I wanted...hahaha!

2. If you could hear any song, RIGHT NOW, what would it be?

I Wanna Be Sedated....can't sleep lol!

3. Have you ever been "surprised" by shitty weather on the way to or from a gig, in a substandard vehicle full of everyone else's equipment?

Ah yes, I remember being in So. Cal. in this van that barely ran, sitting on the hump between the 2 front seats, no other room because of equipment, in a dress and heels, trying not to fall backward. This was extremely difficult as there was a hole in the exhaust and we were all getting high on the fumes, the fog came in and then it started to rain. We had to keep the windows down so that we didn't die from the car exhaust. Cold and wet, we finally had to pull over because the van was choking on god knows what, and we were too high from the fumes and lost, as well. Got the piece of crap running, finally made it to the gig, on time no less, but, no one was looking forward to the ride home.

4. What's the absolute most retarded thing you've seen from the stage? The retard can be a fellow band member or someone in the audience.

steppenwolf.jpgOne night while playing a gig in Idyllwild, Ca., the waitress walked up to me and said "Billy wants to play now". I said "And…" She said "Just ask Billy to come up and play". Ok, whatever, I thought. "Ok, Billy, it's time for you to play" and Billy proceeded to come up to the drums and sit down and just started rippin on the drums. This is cool I thought. When does someone ever play well that you call up from the audience. Not very often. Anyway, he says "Do you guys know Sunshine of Your Love?" Oh, hell yes. So we rocked it. We had people standing right up in front of our faces screaming and singing and shit, it was awsome. A total rock and roll moment. The harmonies were perfect and nobody screwed up the lyrics. It was cool. I was really impressed by how well this Billy guy knew this song on the drums and so, of course, I had to look out into the audience with that "Wow, he's really good" look on my face. So we rocked and everybody cheered and we got off the stage and somebody walked up to me and said "Did you know that was the drummer for Steppenwolf?" I, of course, said "oh bullshit!!" And they said "No really, he comes in here once in awhile". Then I got thinking about it and while we were setting up he came in, sat at the front table and bought the whole band a drink. Hmmmm....I thought.....holy crap.....that was the drummer from Steppenwolf!!!. You can imagine how embarrassed I was. I felt like a true moron. The only one in the place that didn't know who he was and I was singing with him! I appologized immediately, over and over. Although, I think he got a real kick out of it! He autographed the snare and accepted my apology, I still felt like an idiot, but it was so cool! So my real retard moment on stage was accomplished by me you could say!!

5. How do you feel about people who pester you to play "Freebird" or "Sweet Home Alabama"?

Sad. It's sad dude, let it die for gods sake. It can't be any better than it was the last 50 times you heard it played badly. It's just sad.


6. Pine cones are taking over the planet! Like tribbles, but with pointy bits! WHAT DO YOU DO?!

I can't believe I hang around with you .......

Pril knows lots of interesting people and writes daily here.



"6. Pine cones are taking over the planet! Like tribbles, but with pointy bits! WHAT DO YOU DO?!"

Pril, that has to be one of the most awesome interview questions I've ever heard.


I think we need to add that to the ten quick questions.


That was great!


She's tew kewl. I can't wait to share the shit we're playing in the garage. The pine cone thing is sort of an inside joke, but it worked ;) You guys are welcome to add it to the TQQ.


what's a tribble.

nevermind i'll google


Look at Kali trying to act like she doesn't know what a tribble is. She's probably got a Dalek trash can around somewhere.


sweet mother of god did someone just make a Dr. Who reference?


Ha, I like the SSkkyynnrrdd question too. Fuckin Freebird.


Just wanted to thank you for all those nice things you said about me! But I'm not the only one holdin' my own on bass and drums! Like the interview idea. I think I should interview you next time, what do you think?


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